Animals in Spirit Testimonials

Sky’s Testimonials

Having a reading done with Sky was the most comforting feeling after my dog passed. Sky was able to really connect with my dog in Spirit and relate to me so many answers I have been wondering about. It was just such a great experience and I look forward to having more readings done in the future with Sky and my other pets.

Phillip S., NY

Some Testimonial from Clients I have Helped

Thank you so much for the communication session today! Our hearts feel more at ease after meeting with you and talking to our bunnies in Spirit. We’re ready to embrace a new set of ears into our lives after getting the blessing of the herd. We’ll meet again after we bring home our new bunny.

Jamye R., C

Thanks so much for helping us connect with our cat in Spirit, Theo. My husband and I both really loved the experience and felt that it brought us great peace. I will definitely be recommending you to others!

Erin J., CA

Thank you Sky! It meant the world to me that you were able to communicate with my dog in Spirit. I found it very comforting to be able to ask her questions through you. I feel that it truly helps in the grieving process and would recommend your service to anyone who is struggling with the loss of a pet.

Carolyn S., PA

Thank you so much, Sky for the communication session today with my dog in Spirit, Fozzi. It was such a blessing and you are quite a gifted communicator. I learned so much more from you than I had ever imagined. A million thanks for speaking with Fozzi today and giving me peace and joy and some closure on dangling questions. It all makes perfect sense now. You do great/necessary work and I'm telling everybody with a pet about your expertise. Many thanks and hugs to you for what you do - you are exceptional!

Gaia H., NC

Thank you so much for today's session! My heart feels so much lighter after connecting with my dog and cats in Spirit. It's so wonderful that you have this gift and the ability to connect with animals on the other side. It brings such infinite solace and comfort and perspective to those of us who are seeking to connect with our dear furry family members who have passed on. I'm sure you will hear from me again!

Christa H., CA

After talking to three of my cats in Spirit, Sky has made my heart sing and I am so overjoyed! I feel as though a million pounds have lifted off my shoulders! I feel SOOO full of love and joy having talked to my Babies in Spirit and know all is well and how they feel. I can NEVER thank you enough, Sky! You have literally changed my life! Forever heartfelt thanks!

Rita F., TX

Thank you again Sky, for your help before and after our dog crossed to Spirit. My husband and daughter really liked our session with you after our dog crossed over. I appreciate that you provided some comfort at this very difficult time for us.

Janina F., CO

Thank you for your lovely reading today, Sky. It was great to receive messages from our beautiful golden retriever who passed away last week. It was also great to get clarity on how her sister who is still with us is feeling. You’re reading brought us closure and comfort knowing our fur baby is doing great on the other side.

Lori K., FL

I just want to thank you, Sky, for the wonderful session me and my dogs, both in Spirit and living, had with you this morning. It brought so much peace and comfort to get closure regarding Jewel, my dog in Spirit. So much of what she told you and the way she said it, was so "her." There were things she mentioned that only she and I knew, which was astounding and only further proved that you are the "real deal". It is truly an amazing talent you have been gifted with. If anyone reading this is the least bit skeptical, DON'T BE! You will not be disappointed in your decision to utilize Sky's services! Thanks again for everything!

Brenda H., FL

A friend referred me to Sky as I was going through the death of my dog. Our session included communication with my cat and getting some information on how he was doing and how he was processing the death, along with a connection to the spirit of my recently passed dog.  It was a wonderful connection to have, and a warm revisiting to a beloved animal. Sky gave me a more nuanced perspective of the death, and I now find myself dealing with the grief with a more loving heart.  I would highly recommend a session with Sky to anyone who is going through end of life with a pet, or even to check in and share some messages with your living 4-legged friend.

