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My Mission –

My Mission is to help people and their animals to:

    • Understand each other better
    • Be able to live, work and play together in greater harmony
    • Know that all living things have a voice that needs to be heard
    • Strengthen and deepen the bond between people and their animals

I am honoured and priviledged to help give a voice to the animals!

Remember – They All Have Something to Say!


Upcoming USA and UK Events For Sky Heartsong In 2017 –


Note:Phone appointments for animal communication, distance animal or human energy healing
and intuitive consults can always be scheduled around the dates of events listed below.

If you are in the UK – appointments can still be scheduled while I’m in the US, but they will need to
occur via Skype. For both US and non-US clients, please email me to schedule an appointment!


Vacation Notice:I will be away from Friday, October 6th to Tuesday, October 17th on Vacation.
I will have very limited, if any, email access during that time,
but I will get back to you when I can, if you email me.
I will go back to a regular work schedule on October 18th.
Thanks for your patience and I hope no one has any emergencies while I’m gone!


Please Note:I will have a reduced work schedule for the month of September and early October due to travel,
fairs and events. I will be able to schedule phone/Skype appointments during that time,
but I will not have as much availability as I normally do and will not be able to schedule weekend
appointments in September or the second weekend in October.
However, I will do my best to be as available as possible for appointments.


American Flag

American Events for Sky Heartsong in 2017 –

September 23, Saturday – 11 AM to 5 PM: Animal Communication Sessions at Hero’s Pets, Littleton, CO.,
Contact Hero’s Pets (303 972-1926) to schedule your appointment.
Hero’s Pets – 8246 W. Bowles Ave., Unit J, Littleton, CO. 80123.

September 28 to October 5: Equine Massage and Animal Commuincation in Central NJ.


British Flag

British Events for Sky Heartsong in 2017 –

October 21st to 22nd: Chester Health & Healing Festival
The Chester Racecourse, Chester. CH1 2LY.


British Events for Sky Heartsong in 2018 – Coming Soon



Video Links that I Love –

Wonderful Slideshow of Our Canine Friends

This video will definitely give you a smile!


Books that I Love –

“Don’t Dump the Dog” – by Melinda Roth and Randy Grim
Stories about challenging dogs and ways to help them learn to not behave badly.
Very practical information that gels with what dogs themselves have told me!


Animal Oriented Organisations That Might Be Of Interest –
(Happy Cats Haven – Cat Rescue, Rehabilitation
and Adoption in the Colorado Springs Area)
(Max Fund Pet Adoption – Denver, Colorado)
(Dumb Friends League – Denver, Colorado)
(Rocky Mountain Rescue – for Cocker Spaniels)
(Adpotion, Rescue and Rehabilitation – for large dog breeds)
(Nakio’s Underdog Rescue)


Products and Services That Might Be Of Interest –
(Healthy, Holistic and Fun Pet Supplies) Littleton, CO.
(Help for Anxious Pets)
(Help for Anxious Pets)
(Aromatherapy made easy for You and Your Pet)
(Pet Photography)
(Equine, Canine and Feline Supplements)
(Swim Therapy for Dogs – Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Group, 3 Locations in the Denver area)
(Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils –
For you and your animals)
Dog Food Review, Recalls and More!
Dog and Cat Food Reviews and more!
Feline Diet and Health Info
(Possibly the Best Cat Toy Ever!)
(Clever Bowls to Slow Down Fast Eaters)


Spiritual Art Site – Soul Face Portraiture by Elizabeth “Raven” Prosapio


I have helped people and animals with animal communication at these major venues –

I have also participated in smaller events with Paws & Read Magazine –

I am also available for House Parties and Fund Raising events.
See the “Sky’s Services” page for info on House Parties:

Sky’s Services