Health Issues Testimonials

Sky’s Testimonials

I loved my conversation with Sky and our female Labrador and best friend. It brought more information to light that will improve our lovely dog’s physical and emotional health. We are now beautifully connected in a deeper way than we were before.

Marti B., CO

Some Testimonial from Clients I have Helped

Sky has the loveliest of energy. She tuned right into the essence of my Labrador, Tula, who had an undiagnosed illness that she is recovering from. Sky was able to immediately pick up on that and the symptoms that it was causing. Sky was able to get this information and ease my mind as to Tula's initial discomfort. If you’re trying to make a decision about an animal communicator I can highly recommend Sky’s ability to communicate. Tula’s personality was definitely conveyed by Sky through her conversation. I would not hesitate to recommend Sky for all of your animal’s communication needs.

Sherry P., CO

I couldn't fully express my gratitude for your help today, Sky, so I want to say thank you again. I think my dog and I are both feeling relieved and comforted now that we're on the same page about her health issues and her future. Your gift is incredible and I'm so thankful to receive your help.

Margaret S., IL

I was having some trouble with my older cat, who is facing some health issues. My cat sat next to me when we began our “talk” with Sky. The conversation flowed perfectly. I understood better the personality of my cat and was surprised with the strength of what he was sharing and the perfect way that Sky had of translating this to me. The peace, the trust, the knowing my cat transmitted to me through Sky helped me to trust him and to assist him in the best possible way. I thank Sky for her help and I know I will take other appointments in the future.

N.A., Portugal

If you are considering having Sky read for you & your animal, I HIGHLY recommend her. She's accurate, patient, compassionate, kind and most importantly honest. My kitty is going through some health issues and she let me ask ALL the questions I needed to ask. She knew things only my kitty and I knew, and was on point for so many things... for example, my father passed away a few months ago... Gizmo told her about it. I feel so much better and comforted having these answers. She truly connected to both my cat and me. She is amazing! I will be having her read for me and Gizmo again in the future!! THANK YOU SKY!!!

Tanya B

I needed guidance to understand how my aging pony was feeling and what she was thinking. Sky's ability to communicate with her was so connected, heartfelt and accurate. Sky helped me with communicating with Rainy that it was time for her to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Sky also communicated with my 16 year old cat. Our sessions with Sky have helped give my heart and mind peace, comfort and understanding of their thoughts and feelings. I would absolutely have no hesitations in asking for Sky to communicate with my other animals and I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending her gift to anyone needing to connect to their beloved animals. Thank you Sky, for your amazing gift and in sharing it with me and anyone that reaches out to you!

Erin M., PA

Thank you so much for helping me with my horse Prydar, who is having health issues. You are so talented and gifted. We are both lucky to have you. I gave my Vet the notes from the communication session and we're all on the same page. I’m sure we will be in touch soon. Thank you again!

Laura F., NY

Our Maine Coon cats, Thor and Gus, were a month apart in age and best friends for 13 years. When Gus was stricken with a rare ocular cancer, it made first his eyes and then the rest of his head swell. Thor started to hiss and avoid him, so I knew we needed Sky's help. Thor told Sky he knew Gus was sick - but his first question was, "Is he contagious?"  Sky reassured Thor that what was wrong with Gus was not contagious. Within an hour, I found them snuggled together and grooming again. Thor took care of Gus all the way through to the end. We're so grateful to Sky for helping us help Thor support Gus's transition with the pure love they always had.

Sara F., CO

I had the pleasure of a session with Sky to communicate with my beloved pet. I have had so much stress trying to understand how he is doing after being rescued from a problematic neglect situation with long-term implications on his health. Sky enabled him to communicate his physical ailments and what we could do for him. I am so impressed as my pup was able to share every detail with Sky describing his many physical challenges. Despite his impairments being uncomfortable, he said he is enjoying his new home and family. He shared that this is the best his life has ever been. I am so relieved that he wants to continue his life with us and is not yet ready to cross over. I am moved and my heart is lightened, having had this opportunity to communicate directly with my pet. In the first second of hearing Sky's voice, I felt relief. She is gifted and it will continue to be an honor and a privilege to work with her.

