Intuitive Consultation / Distance Human Energy Therapy

“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you truly are.”
– Rachael Naomi Remen



Ok, So What Does this Involve ?

        By connecting with your Guides, Spirits, Angels and others who work with you from the Spirit realm, I can help you get the information that you are seeking. This is not fortune telling or predicting the future – rather, its is a way to re-frame events and circumstances in your life, so that you can see them from a different perspective.

        For instance – People often find themselves in repeating patterns of thought, experience, behavior or relationships, that they would rather break free of. By looking at these patterns and events in a different way, through insight received from your Guides, Spirits and Angels, you can make changes which will allow you to move forward and break free from the pattern.

        Getting insight into current circumstances or relationships through your Guides, Spirits and Angels can also be helpful, especially if there is a conflict or challenge associated with them.

        Each intuitive / psychic consultation will be different, depending on the question you ask and the information / guidance received from your Guides, Spirits and Angels.

      A consultation may include any or all of the following –

        • A “reading” of your Personal Aura Colours
        • Visual Images – to help you retain the information received during the session
        • A “reading” of your Energy Field
        • Past Life Information
        • Channeled Messages
        • Connecting with loved ones who have crossed to Spirit
        • Connection with specific Animal Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels or other Spirit Guides
          – and much more!
    I like to begin each session by seeing what your Spirit Guides feel you need to know, but I encourage you to ask questions about anything that is of concern to you, that you would like to understand better.


Ok, So What Does this Involve ?

    An Energy Therapy Session may include any or all of the following –

    • Reiki
    • Crystal Healing
    • Quantum Touch
    • Integrated Energy Therapy
    • Sound Healing
    • Vibrational Healing
    • Intuitive information received during the session

Each session is tailored to your needs that day and in addition to the above, I may be guided to provide channeled messages from your Guides and Angels.

Human Energy Therapy Sessions last a minimum of 60 minutes.

[Please Note: Distance Energy Therapy is not a substitute for convention medical care,

but it does complement it !]

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