General Testimonials

Sky’s Testimonials

After receiving an animal communication session as a gift, I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly, professional and most of all, helpful consultation I experienced. My two dogs also were happy! I learned about them and had a few things confirmed that I have always suspected about them. The 30 minutes went by too fast. I will definitely be scheduling another consultation in the future!

Barbara N., MO.

Some Testimonial from Clients I have Helped

We can't even imagine where we'd be without Sky's help with our animals! Thanks for all of your help! It is truly healing to break the barrier of language with our animals!

Kate M., TN

Sky was spot on and very helpful in improving my relationship with my two cats. I had just introduced a kitten into the household with an older — and turned out to be sick — cat. Helping me understand what both cats needed to get along and to make my older cat more comfortable was priceless.

Arana H., CO

Thank you again for your help with my cats, Sky. It’s wonderful of you to share your special gift with pet lover’s like me!

Heidi W., Washington D.C.

If you have concerns or questions regarding your animal, Sky is your “go to” person for answers. Sky can communicate with your animal by phone with a picture of your pet. She has that special power to communicate with our pets and it works! I encourage you to try and learn about your best friends.

Shirley T – NV

After our session which I was not at home for, all of my animals were waiting at the door for me when I got home from work. I always have the dogs at the door to greet me, but not the cats — especially all the cats at once. Each animal insisted on love and pets. It seemed as though they were trying to communicate with me and confirm what happened early with you was real. To this day it has not happened again. Again thank you for everything. You are amazing and appreciated.

Shawna M., MI

Thank you, Sky. I’m so glad we were able to talk today. I appreciate your insight and your ability to bridge communication with our dogs, Henry and Dakota, and give substance to behaviors we’ve observed. It’s helpful, too, to find out how they’re doing physically and emotionally. Your work is fascinating!

Carol M., WY

Sky, you are such a bright light and it’s special that you choose to use your gift to help others (all species included here)! You are appreciated!! Thank you so much for all you do for animals and their humans.

Dawn T., FL.

Don’t hesitate to contact Sky. You will not regret it. I was in a rush and needed help desperately. Sky was the only one who answered my call for help. I am blessed to have found her — God sent her to help me. She truly cared and listened. I deeply appreciate her help. I am pleased to know Sky, and I will continue to keep in touch with her.

Elisabeth S., CA

The communication session Sky did with my horse gave me emotional insight into the horse and our relationship is now deeper, My horse and I are now more present to each other. I was especially touched by the horse’s sense of embarrassment about his previous pre-purchase injury, (when he jumped out of the pen to get away from the noise), his need to be “brave” in front of the vet and the fact that he truly loves his work. I see him as an emotional being now, as well as the amazing athlete that he is.

Alice BV, NM

Thank you for all the great information and the communication session yesterday with our cats. All three of them seemed very interactive with us after the session. In fact, I was laying on the small couch, and Grey (the formerly feral cat) got up on the couch of her own accord. She will sometimes get up if we are sitting there, but it is a big decision. She came up to my face purring and put a paw on my chest. I could tell it was a big deal for her. She is trying so very hard. That was worth its weight in gold! What a great gift you have!

Nancy K-M. IL

If you have questions, doubts, or anxiety about your animals or just want to finally be able to confirm your love for them and ask if they are ok, communicating with them through Sky is your chance. You might get a laugh out loud surprise like I did when you find out exactly what is on their minds. I laughed, I cried and I was given peace, it was an uplifting experience that changed my life.

Judy C., CO

I had never contacted an animal communicator before so I was a little nervous and also quite a bit skeptical before I called Sky. However, she was very friendly and put me at ease straight away. Right from the start it was clear that Sky had tuned into my pets as she described their personalities accurately and told me what they were thinking in a way that just felt right and clarified the problem I was having. I would not hesitate to contact Sky again in the future whenever there is a situation I need clarity on. Thank you very much Sky!

Cristina C., Germany

My dog, Gus, has been much better since our communication session! He even laid down perfectly for me when I cleaned his ear! He has gotten a little better with the growling and I am taking it one day at a time! Even my husband, a total skeptic about animal communication, has come around a little. Thank you again for everything, Sky!

Alisha D., NY.

Sky is enthusiastic and passionate about her work and her love of animals shines through her voice. She is very professional to work with and clearly enjoys helping families succeed through improved communication. I enjoyed working with Sky and my dog, Thor, and would gladly continue to work with her for the future as well as recommend her to others.

Jeannie F., CO

Everyone needs to experience the peace and understanding that talking to their pets through Sky will bring to their lives!

D L, PA.

