Articles Written for Paws and Read Magazine

These articles were originally published in Paws n Read Magazine between August 2011 to May 2013

Sadly Paws n Read Magazine ceased publication in May 2013.

Help for Handsome:

    Handsome is very serious about his work as an event horse. But his concentration caused him to get distracted easily and sometimes spook. By talking to Handsome, we were able to come up with ways of helping him to focus better and become a more effective competitor, which he loves!

The Grumpy Chinchilla:

    Morgan is a very opinionated chinchilla – he knew what he wanted and was very unhappy that his person wasn’t understanding! After talking to Morgan, his person understood his needs and was able to make the changes he needed to be happy. Morgan still keeps an eye on what his person does, but he’s not grumpy anymore.

Endless Love:

    The story of Moped, a beautiful throughbred gelding whose physical issues became overwhelming. When it was time for him to cross to Spirit, talking to him ahead of time made the process easier for him.

Crossing Over Part III:

    Glentzer, a beautiful warm blood gelding had to cross to Spirit much earlier than anyone had expected, because of serious, deteriorating health issues. He taught me what happens when an animal’s Spirit leaves their body – and much more!

Crossing Over Part II:

    The story of a very old pony named Smudge, who was the first animal to teach me what happens after animals cross to Spirit.

Crossing Over Part I:

    Learn about several animals and how they faced the issue of crossing over.

Hope for a Rescued Dog:

    Rags had a very hard early life, until she was adopted by a loving couple. But the issues she came with made it almost impossible to live with her. As a last resort, they decided to try animal communication. Because we were able to understand Rags’ issues and come up with solutions, Rags is a “normal” dog today!


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