Carol M., NJ

Words cannot express how thankful I am for having the opportunity to have you communicate with my dog, Isabella. I purchased the lifting harness you suggested and I truly believe Isabella loves it and so does my back. She seems happier. Thank you again for your messages and giving us clarity.

Danielle R., NJ

When Sky helped me communicate with my cat Findus, who was ill, she really opened up gates so that it felt like a wave of love in between us. Apart from helping us to understand one another in a ”spoken way” she also enabled us to reach each other on a much deeper level of connectedness and love -- like speaking to the heart, not the mind. During the follow up examinations by the vet, I could clearly see that Findus understood we were trying to help him. He was being so cooperative that it nearly made me cry. I am so grateful to Sky for her loving and caring support and follow up through the process!

Catrin A., Sweden

I highly recommend Sky Heartsong! She was so compassionate as she communicated with my dearly loved cat Jazzy regarding Jazzy making her transition and me letting her go. Sky was such a blessing! I also feel that Jazzy really appreciated talking with Sky! This was just such a gift for me, and for Jazzy. Jazzy made a decision to stay in this life for a while longer, as a direct result of Sky communicating with her! She seemed to come back to her fuller self, compared to before the communication. I feel that Sky gave her a lot of peace and comfort during our session. Sky also gave me some excellent practical advice for our situation. Thank you, Sky!

Mary G., CO

Thank you, Sky! I can’t adequately put into words how grateful I am for our communication session with my dog, Luna or how much it helped. At the moment, I’m just flooded with relief that she feels helped and secure, and that her symptoms are being well-managed. And so, so grateful for the added clarity for our path forward. Thank you Sky, for our session and for the amazing skill and finesse you have. You are a blessing!

Jordan H., AZ

Sky, I am so grateful for our communication session yesterday with our dog. We helped him cross to Spirit later in the day. He had a peaceful and quiet transition. Last night, my son and I watched the Zoom recording of our communication session and it gave us so much comfort to hear our dog tell us that he was ready to cross over. I am thankful Sky was able to tell our dog what was going to happen during the euthanasia process. I don't think he was scared. Our dog was able to get up and greet the Veterinarian, just like he told us he wanted to.

Tracy S., CA

Sky did a communication with my dog Cali about a month ago and then a little over a month later, we made the hard decision to cross Cali over due to more neurological issues he was presenting — it was his time to go. Thank you, Sky, for the comfort you provided to my heart at his reading. It seemed to make the decision to cross him easier.

Vivian V., CO

Words cannot express how much you helped us in our situation with our dog, Kate. When the the day came to help Kate cross over it was very peaceful and she seemed grateful that the time was at hand. We all enjoyed our last few days together in the physical world. You mentioned that there would be a ‘treat’ that Kate would want and that we should indulge her. The day before she passed we found her in the laundry room neck deep in a bag of cat food. It made us laugh. She LOVES cat food so we always had to put it up high. This time we let her eat to her heart’s content. It was her last meal. It was a lot easier knowing how Kate wanted things to go. Please know that we appreciate your abilities and that we have recommended you to others. Thank you sooooo much!

Scott and Lisa Z. , IA.

I just wanted to thank you for the call today. Roger and I became quite emotional when you were talking with our elderly dog, Chip, so it became a little hard to talk. But it’s all good and your kind words are a comfort. The information is so helpful. You have an amazing gift. You’re SO right about our male orange cat Whiskers being the one in charge! Thanks again!

Beth L., NM.