Megan L., CO

A coworker recommended Sky when my dog passed a few months ago. I never got the closure I needed because her death was so sudden. Sky was absolutely incredible. I didn’t have to say much at all; she was able to connect with my dog, and gave me everything I needed and more. She has a true gift, and I am forever grateful to have gotten the closure I needed. It was such an emotional, bittersweet experience, and I highly recommend Sky to anyone that may need that closure, or sense of relief.

Jordyn P., FL

Thank you so much for the communication session today with Stephen, our cat in Spirit. Your ability to communicate with Stephen brought us much relief and comfort. The messages that you related from Stephen will help me to better manage my emotions and cultivate a welcoming environment for Stephen's spirit. Our heartfelt thanks!

Joy C., NJ

Thank you for a wonderful communication session with our animals in Spirit. It has helped me and my daughter a lot. It brought us peace of mind. I will definitely post about our reading and highly recommend you.

Gail B., FL

Thank you so much for the communication session. I felt a great peace afterwards that I’d say I haven’t felt since my horse, Frenchie, passed. I think that the information you gave me about the other animals was really beneficial too.
I’m so glad I was directed to you and I’m sure I’ll contact you for another session in the future.

Lynette K., Australia

I just want to thank you again, Sky, for the communication session today. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after I talked to my dogs who died under tragic circumstances. You truly are amazing!

Ranii J., Australia

Sky - I am sooooo grateful for the opportunity to talk to my dog in Spirit and even more grateful to hear what she had to say!! I am extremely eager to tell my daughters all about it! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tanya M., CO

I reached out to Sky after my 9 yo Minniedog crossed to Spirit suddenly, to help with the many unanswered questions and lack of closure after our unexpected and heart wrenching loss. My experience with Sky, from beginning to end, was overwhelmingly positive. Sky is an incredible human being and a considerate and organized professional; quite the combination. I truly enjoyed my FaceTime call with her and it was amazing to watch her smile and nod as she received the messages that Minnie was sharing with her. I take with me not only answers to all my questions but the comfort of knowing that my animal feels my love. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Sky.

Jessica B., WA

Thank you so very much for the communication session with our living dog and dog in Spirit, Hero. You truly have a gift and have given us a peace of mind that we have needed since Hero's passing. Just knowing that he is happy and content brings so much joy to our hearts. Thank you again for all that you do!

Phil & Renee C., FL

I was really sad and struggling after my dog, Goldie, passed several months ago. I found Sky online, and hoped that she might help by connecting with Goldie to see how he felt about me and his life and if he’s OK now. I was amazed at how much Sky could pick up from Goldie. Goldie was quite talkative too! I felt great comfort in getting messages from him, and finding out that he is still with me. I miss him physically, but to know that he is here, just in a different form, has helped me so much. Many thanks again, Sky.

Gary L., UK

Sky has an amazing gift! She really connected with our beloved dog Gypsy, in Spirit, which helped my healing process to be close to Gypsy again. Sky picked up on some of her unique characteristics and communicated her wishes and thoughts well. It was a great experience. I often listen to the recording when I’m having a bad day and want to be close to Gypsy. Thank you, Sky!

Fallon H., CA

Having a reading done with Sky was the most comforting feeling after my dog passed. Sky was able to really connect with my dog in Spirit and relate to me so many answers I have been wondering about. It was just such a great experience and I look forward to having more readings done in the future with Sky and my other pets.

Phillip S., NY

I can’t thank you enough for your call today. You’re amazing and I know my dog in Spirit, Twinkie, somehow guided me to you. I’m very grateful for your patience and your simplicity and truth to everything. But it’s also your approach — so very calm, reassuring and compassionate. You’re a godsend to all of us. I will definitely be in touch. Thank you!

Susana L., Canada.

What can I say … Thank You! When you told me about the jump that Soleil, our dog in Spirit, showed you — WOW! I loved when she would do that! Thanks for her messages. About Freya, our current dog — thank you again. Freya is a special girl. We love her so much. I have been going crazy trying to figure her out. But now, it makes so much sense! I feel encouraged that we will be able to help her more effectively. We have direction now. You are AWESOME!

