Distance Energy Work for Animals Testimonials

Sky’s Testimonials

The communication and energy work that Sky has provided to our two dogs, two cats and horse, over the last four years -- both distance energy work and communication -- has proven again and again to be invaluable! I honestly don’t know where we would be right now, especially with our dog Rags, who was a rescue -- without Sky. I thank Sky and I know Rags does too! Thanks, Sky!

Taryn H., NJ

Some Testimonial from Clients I have Helped

Our dog Adele was extremely anxious and depressed after the recent passing of our dog Stella, who was her friend and companion. We sought Sky’s assistance to help Adele. In addition to communicating with Adele, Sky suggested some energy work. We weren’t sure it would work, but we figured it couldn’t hurt. After the energy work, we were amazed! Adele's whole demeanor visibly improved. She was much less stressed, she stopped hiding under the bed, she started enjoying her food, and she was more outgoing with family and friends. Days after the energy work, she is still getting better every day. We would recommend Sky's energy work to anyone who wants to help their pet!

Nikki Z., CO

My cat Rudy was very incessant with his meowing in the mornings just after I woke up from sleep and until I gave him his dish of food. My other cat, Toby, just sits quietly and waits knowing food is coming. After Sky did energy work with Rudy his meowing was greatly reduced. He actually sat quietly with Toby waiting patiently for his food. Energy work really helped Rudy and I'm going to schedule more energy work for him. Thank you, Sky!

Karen A., CO

When one of my horses started attacking the other one, after years of friendship and being turned out together, I was at a complete loss and didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, I remembered Sky had helped one of my clients with a tricky horse in the past, so I reached out. Sky was able to work out the issues from both horses’ perspectives and did some energy work with the one who seemed to be the source of the issues. When I arrived at the barn a few hours later, I was met by two relaxed, sweet horses! Not only has Sky’s help worked out my mares’ issues, but it gave me insight into my relationship with them and the importance of giving each the right kind of attention. I could not recommend a better starting place for a baffling issue!

Becky S., WI

Sky was able to communicate with my dog Buddy, who has been unwell for the last year and doesn't seem to be improving, despite numerous vet consultations. Sky explained how Buddy was feeling and what the issue was related to. She then did some energy work, which left Buddy very relaxed! Next day he was able to tolerate his food and seemed much calmer. Thank you SO MUCH Sky, you are amazing!

Pauline, Scotland

My dog, Peaches, has received energy work from Sky several times since we adopted her about 18 months ago. Energy work has really helped Peaches heal and recover from trauma in her last home. Sky has helped Peaches learn to experience joy, happiness, and loving kindness. Peaches was previously closed off to these emotions, but she has let go of pain and learned to feel love instead. I have seen a real difference in how Peaches behaves with my family and how she regulates her own anxiety. I have also seen a dramatic decrease in her anxiety behaviors. Sky has an amazing gift for energy work and I can't thank her enough for helping Peaches. Thanks again, Sky. Peaches and I always enjoy talking with you.

Margaret S., IL

Thank you so much for helping my dog, Lucca! He was very relaxed yesterday after the distance energy work session and indeed spent most of the day napping. I'm excited to see how he continues to do. It’s been wonderful seeing so much of an improvement already. Thanks again! I really appreciate your help, and I know Lucca does too.

Rachel B., CO

Sky's communication and energy work has made a huge difference for me and my dogs. The way Sky described my dogs and translated their thoughts was absolutely spot on. I have one rescue who was having behavioral issues. Sky communicating with her, helping her re-frame the way she views situations, and providing energy work has changed the way this dog interacts with our family. She is no longer trying to make my other dog a victim and take emotions out on her. Sky also helped me to understand the tools I need to provide for my dogs so they can channel their energy in a positive way. I will continue to work with Sky so my dogs and I have open communication and everyone stays happy in our home. Thank you, Sky!

Vanessa O., TX

A short time ago I brought home a gorgeous, black shelter cat I named Dakota. At first it seemed a simple adoption...but after being let out of the carrier, walking around “his” room and rubbing against my legs, he attacked my arm doing some serious damage. The attacks continued — and then Sky worked with Dakota. First I found out that he’d been at the shelter in a cage for 10 months. Then he revealed treatment by his previous owner’s girlfriend that was at least unkind if not abusive. Dakota wouldn’t play or get on furniture before Sky talked to him. After two sessions of distance energy work and communication, Dakota is well on his way to being the great cat he should be. He now jumps in my lap, loves petting and scratching, really loves treats -- and no more attacks!

Linda M., NJ

When my cat Mittens came to me in October 2013, she came with baggage! Sky suggested distance Energy Therapy. I am here to tell you that Energy Therapy is amazing...I mean really amazing!!!! Mittens slept really hard for about two hours after the session, and when she woke up the change in her was incredible to see. She has clearly let go of her past issues and is moving forward with purpose!! If Mittens ever slips a bit, I would do the Energy Therapy again in a heartbeat !!!!! Should Sky suggest Energy Therapy for any of the animals in your family, I highly recommend doing it!

Liria B., FL

Immediately after my horse Trixie’s distance energy work session with Sky, Trixie had this sense of inner peace about her. It was so amazing — my equine massage therapist noticed it too. I was able to take a lesson for the first time in almost 2 Years!! My trainer was amazed at how well Trixie was moving and collecting at the trot and Trixie is now moving equally well to the right and the left. She has never gone this well ever!! Now we can work on the canter more, as she is getting stronger with the trot work. Thank you, Sky, for being an integral part of Trixie's journey to healing.

Jessica S-G, CT

After one session of distance energy work from Sky: Wow! I really noticed a difference in my dog Dallas when I got home yesterday, after you did distance energy work with him. Even though he always greets me with a big hello when I get home, he seemed 'brighter', that is the only way I can describe it. I think the energy work you are doing is terrific! After the second session of distance energy work, I really noticed a difference in Dallas in the past week. He seems happier, he is napping less and is just overall more joyful! I think the energy work you are doing is great!!!!! It’s like having the old Dallas back! Thanks again Sky for what you have done for my babies!!!

Christine F., TX

What more can I say to you other than... you’re frickin’ awesome! Our dog, Ginger is definitely responding to the distance energy work you are doing with her and we’re so grateful that you’re a part of the healing team. I think Ginger looks forward to the energy work, so I believe that alone is helpful for her. Thank you, Sky!

Bera D. CO.

Thank you so much, Sky, for sending out so much positive healing energy yesterday afternoon to my dog who was at the vet’s with an attack of pancreatitis!! Yesterday morning, talking with the hospital, it sounded like Roxie wouldn’t be coming home much before Friday. We just got our morning update — Roxie will be coming home this afternoon. I am speechless!! I was really worried because she just would not eat. You have done so much by sending all of the loving, healing and positive energy Roxie’s way. For that, I will forever be in awe of your wonderful gift!!

Theresa S., FL

We are so pleased with how much Sky’s distance energy work is helping our dog, Allie, with her anxiety and how happy Allie is about getting these treatments. After Sky’s energy work today, Allie was the happiest and most relaxed that she has been in a very long time. I love the feedback Sky gives about what she finds and what she does during the energy work session. Allie is so like her old self this morning, it is unbelievable. Thanks again for everything, Sky. I so appreciate your work. It is so helpful.

Kristie L., CO

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