How I Can Help You And Your Animals 

My Mission is to help people and their animals to:

Understand each other better

Be able to live, work and play together in greater harmony

Know that all living things have a voice that needs to be heard

Strengthen and deepen the bond between people and their animals

Remember – They All Have Something To Say!

How I Can Help You And Your Animals

Behavior Issues

Why does my animal do that? Why won’t they stop?

Animal Health Issues

Find out how your animal feels physically.

Living Animals and Animals in Spirit

They all have unique opinions – find out what they have to say!

Distance Energy Work for Animals

Distance Energy healing for animals can be very helpful in conjunction with animal communication.

Video introduction to Animal Communication with Sky Heartsong


Why I’m Different to Work With

Animal Communication

* All sessions are ‘live’ via phone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom
* You can talk to as many animals as you like. Your fee is based on the length of the session, not the number of animals or questions.
* I receive information from the animals as images, physical feelings, emotional feelings and intuitive impressions
* I also “hear” words and phrases

Distance Energy Work for Animals

* I am a Master/Instructor of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy
* I have been doing distance energy work with animals since 2002
* Distance energy work can be very effective for animals with anxiety, fear or other behavioral/emotional issues.

My Experience

* I have completed thousands of Animal Communication Sessions since 1999 and have clients in 49 US states and other countries around the world.
* I’ve communicated with species from elephants to goldfish and haven’t yet found a species I can’t communicate with
* I have a unique understanding of horses due to my experience as a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist
* I have an understanding of tack, training and work related issues horses and riders face.

I had a reading with Sky concerning three of my beloved animals. The accuracy of the information she provided was nothing short of remarkable. Sky pinpointed health issues, personality traits and confirmed information only known to me and my family. Sky also provided useful actions, remedies and strategies we could employ immediately to strengthen our animals’ health and wellbeing. Sky was a delight to work with and I’ve already recommended her to close friends who have the need for an animal communicator. Thank God for Sky and her truly amazing gift!

Ellen A., AZ