Animal Health Issues

Find out how your animal feels physically. Are Treatments Working?

    Because I am a medical intuitive, I am able to feel what is happening in your animals body.
    I do not diagnose conditions, but knowing what your animal is feeling and where can be very helpful.

For example in the case of :

  • Mystery illnesses / Health issues.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of medication ( particularly pain medication ) and treatments.
  • Helping animals understand why treatments are being performed and the importance of cooperating with treatment.

End of Life Issues –

    Knowing when your animal is ready to cross into Spirit is something that many people agonize over. Knowing how your animal feels about this can put your mind at rest.
  • Some animals only want treatment / surgery, if it will maintain /  improve their quality of life.
  • Some animals want to be as pain free as possible, but do not want any invasive surgery or procedures.
  • Some animals are accepting of decreasing function without surgery / treatment.
  • Some animals would rather cross to Spirit, if they become unable to do everything they could normally do whilst healthy.
  • Some animals regard the loss / removal of a limb as not a problem, others would rather not live if this becomes necessary.
  • Some animals will agree to live in pain / dysfunction, if they can continue to be with the people who love them.
  • Some animals  force themselves to remain longer than they would wish, because they feel their people are not ready to let them go.

Allowing our animals to cross to Spirit when the time is right,

is the last act of love that we can give them.

As long as we always hold them in our hearts, they are with us forever.

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