Distance Human Energy Work and Intuitive Consults Testimonials

Sky’s Testimonials

Sky has done intuitive and energy work with me. With both, she exhibits grace, confidence and spot-on precision. Working with Sky has given me insights which inform and enrich my daily life. She was able to make connections and give me new insights that I'd never experienced before. I was able to forgive myself and move on.

Olga, NJ

Some Testimonial from Clients I have Helped

Thank you for the distance energy work and your words of encouragement and wisdom. I greatly appreciate it all. Peace of mind is priceless. THANK YOU so much Sky.

Anne G., FL

Sky did energy work for me and I found it to be quite sensational. It was quite an invigorating experience for me. Before the energy work, I felt stuck on not being able to meditate. Afterwards, I felt clear headed and able to focus. Thank you, Sky. That was a wonderful session that lasted and continues to shine in me as I meditate and work on healing.

Karen A., CO

Sky has been a huge help in my both physical and emotional healing journey. I have had many sessions with her and the results I get always keep me coming back. She has so much love and compassion for her clients. Thank you so much, Sky, for sharing your skills with the world!

Winter W, Canada

I want to take a moment to acknowledge your gifts, Sky and how you show up to offer them out to everyone. You are an inspiration. You are a light in the darkness.

Your gentle and at times blunt, manner jolts the message into consciousness.

With love and gratitude, I thank you for being you!

Wendie S., CO

I am just starting to learn about spirituality and things like crystals, spirit guides, family who passed in spirit, and even aura colors. Sky was not only able to explain everything to me in a clear and easy way to understand, she was able to answer all of my questions. I was able to talk to my spirit family/guides, understand my aura colors, and even overall energy that was going through my system. We were able to discuss my relationship with some people and Sky was able to read each person's energy and tell me things that were very real and correct without me having to tell her anything other than the person's name. I absolutely loved my session with Sky and I tell all my friends who have similar interests in spirituality about Sky. If you have any doubts about making an appointment with Sky, just do it! The session will be so worth your time and money!

Feyza D., NJ

I have received healing energy and intuitive treatments from Sky for several years now (as has my daughter). We both love her treatment and the results. Sky has many gifts which enhance her sessions immensely. I have been impressed and aided by her medical intuitive abilities as well as her psychic abilities with treating physical and emotional issues. Sky's pure intentions create a safe environment for healing. It is so reassuring for me to feel the angels' presence during a healing session with Sky. Additionally, she has been a great and generous resource for other modalities, tools, music and devices to support my physical healing. I am so grateful to have found someone of Sky's caliber and vibration and would recommend her highly.

Irene S., CO.

An Intuitive Consult with Sky Heartsong is an enlightening and highly validating experience. The information Sky provided was accurate with regards to my life circumstances, and her merging of the higher spiritual perspective with practical solutions was extremely beneficial. Anyone who is having questions about her/his life purpose or confusion on how to handle challenging relationships or situations, owes it to herself/himself to schedule an Intuitive Consult with Sky. Regardless of the specific type of session you have with Sky, she always holds a sacred space, allows her heart to guide her work, and generously shares her beautiful gifts so that others are inspired to live their deepest truth.

Cathy L., PA.

I am very thankful for the intuitive consult we had. I found it powerful and moving. Sky's powerful insights helped me see more clearly all the wonderful love and support that surrounds me as I am fighting serious health challenges.

Harriet, NJ

It was very easy and comfortable talking with Sky. The information she provided during my Intuitive Consult was on target and understandable. I will certainly be able to use what I learned to enhance my life in positive ways. I highly recommend Sky's services and look forward to working with her again.

Mark L., PA

Imagine going through a painful ordeal. The only person I knew that might be able to help me was Sky. With her help, I was able to make sense of it all. It was still a very difficult experience and continues to be at times even now. But my mind is clear. I know I did what was right. The answers Sky gave me feel right.

Denise G., NJ

Sky has done intuitive and energy work with me. With both, she exhibits grace, confidence and spot-on precision. Working with Sky has given me insights which inform and enrich my daily life. She was able to make connections and give me new insights that I'd never experienced before. I was able to forgive myself and move on.

Olga, NJ

I recently had the pleasure of an intuitive session with Sky. I am having some experiences at my home that have been making me feel uncomfortable to say the least! I also have a lot of personal issues that I felt were crushing my soul. During my session Sky relayed messages from my angels and from loved ones who have crossed over. I immediately felt like a weight was lifted off of me. I still have a lot to work on to keep myself on the right track but with Sky's guidance I am confident I will be OK:) She was right on the money with a lot of what she was feeling about my issues. I feel so much better and look forward to my next session!

Daria D., NJ

I was thoroughly pleased with our session today, when you talked to my Mother and husband who are in Spirit. I have missed my mother every day since she crossed. There was so much I wanted to say to her. There were several things that you said about her that you couldn't have known. I was also pleased with my connection to my husband. Again, there were too many things you couldn't have known about him. I can't wait to have another session. Thanks again for everything.

Shelley M., PA

Since working with Sky and getting distance energy work, I have finally emerged into the person I have always wanted to be. No longer weighed down by self doubt and fear, I am able to confidently live my life. In addition to my new found confidence, I now possess a heartfelt joy as I go through my days. I cannot say enough about the miraculous energy work that Sky did with me. In a few sessions I was transformed into my true self, the self that had eluded me for all of my previous time of existence. Try as I might, through all the self help avenues I could find, I did not even get a glimpse of what it truly meant to be free and happy. Sky, I cannot thank you enough! You are, without a doubt, a true healer!

Lisa F., NJ

Thank you so much for a great distance energy work session! You definitely did some wonderful cleaning out of the dark daggers that burn and twist and tear in my joints and on my shins from the Lyme Disease. I felt a LOT of relief thank you, thank you, thank you! Today they ( the spirochetes of the Lyme) are pissed but their forces are weakening. I found it very cool that you saw the nasty black stuff in my joints and that it was a corkscrew mutation into my body and cells that you cleaned out and filled with light and love. You are very blessed with wonderful gifts and I am so glad you share them to help others 2 and 4 legged. I look forward to another energy session in a few weeks.

Marty W., CT

Thank you so very much for the distance energy work session you did for me last night. After the session, I stayed there for a little while to let the energies settle…what an AWESOME feeling. I definitely feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I will work on maintaining the energy with the new tools in the toolbox that you've given me.

Ann G., VA

“I did two intuitive reading sessions and one distance energy session with Sky. Amazing! I gained a deeper, significantly more compassionate perspective of my issues from the intuitive consult. Through the energy work, made a few leaps in letting go of some old, painful belief structures. This is shifting my perception of myself. Sky is remarkably kind, caring and compassionate, as well as highly skilled and willing to help and share her insights and practical wisdom. This is a strong and successful combination. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SKY!!

Rielly M.-E., CO

“To heal from the inside out is the key.” — Wynonna Judd