I feel that the communication session Sky did with my foster dogs was quite helpful. Sky was the third communicator I have used in the past 2 weeks. The first one corroborated some of what Sky said. The second was coming 90% from the mind...totally useless drivel. It soured me on working with any more communicators, but since I had already made a connection with Sky, I went ahead. I feel Sky was really in contact with my dogs Shiva & Shakti. I will certainly action what came out of the session and will consult Sky again after some time if need be.

Thomas W., Costa Rica

I would highly recommend Sky to anyone who would like chat with their furry children. Sky is so pleasant, easy to work with and affordable. My husband and I loved her down to earth approach and timely response. I am so very grateful for her gift and I am thrilled to have found her!

Tona B., FL.

Thank you so much, Sky, for your time and willingness to help us humans and animals communicate more clearly. I am so grateful for being guided to you and look forward to connecting again soon. Much Love and Gratitude!

Kristin W., VA.

I was telling my husband this very morning that I was going to tell you how thrilled we are about the way things have changed since you communicated with our 2 cats, Freddy and Lenny. Freddy seems to have “grown up” and also calmed down a lot. He now allows Lenny to come in to feed without hassling him – it’s wonderful! As a reward, we now give Freddy the run of the house at night and he’s totally respecting our request to let us sleep in peace. He just settles on his little suitcase by the radiator in our bedroom. Thanks so much for your help with that, Sky – we’ll definitely pass on your details to our friends with “pet issues”.

Julie M., UK

I absolutely recommend Sky for your animal communication needs. She was able to get to the heart of the matter very quickly. She was able to tap into the dynamics of my family and the interaction between all the pets in the home. I will contact her again whenever I’m needing help with my furry babies.

Jenny S., CO.

What a wonderful gift you offer, Sky! The impact that communicating with my horse had is greater than I ever imagined. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I have received healing energy and intuitive treatments from Sky for several years now (as has my daughter). We both love her treatment and the results. Sky has many gifts which enhance her sessions immensely. I have been impressed and aided by her medical intuitive abilities as well as her psychic abilities with treating physical and emotional issues. Sky's pure intentions create a safe environment for healing. It is so reassuring for me to feel the angels' presence during a healing session with Sky. Additionally, she has been a great and generous resource for other modalities, tools, music and devices to support my physical healing. I am so grateful to have found someone of Sky's caliber and vibration and would recommend her highly.

Irene S., CO.

It’s been a month since you talked with our cats and when I think of what you were able to convey from them, I am just astounded. Even after our call, I realized you shared additional insight that you couldn’t have possibly known without hearing it from them. Thank you so much I have already told some friends about you and I suspect they will follow up and contact you.

Connie W., CA

Thank you for the information and help that you shared with us – your special talent and remarkable gifts have added to our growing relationship with our dog, Troika!

Daria B., PA

Our new rescue dog, Emmy Lou, had baffling behaviors and inexplicable phobias that we just couldn’t unravel despite our years of experience with rescued dogs. Exasperated, we found Sky and asked her for help. OMG, what a wealth of information! The first sentence confirmed that Sky was communicating directly with Emmy who obviously understood our constant reassurance to her, “This is my home, I live here now.” We learned so much about Emmy (and she about us). We gained insights on how to help her through her fears — and frankly almost fell off our chairs laughing at her spot-on observations and opinions. There’s been a significant positive shift in our relationship dynamics; we’re all more relaxed and happy now that we understand each other so much better. Sky is a warm, compassionate, insightful person with a remarkable ability to respectfully connect with animals. We can’t wait to have more sessions with her and other members of our animal family. We highly recommend Sky with absolutely no reservations!

Gloria & Marc F., WA

I reached out to Sky for help with a horse, Siena, after struggling with trust issues between her and I. I learned more about my horse in the 45 minutes Sky talked with her than I have in the 5 years I have had her. It was valuable information that I could use to forge a different relationship with Siena and therefore have a safer, happier ride for both of us. And, she was able to get Siena to see that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if we worked together. We have a totally different relationship in a matter of a few weeks and that relationship will just continue to grow. Thank you, Sky! I highly recommend Sky for communication with any pet you might want to have more information about.

Kristie L., CO

Thank you so much, Sky, for your time and willingness to help us humans and animals communicate more clearly. I am so grateful for being guided to you and look forward to connecting again soon. Much Love and Gratitude!

Kristin W., VA

The morning of our appointment with Sky, my kitty Gina, wouldn’t leave my side, which is unlike her and not her usual morning routine. I think she knew what was going to happen. Gina

and I have had a very rough 6 months. Sky didn’t know any of this when I booked my session with her. I was more concerned about my cat Gina’s itching skin which had begun shortly after moving and became very painful. But Gina needed to clear the air about why we moved here and about all the changes in our lives lately. The rest of the session I communicated through Sky how I would make sure Gina’s skin never got that itchy again. The part that made me smile was the first sentence that Gina told Sky — how she is so much more than a cat to me, that she’s very important and that we are a team. That’s what I always tell Gina. Sky is a gifted healer and I am so glad to have found her.