Kathy C., PA.

I’ve been meaning to email you and thank you for the communication session with my dogs, Albert & Simon. I have been struggling with Simon’s death and miss him dearly. The session was very helpful towards healing. Actually, a lot of the information shared in our session (and yes my puppies did have a lot to say!) continues to become clearer. Albert seems a little more calm too! You have a wonderful gift and thank you so much for sharing it with me and my puppies! I have already recommended you to my sister, in Ohio!

Lori L. , CO.

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the messages you brought me from my animals. Most importantly, because of you Sky, I am now able to think of my dogs in Spirit with a peaceful and happy heart. You have improved the quality of my life and I can’t thank you enough!

Kandi P., CO.

I wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate you, Sky. You made all the difference in the world to me when it was time for Elliott to cross to spirit. My heart was shattered. I still have tears, but it is nothing like when my cat Isabelle crossed. Then it was all I could do to get through the day. Thank you from the bottom of my shattered little heart. I have always treated my cats as if they were more than “just an animal.” It is wonderful knowing, through communication, how much more than “just an animal” they truly are. I find myself geting into conversations frequently telling other people stories of what my cats have said during communication sessions and they are amazed!

Cindy T., TX.

Thank you for talking with me and my beloved cat, Curious. It was when you mentioned how he was gesturing like he was putting his paw on my face that I knew, without a doubt, my baby was truly in Spirit. It was something he did all the time when we were having our alone time and I’ve never had a cat who did that. I’m so glad to have received such reassurance in my very recent grief. I am grateful.

Jo M., NY.

Words cannot express my gratitude for all you have done, Sky. The experience of having my equine soul mate suddenly cross to Spirit has been heart-breaking but your ability to communicate with her has definitely helped with this horrible process. You helped us communicate and come to terms with what had happened, as well as providing me with hope that our bond still remains. Everything you said sounded so much like Empress! Your work is inspiring and you are such a kind person. It is obvious that you care for all animals and have a real gift, and I will definitely work with you in the future; as well as recommend you to my students and clients. Thank you for everything that you do to help such wonderful creatures, and their people! It was definitely a life-changing experience.

Lauren M., WY.

When I called Sky to ask about the health of Sandy, my 13 year old pug and my BFF — I learned the worst. Sandy was near the end of her life. I needed help facing that moment, and Sky was there, offering the clarity and peace of knowing Sandy was ready. I was deeply consoled understanding how Sandy felt, and knowing in her last hours that she and I were able to say goodbye, without regrets. In the midst of my grief, I felt joy, knowing that Sandy’s great life of service to my family and me was rewarded with timely release. We also spoke to Sandy after she passed, She is still with us after all, and the ecstatic joy she feels now has transformed my grief into deep satisfaction. Sky provided compassionate and clear conveyance of tough information, which helped me to do the right thing for my dog. She is an excellent communicator, and I will gratefully seek her out the next time a dear pet needs to be clearly heard.

Kathie S., CO.

I went to Sky’s website and was immediately drawn to her. She just looked like someone I could trust. I wasn’t wrong. She talked to some of our dogs who have crossed to spirit. We wanted to start with the most recently crossed. She got each one of their personalities spot on. She knew nothing about us or our dogs other than pictures I sent her, yet she was able to connect with each of them and even one I didn’t send her a picture of who wanted to say something to us. She also connected to our one dog who is still with us and immediately “got” him. His picture and personality do not match so she was not just pulling what she thought his personality was based on how he looks. Actually, none of our dogs’ personalities match the way they look, but that did not stop Sky from totally “getting” them. Not only did she connect with our dogs, but she also connected with us and after one visit I feel she is a friend and someone we can trust. We will definitely be asking Sky to talk to our fur-babies many more times. She gave us great comfort and lessened our heartache. Something we didn’t dream we would be able to say for the foreseeable future because we have lost so many in such a short amount of time that we felt we would not know peace for a very long time, if ever. I just can’t say enough good things about Sky.

