Every Animal has Something to Say!

Let Me Help You Understand What Yours are Saying …

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My Main Services Are –

How I Can Help You And Your Animals -

Why I’m Different to Work With –

What Communication Sessions Involve –

  • All my sessions are ‘live’ via phone, skype or in person.
  • During your session, you can talk to as many animals as you like.
  • When I connect to your animal I receive images, physical feelings, emotional feelings and intuitive impressions – I ‘hear’ their replies and relate this information to you.

What Equine Massage Involves –

  • I will work with your horse holistically.
  • I adjust my technique specifically to meet the needs of your horse.
  • By his attitude and improved physical condition, your horse will show you he feels much better after a massage session.

My Experience –

  • I have completed thousands of Animal Communication Sessions in the last 16+ years and have clients in 40 US states and several other countries.
  • I’ve communicated with species from elephants to goldfish and haven’t found a species I can’t talk to yet.
  • I am an Equine Sports Massage Therapist certified by Equissage, with over 17yrs of experience. I have also completed thousands of Equine Massage Sessions, for a wide variety of breeds and disciplines.

Quotes from Client Testimonials -