Alexandra F., FL

Thank you so much Sky. It means the world to me that my dogs feel safe and loved, and it means so much to me that you were so instrumental in letting them know that they are.

Connie K., NJ

Thank you so much, Sky! Today’s communication session was very helpful and very much appreciated. It was enlightening to hear what my animals are thinking and what they’ve been through. As sad as it may be, we’re gaining a better understanding of each other.

Terry V., CO

Sky, thank you! You and Rio, our dog, validated what I already knew but was doubting. It gave clarity to being more responsible for my own emotional energy and family energy. I will check out your list of suggestions and try some things. Thank you so much for what you do and how wonderfully you show up for the animals! Blessings to you!


We've found our two communication sessions with our animals via Sky to be immensely helpful in addition to fun and eye-opening. The animals have been clear in their communication to us and the information has helped us to better communicate with them. The animals’ words and feelings that Sky has shared with us have really freed me up to better listen to them. I feel like I can now hear what they are saying because I am now asking and listening. There have been many clear "events" that show us that the animals listened to what Sky said to them. I now feel like taking time to talk to our animals via Sky is not just nice but an important tool in our work to take good care of our herd. Now that that door is open, we find a whole new level of relationship to be open to us and our herd.

Makendra S., CO

What a wonderful gift you offer, Sky! The impact that communicating with my horse had is greater than I ever imagined. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I wish I'd met you sooner! Other communicators and psychics have gotten pictures in their minds and gave me their impressions of what they meant, but it was never clear. With you, I knew exactly what was going on because you could tell me what my cats SAID. The difference is HUGE. Thanks for all that you do for us!

Lori F., CO.

My daughter referred me to Sky, and I’m so happy I set up a session. I needed Sky to check-in with my 6 year old horse named Khaleesi. Khaleesi had a real problem with holding the wire fence down with her front hoof, while she stuck her nose through for a nip of grass. She often got hung up, and then pulled her front shoes off. When the session started Khaleesi began to “gently snort” so I knew she and Sky had connected. Khaleesi agreed to speak with Sky but wanted her to know, “I am Royalty”. The next 30 minutes were fascinating. Khaleesi answered several of my questions before I even asked them. Khaleesi said that if we want the shoe problem corrected we need to install a new fence. She was very opinionated about the fence — saying that it was not her problem or her fault her shoes got pulled off. We gave up and moved onto saddle fit and bridle preference. Khaleesi was very opinionated about those things too. She had so much more to say! This was the best 30 minutes ever. Thanks a million, Sky, your gift is amazing!

Juju F & Khaleesi, CO

To me, Sky, the value of your service to humans and animals is huge. I so appreciative that you have the gift/talents you have, and the energy and commitment to share it with us.

Jean V., NV

Sky spoke to my cat and two dogs. I have always wanted to know if they were happy with their current life with me because two of them were rescued. It was amazing how so spot on Sky was when speaking to me about each of their unique personalities. One of my dogs has severe anxiety while riding in the car and Sky was able to explain to me the reasons behind his anxiety, as well as give me tips on how to best calm him down. I can’t thank you enough Sky. It was truly a wonderful experience and I will definitely being booking a second appointment.

Christy T., CO

Sky, thank you so much! I have changed up their food according to what they told you. I have SUPER HAPPY kitties again! Yea! Madara has even been licking me again and Isabella is purring instead of yelling (mostly). They seem to be much happier with their food and sleeping better too. Thank you SO much, Sky.

Kathleen L., KS

After my previous session with you Sky, all of my animals were waiting at the door for me when I got home from work. I always have the dogs at the door to greet me, but not the cats — especially all the cats at once. Each animal insisted on love and pets. It seemed as though they were trying to communicate with me and confirm what happened early with you was real. To this day it has not happened again. I’m feeling a little eager to get home and see what happens this time. Again thank you for everything. You are amazing and appreciated.

Shawna M., MI

Thank you once again Sky, I love these communication sessions. It’s such a treat to know how my cat, Toulouse, thinks and feels about her world and I feel so connected to her after we “talk”. You have such an incredible gift, and I’m so happy to have met you. I’m sure you will hear from me again, as well I have recommended you to many friends. Thank you so much!

Kelly K., CO

Sky was a tremendous help for my cat Naomi. After a bad illness, my cat’s behavior was not the same and I knew she was suffering mentally, but no matter what I tried – it wasn’t working. 30 mins with sky made all the difference. She was able to figure out what the problem was and help my cat overcome her fears. And it made me and my cat closer than ever! All the times you wonder what your pet is thinking are all revealed. Sky gives you the answers! Everyone should do this for their pet.