” I just had the wonderful experience of an animal communication session with Sky. She talked to my cats using photos that I emailed to her — she connected to both cats immediately. Joshua, who is very ill, expressed that he wished to pass on in the next couple weeks. He thanked me for our time together and he expressed his love too. Sky explained the euthanasia process to him so he wouldn’t be frightened. I have used communicators before but this was the first time this loving gesture was offered. My other cat, Bojangles, let me know he’d be alright alone when Joshua goes to Spirit. I know now that I am doing the right thing for all of us. Joshua will be happy once more in Spirit and will be with my other kitties who have passed before. I got the chance to say a heartfelt goodbye to him. Thank you, Sky, for your love and compassion. I’m so glad we found you!

Shirley M., CO.

I did an online search for an animal communicator who also did energy healing and I found Sky. In our first session I had a list of questions but I didn’t have to ask many of them because Sky had addressed them while talking to my animals. My rooster, who had crossed to Spirit, had health issues. Sky validated what I felt may have been going on with him before he died. For my dog Max, who has bone cancer, Sky told me how Max felt about the options of treatment and surgery. There were many other specific things mentioned for both of my animals that were spot on. I would highly recommend Sky to anyone looking for clarity or healing for themselves and to connect to your animals who have passed on or are still living. I’m looking forward to our next session.

Meg V., NJ.

Talking to Sky was such a relief for my husband and me. We were so worried about our old Basset Hound, Elly, but Sky was able to relay what hurts on her to us and reassure us that Elly is not ready to leave us yet. She also gave us a lot of great information about her troubled past before she was rescued and was able to tell Elly that we love her and are different from the people who mistreated her. We’re so happy to have not only learned so much about our girl, but to also have the chance to communicate with her and tell her just how much we love her! Thank you again! We will absolutely be talking to you again!

Kelly & Chris B – IN.

The session that my dog and I had with Sky was a basic check-in to see how my dog is feeling physically in her older age, and about other things going in our lives. The answers to my questions that Sky heard from my dog felt right-on and put my mind at ease. And ever since, my loving pup has been even more attentive and responsive to me than before the reading. She seemed to appreciate the session, too!

Gina B., CO

Thank you so much for your help with Cisco, the horse I’m leasing. I’ve been concerned by his hind end issues, but hearing him say ‘ I’m not going to die or anything ‘ really put it in perspective for me! Since we talked to him, Cisco has seemed so happy. He just seems pleased he gets to say what’s on his mind!

Allyson J., NJ

Thank you so much the information that you were able to relay from my horse, Trixie — it was very helpful. I think I finally have a diagnosis for her pain. There are various things I can try and the vet thinks she has a possibility for full recovery. As you suggested, I have had my saddle checked and that needed some adjustment, it was sitting a bit to low in the pommel, which explains the pressure she told you about on her withers. I put her on an ulcer formula, since she told you that was an issue. So thank you for all the helpful info, knowing was half the battle now I have been able to address all Trixie’s concerns. Thanks again and keep up your amazing work!

Jessica S-G, CT

We called Sky to find out what happened to our dog MeWe, who was having some strange physical symptons. The symptoms started after our kids came for a visit at Thanksgiving. MeWe’s throat was swollen and he was coughing/choking, he acted like a beaten dog and wouldn’t play. Sky figured out that our daughter-in-law’s Mother’s spirit was “stuck” and had come with our daughter-in-law’s family when they visited us. Her Mother’s spirit was jealous of the relationship my wife has with our daughter-in-law and attacked our dog MeWe as a way to get at my wife. Sky saw the spirit actually choking MeWe. Sky communicated with our dog Steuart too, who said he saw the spirit choking MeWe, but didn’t know what to do. Sky worked with us and with MeWe so we could protect ourselves from the spirit. The next day, MeWe was a normal dog, playing like he did before all this happened. We are very happy to have found Sky and for all her help with MeWe.

Richard and Lorraine C., CO.

Thank you for your help last year with my cat Phoenix, who was ready to cross to Spirit. Although emotionally painful to lose my little buddy, we were truly blessed that his transition back to non-physical was very peaceful, with perfect unfolding. Thanks to you, it was less frightening, less painful and much easier to accept knowing that Phe was prepared, ready to depart and knew what to do. That undercurrent of peace could not have happened without the voice you gave Phe and the clarity you offered to both of us.