Echo, AZ.

Thank you so much for talking to our dog in Spirit, Trixie. We have cried a lot but they have also have been tears of joy. You have brought us peace with the loss of our precious Trixie. I will be in touch with you again hopefully in the next month to help with our other dogs and their behavioral problems. Thank you so much for your gift.

Crystal D., CO.

Thank you Sky for talking to my cat, Cleo after she crossed to Spirit. You have eased my pain a lot and I am thinking more about her happiness in spirit more than the painful last minutes I held her in my arms. Thank you for that!

Kathy H., CA.

Sky has been spot on with every communication session with my living animals and animals in Spirit. She tells you only the information she is given and doesn’t make things up. She is very compassionate. Sky has been a true gift for my animals and me. Thank you so much for all you do, Sky. You have truly made a huge difference for my animals in life and in Spirit.

Robin W., CO.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and have you communicate with our dog in Spirit. I’m glad to have found you and already have a few people in mind to refer to you. Thank you again and again for you gift and sharing it with this world.

Albert C., PA.

There are no words to fully express how grateful I am to you for communicating with our living dog, Shelby and our dog in Spirit, Teddy, today. I’m eager to implement your suggestions. I’m so excited knowing that Shelby’s life is going to change in amazing ways that she probably did not know were possible. It occurred to me that, on some level, I needed Teddy’s permission to let Shelby fully into my heart. I got that today. I can’t thank you enough for the healing you brought to our family.

Amy S., CO.

I had a one to one session with Sky at a Spiritual Fair in the UK. She communicated with my beloved cat, Squeaky, who died in November 2019. I have missed her so much and it was extremely comforting to be in contact with her via Sky. I can’t recommend Sky Heartsong enough. She was wonderful and made me feel at peace about losing Squeaky.

Jenny, UK.

Thank you so very much Sky! It was so good to talk with you today and Tully, our dog who crossed over recently. We appreciate it very much!

Erin E., OR.

A good friend recommended I contact Sky after the loss of my much-loved Chihuahua, Angus. I’m not going to lie, I was dubious. I expected vague generalities like he’s in a better place; he doesn’t hurt anymore, etc. What I got was the best 30 minutes I could have hoped for. The things Sky told me were so “Angus specific” that there is no doubt in my mind that she was talking to him AND our dog Murrie whom we lost years ago. Sky told me things that literally only Angus would know. She was able to tell me about his personality and was spot on. Everything she said I could picture him saying if he were able to talk. I have had such a sense of peace since our call. I will be making additional appointments to keep in touch with my fuzzy kids. If you believe in this sort of thing, book an appointment. If you don’t, you REALLY should book an appointment. You will become a believer. Thank you, Sky, for the peace you have given me. That is priceless.

Patti L., CO.

I booked an Animal Communication session with Sky after the passing of my young cat, and it was the most wonderful heart-opening, spirit-soothing experience! Sky conveyed things that there is no way she could have possibly known without direct communication with my cat himself, and did so in an exceptionally loving, compassionate and delightfully joyful way. She confirmed for me things I already knew in my heart, which has added such tremendous value and perspective to my journey that I will treasure for a very, very long time to come. I am so happy that I made this choice, and will most definitely recommend Sky and her services to everyone I know. I can whole-heartedly endorse working with her!

Ciara Y., Ireland

My dog, Jerzey, has been gone for 9 months now, but I still listen to the recordings I made of our communication sessions with her. I just wanted to let you know, Sky, how much I appreciate all of the time you spent with me, talking with my sweet angel dogs. I just want you to know how much our sessions still help me. Thank you!

Allison B., NJ.

“Perhaps there is a soul hidden in everything and ti can always speak, without even
making a sound, to another soul.” — Francis Hodgson Burnet