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“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal –
I see a living being, I see a true friend,
I feel a loving soul.”
– A.D.Williams


My Mission –

My Mission is to help people and their animals to:

    • Understand each other better
    • Be able to live, work and play together in greater harmony
    • Know that all living things have a voice that needs to be heard
    • Strengthen and deepen the bond between people and their animals

I am honoured and priviledged to help give a voice to the animals!

Remember – They All Have Something to Say!



Upcoming USA and UK Events For Sky Heartsong –


Note:Phone appointments for animal communication, distance animal or human energy healing
and intuitive consults can always be scheduled around the dates of events listed below.

If you are in the UK – appointments can still be scheduled while I’m in the US, but they will need to
occur via Skype. For both US and non-US clients, please email me to schedule an appointment!


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American Events for Sky Heartsong in 2019


Fall 2019:



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British Events for Sky Heartsong in 2019


FALL 2019:
FALL 2019:

Oct. 26 & 27:Mind, Body, Spirit Event/Rosemary Douglas Event
Nantwich Civic Hall, Nantwich CW5 5DG
*11 AM to 5 PM — Fair sessions are: 20 Min. for 20 GBP (cash only)



Video Links that I Love –

Wonderful Slideshow of Our Canine Friends



Books that I Love –

“Don’t Dump the Dog” – by Melinda Roth and Randy Grim
Stories about challenging dogs and ways to help them learn to not behave badly.
Very practical information that gels with what dogs themselves have told me!




Animal Oriented Organisations That Might Be Of Interest –


(Dumb Friends League – Denver, Colorado)
(Animal Adoption, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, Denver)

(Big Dog Huge Paws – Denver, Colorado)
(Adoption, Rescue and Rehabilitation – for Large Dog Breeds)

(Open Arms Animal Rescue – Indiana)
(Indiana – no-kill animal rescue organization)

(Wag’N’Train TerrierRescue – Omaha, Nebraska)(Adoption, Rescue and Rehabilitation Center for Terriers)

(Rocky Mountain CockerSpaniel Rescue –
Parker, Colorado)

(Adoption, Rescue and Rehabilitation for CockerSpaniels)

(Happy Cats Haven – Colorado Springs)
(Cat Rescue, Adoption and Rehabilitation)

(Max Fund Pet Adoption – Denver, Colorado)
(No kill animal shelter and adoption center)




Products and Services That Might Be Of Interest –


(Hero’s Pets – Littleton, Colorado)
(Healthy, Holistic and Fun Pet Supplies – Littleton, CO.)

(Anxiety Wrap)
(Help for Anxious Pets)

(Help for Anxious Pets)

(Aromatherapy made easy for You and Your Pet)