Ardith M., NJ

Thank you so much for talking with my newly adopted cats, Cate and Finn, today. I want you to know that Cate let me give her the eye drops — no problem! Before you talked to her about being cooperative with letting me give her the drops, I’d been trying to give them to her for nearly a week, but she would run and hide! You do amazing work! Thanks for using your gift to do so much good.

Ann D., FL.

Recently my sweet Sheltie started acting “crazy”, wild, demanding, annoying, not sleeping at night. It was awful and I vowed to never get another dog because it’s just too hard taking care of them if I couldn’t understand what was going on with them. I was referred to Sky and the half hour with Sky was a life saver! She was able to give us information, love and support, directing us onto a healing path. Both my dog and myself are feeling much better and my discouragement around being a pet owner has left me. Sky’s consultation was straight forward, supportive, AND affordable! To have this type of help and healing offered to me is a true gift, for which I’m incredibly grateful. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SKY!!

Reilly M-E, CO

” If you could see me right now, Sky, my jaw is down to my chest in shock! I just gave my cat Melvin a pill — the first one since you talked to him yesterday. No fight, no big scene, he didn’t try to claw me to death, or bite me, or anything almost. To save face he had to try to spit the pill out, but I think he had already swallowed it. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! He has a UTI and I haven’t been able to get a pill down him for the last 4 days. I am so happy. I did what you suggested, Sky told him to think about hunting and stalking prey (he told you that was his favorite thing to do) and I did the same. It was over in like two seconds. THANKS TO YOU!

Suzanne P., Costa Rica

Thank you, Sky. The session was very helpful. I enjoyed it. The info you provided is good. We will try everything for my dog to help her feel better. I will stay in touch.

Olga B., GA

Sky’s accurate flow of communication with animals is truly incredible. I can’t even begin to describe how helpful she was in determining where my horse has pain. I’ll certainly be reaching out to her in the future and would recommend that anyone looking to communicate with their animal(s) on a direct & meaningful level should reach out to Sky. Thank you so much, Sky!

Suzy D., PA

We met Sky at a fair in Heywood, UK. We have been concerned about out elderly cocker spaniel called Jacob, who is almost 16 and has numerous health conditions including arthritis in his back legs and hips. Sky confirmed that it wouldn’t be that long before Jacob was ready to go to Spirit, but that he wanted a little more time with us. Sky accurately picked up that we are concerned that when it was time for Jacob to be assisted we would miss the clues. Jacob described how he would show us when it was time. Jacob informed us that he wanted to walk into the vets under his own steam and he requested that we both hold him when the vet administers the injection. Although it was upsetting, this practical approach from Sky and Jacob actually helped us. Jacobs fantastic sense of humour came through during the reading. Everything that Sky described about Jacob was correct. Sky was so sensitive and caring towards us and Jacob, so many thanks for that Sky. I will be in touch again.

Leslie, Cheshire, UK.

I would like to thank Sky Heartsong for speaking with me and my pet kitty cats, who are both having health issues. Veterinary care has helped but can do only so much. My own efforts at home help, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed and that I am just not understanding what the little ones are trying to tell me. Sky was very caring, compassionate, thorough, and clear when she communicated with my kitties. I felt as if we — me and the kitties — were all part of the conversation. We talked about how the felines were feeling, what they would like me to do, and how much they and I love and appreciate each other. Sky had many helpful suggestions for how I can help my kitties. The ones I tried so far have been very helpful, so I am keeping the list handy! Working with Sky has been very worthwhile and has been a pleasure. I would highly recommend Sky to anyone who wants to communicate with their critter(s)!