Stephanie W., NY

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the appointment on Saturday. I am so grateful for the chance to have been able to talk to my cat, Freda a few hours before we accompanied her on her spirit journey. And for the chance to talk to my other cat, Hasi. Thank

you so much for your service to humanity, for your love of our furry creature companions, and your compassion heart. I appreciate you so very much.

Sylvia S., CO

Our session with Sky was very comforting and enlightening. It was helpful in relieving a lot of residual guilt for what I had perceived as parental failings or lapses with my dog. It definitely brought my dog and me closer together and was a lovely bonding experience.

Gina Z., CO

Thank you so much Sky! You have made my interactions with my cats richer, and I so appreciate you.

Sylvia S., CO

My heart is full of gratitude for Sky’s insight and I would recommend her to anyone who needs guidance, whether it is about a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue regarding their animals. She has a gift for hearing what the animals have to say — from animals in spirit to those here with us. Given only a picture of my doggies — one living and one in Spirit and no information on their history, Sky connected with them and the feedback described was accurate, truthful and to the point. I was so impressed with how she captured their personalities! I will definitely communicate again with my Yorkie, who is still on earth, thru Sky. From our session, I now have the peace knowing that my little man was not able to live in his little body any longer and I made the right decision by letting him go to Spirit. Sky, you have my heartfelt thanks for the deep honesty in your work.

Michelle F., FL

Thank you so much for the communication session yesterday. I think it really helped me to consider the perspectives of my dogs more deeply. We have all been feeling extra affectionate today!

Annie H., CO

Hi, Sky. Just thought I’d give you a bit of an update. Since you talked to my horses (Ranger, Rocky, Brown, Lottie, and Primo), the biggest change I’ve seen is that Ranger doesn’t rub his hind quarters anymore! With the exception of a couple of times, he seems totally fine. I rub that side some every day, which is what he told you would help. Acknowledging the injury seems to be the key. Also, Big Brown indeed seems to like me rubbing his nose — which he showed you he wanted me to do — and is quite relaxed, in general. Rocky is chilling and his cinch wounds are healing. The main thing is that I think that, now that everyone knows that Brown and Rocky are going to be staying here for good, there seems to be some more ease amongst the horses. I just want to thank you so much for your help.

Nell H., WY

When I came home from having a communication session with Sky at a fair, there was peace in my home and calmness in my dog for the first time in weeks. No more hiding in the closet, no more not interacting with me in the house – instead, there was a bounce in my dog’s step and a

new understanding between us. Thank you so much, Sky, for the service you provide for animals and humans!

Paul V., CO

Thank you Sky for the communication session with my dog and cats. I always feel better knowing that we have done everything to make our animal brothers and sisters lives the best they can be. Thanks for all you do!!

Beth P., PA

Thanks again, Sky! My friends will probably contact you at some point. I love to hear how accurate you are and we feel so much better knowing that our animals can talk to you!

Brooke G., CO

My friend that I’d referred to you for animal communication told me she had a wonderful session with you talking with her horse. It is so amazing to be able to talk with our pets with your help. I gave your information to two more people that were interested in getting some input from their horses, so hopefully they contact you. Just through talking with people they ask me why I am not doing something and my answer is because Trixie, my horse, doesn’t want that. The next question always is how do I know that, and I can tell them she told me! Then they ask me for your info. So from all of us thank you, Sky!

Jessica S-G - CT

Our dogs are doing well since you talked to them. You made my husband, who was a total skeptic, that much more of a believer. We both noticed a change in both dogs since you talked to them. We both found it interesting how both dogs laid down while you communicated with them and then got up again once you were done!

Aimee T., CO

Our friends recently asked Sky to ‘talk’ to their dogs with them. They found the session incredible, interesting and very emotional. On this recommendation we requested Sky do the same for us so we could ‘talk’ to our living dog and also two that had passed. The session was an amazing experience and very emotional. I would recommend anyone to contact Sky if they wish to talk to their animals.

Ed & Jo M.., UK

If you work with Sky, the first thing you’ll notice is that she truly cares for both the client and the animal. She helped me both with the process of a dying pet crossing over, and of a new pet entering my life. What I came to realize was that her sessions also helped me grow as a person. Having a stronger connection with my animal loved ones and the messages brought to me from them by Sky helped me open my eyes to my connection with the world as well. Sky has an amazing gift and kind heart!

Catie G. CO

“Over the years I’ve come to appreciate how animals enter our lives prepared to teach and far from being burdened
by an inability to speak they have many different ways to communicate. It is up to us to listen more than hear . . .”
— Nick Trout