Moria D., CA

I just wanted to thank you for your help today, Sky. I have been frustrated for the last year because my dog Tristan has not been feeling well. I finally have some answers — thanks you! I will do what I have to to help him get back on track. If it wasn’t for you I would still be frustrated and upset and my Tristan would still be suffering. Thank you so much again. I will beusing your help in the future for my other pets as well.

Vicki Q., NJ.

Thank you, Sky. After your reading with Magoo, he let out a huge sigh - like, ' Whew, now they know!' and he didn't get up after that. Your words comforted me so much while I held him as he got his shots from the vet to let him go to Spirit. He was calm and ready. The experience was healing for Charles and comforting to me with all the information you shared with us.

Janat H., CO.

Recently, my dog Buddy developed diabetes. I asked Sky to let him know what was happening and that we would need to give him shots each day. Once Sky explained this to Buddy, he became so totally accepting that I knew he understood. He waits for his shot and doesn't fight the vet - which used to terrify him. Sky has been a great gift to Buddy - and to me!

Janet C., FL

The Vet suggested that I have Sky talk to my cat, Lola - I am so glad that I did! My poor cat would have been in pain and on prozac for no reason at all, but Sky found out what was really wrong and we were able to resolve it. I was blown away by the accuracy of Sky's reading and am so grateful I listened to her suggestions. Thanks again Sky, I can't thank you enough!

Annie E., CO.

I contacted Sky about my beloved cat, Dylan. I needed to talk to Dylan about his chronic sinus issues and wanted him to stop scratching the upstairs couch. After talking to Dylan, Sky suggested that his sinus issue might be an allergic reaction to his food. After changing his food, I haven't heard Dylan sneeze in days - and he sneezed 24/7 before! Multiple visits to two vets and they never once suggested that his problem could be his food! Also immediately after our session, Dylan stopped scratching the couch upstairs. Remarkable results!

Janet H., CO

Sky, thanks for the advice to bring our dog Angel to the vet. As it turns out her thyroid test came back as hypothyroid and she is now being treated. All your good work with the animals is a blessing!

Mary Ellen., NM

Sky's guidance was a great comfort to me and my dog, Wiley. We were able to nurse him back to health and he has made an amazing recovery! Wiley and I thank you, Sky, from the bottom of our hearts and wish you many blessings!

Karen V., CO

I started using Sky's services when I received a gift certificate for a communication session with Sky from my daughter. The first time we talked to my 3 cats, and I felt that Sky was pretty accurate in telling me how the cats were feeling. I could see it in their behavior. The challenge I felt, was going to be with my Thoroughbred horse, Koozie. I was concerned because he didn't appear to feel like himself. Koozie indicated to Sky that his back left molar was bothering him and she recommended that he have a dental done sooner rather than later. His last dental wasn't quite a year ago, but I thought I'd better have it done. Sure enough Koozie had a hook on his back left molar. On the second conversation a couple of months later, Koozie immediately showed Sky how good he felt. Of course he also had a chiropractic treatment, but I had to laugh because it was evident to me he was feeling very good. I am very grateful to have met Sky. She is truly gifted with an ability that helps the guardians of animals really connect with their animals.

Renee R., FL

Sky — I wanted to give you a update on our dog, Lucy. At Lucy’s first appointment with the neurologist after you talked to her, Lucy finally showed the doctor where she has pain — which is what we’d asked her to do, since the vets couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I also asked that they check her hips and back legs again, which Lucy told you was the problem. You felt the cause of the hip/leg/back problem was neurological. They found an enlarged nerve in her back that they hadn’t seen previously. The doctor is almost positive that the nerve is tangled up in a malignant tumor (due to its shape and size), which is causing her lameness and hip pain. They obviously won’t know for sure until they try to remove it and test it. We scheduled Lucy’s surgery next week. Thank you so much for your help, Sky! If it wasn’t for you, the doctors wouldn’t have found the source of Lucy’s pain.

Jenny M., NJ

“You cannot share your life with a dog . . . or a cat and not know perfectly well that
animals have personalities and minds and feelings.”
— Jane Goodall