Behavior Issues Testimonials

Sky’s Testimonials

I had Sky talk to my horse – Ben, when he was injured. Sky got all my questions answered. Some people might not believe in animal communication, but Ben was so in tune with Sky, he never once tried to crib while Sky was talking to him – and Ben always cribs!

Justinia H., NJ

Some Testimonial from Clients I have Helped

I have never worked with a communicator before and Sky helped me be comfortable with the session. My pup was in my lap when we began and I honestly felt him engage with Sky. We were able to talk through his separation anxiety. It was a two-way conversation that I didn't expect. After the session, I feel like my pup and I have a better understanding of each other's needs and an agreement between us about how we can support each other. I highly recommend booking a session with Sky and I look forward to a follow up session with her soon.

Ruby H., CA

Two days after Sky talked to my very anxious horse, he returned to his old self! Everyone was amazed! It was key to inform everyone who works with him that was going on. I continue to use the grounding method you taught me when he gets excited and it works to calm him down quickly. I’ll contact Sky for another session soon.

Brenda S., FL

We can't say enough about Sky and her communication with our doodles! She was amazing and tuned into each of their energy with such accuracy and brought us SO MUCH CLARITY about what our boys are thinking! After 1 session with her, our boys were on their best behavior when out walking! We wondered if it was a one day thing, but low and behold, the next day was the same. They were both able to just 'walk by' other dogs, joggers, and bicyclists with no loud barking or lunging! We have referred several friends and will contact her again for check-ins. Thank you Sky!!! You are a Blessing and an Amazing Person!

Erin and Patrick M, CO

We have had our newest cat, Nikki for almost 6 months. Sky talked to her twice. We can now pick her up and move her to new locations. I can even kiss her head. She has made 13 round trips to our cabin and travels like a champ. She even gets into her carrier by herself!! We truly believe that this is possible because of our sessions with Sky. I can tell you that none of the other cats in the house would even think of doing this for us. Thank you, Sky!

Julie G., MN

My eleven year old Quarter Horse, Choppy, and I connected with Sky today. She was able to talk with Choppy and get to the root of some of his behavioral issues. I would highly recommend Sky’s services for anyone experiencing behavioral issues with their horses or who would just like to form a closer connection.

Mike M., AZ

Thanks for today, Sky!! I went to see the horse I'm training a few hours after our communication session. He was so good about not being so mouthy! He definitely understood " soft nose" -- just like you told him! He was also very good to ride. We just worked on one 'old' skill he has mastered and one 'new' skill -- so he didn't get overwhelmed, as you suggested. He was great! Thanks so much!

Meme H., N

My 16 year old cat Rainy had been causing chaos in the house. We were at wits end. Our consult with Sky was incredible. She honed right in on Rainy’s personality and he told her his reasons for his behavior. Since the amazing call, Rainy’s yowling is minimal, no more peeing on us or fights with our other cat. We have changed our behavior with him based on Sky’s advice. I've run an animal welfare charity for over 30 years and have no hesitation in recommending Sky for any animal problems. I'm too close to my animals to sort out the issues and so I’m grateful for Sky’s amazing abilities!

Sue A., Australia

Sky, thank you so much for your time and for helping us with the challenges the animals in our household are having. After your conversation today, I found my cats Mason & Kit in cat beds next to each other. They have not done this in a long time without Mason hissing at the kitten! This as a proof of how amazing and true your communication gift is! We are grateful for you!

Deana C-L, FL

My cat Leo was in the other room during our communication session with Sky. When I went out to greet him afterwards, I noticed a uniquely calm presence about him, a softening. He seemed to look at me with a new knowing. After we talked to Leo, he did go outside and out of the fenced yard -- and per the plan, he returned at mid day and has been content inside this afternoon. . . The successes continued as Leo began to chew on his blanket but redirected himself to his toy -- just as Sky asked him to do! While I am still keeping most blankets tucked away, he is definitely going in the right direction by playing more with toys and chewing less. I am so relieved! Today, amid snow and ice it was 20 degrees outside, and Leo pleaded to go out. I said okay, but asked him to please return midday, as Sky has asked him to. He did!!

Thank you Sky! We will be in touch should we need your clear and direct assistance in the future!

Cindi L., AZ

I had my first session with Sky mainly to try and get some advice on how to deal with my 8 month old puppy Zoe who had terrible separation anxiety. Sky communicated with Zoe and gave me some great advice as well. Sky was able to get some great insight as to why Zoe acts the way she does. Sky was also able to connect with my heart dog, who passed away about 8 months ago. I feel like she did make a connection with my dog in Spirit. It brought me great comfort knowing that she was okay. Thank you Sky!

Deb. C., WA

I couldn't have been happier with my communication session with Sky. Sky talked to four of my young steers. One of them, Captain, would not walk with a halter and lead rope.  After Sky talked to Captain, he walked on the halter amazingly well and got to join the cow cuddling therapy herd. Captain is much happier in the big pasture with friends.  Thanks a million, Sky!

Corianne W., MD

My dog, Pebbles, is doing AWESOME since you talked to her, Sky!!!!

No barking at the delivery guy or another truck out front of our house that was working on the street and she is not barking at the neighbours!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful help! You’re incredible!!

Laura D., VT

I wish I had Sky's ability to converse with my kitties — life would be so much easier! Since I do not, it is wonderful that Sky is available. After our phone session I saw an immediate improvement in my cats’ responses to each other (more respectful). My shy cat was definitely more calm at her grooming session after Sky told her what to expect. Having some questions answered by my kitties and being able to explain things to them was so very helpful. Thank you Sky!

Susan B., NH

I've been having a hard time understanding what was going wrong with my horse and felt very defeated, so I decided to book a session with Sky. It was extremely helpful and I feel so relieved to have gotten some answers. Sky confirmed some physical things that I suspected were wrong with my mare, and also addressed some behavioral issues that we had been dealing with for a very long time. After the session, I used a lot of the information when I next saw my horse, and noticed a difference. A lot of the frustration had dissipated and I felt that I understood her problems better, helping me to work with her. I'm excited for the progress to come now that I have opened up a whole new form of communication with my mare. I will definitely be using Sky's services again!

Mackenzie G., TN

Since our communication session, my cat Grace Louise is doing awesome! Now that i know how she gets out of sorts when there is chaos, we are both handling things better. I know why she removes herself when it’s too crazy and she also now has a higher chaos tolerance. Thank you for helping us both learn that insight!

Susan W., CT

Before you talked to my dog, Abie, she had very bad digestive issues and was a nervous wreck when I was away. Abie told you she was worried about me when I was away. You assured her that I would be safe and she didn’t need to worry. After the session, my son and I both left to visit family over Thanksgiving. As you suggested, I talked to Abie before we left. I told her when, where and how long we’d be gone, and that my daughter would be here with her. I told her I would be safe. The minute I said “safe,” I felt her energy relax completely. There were no issues the three days we were gone! Our communication session really made a difference for Abie. She's doing great! Sending you many blessings and much love!

Cindy K., ID

We called Sky in hopes of gaining an understanding why our rescue horse is so suspicious and reactive. He can be a danger to himself and his humans when being handled on the ground. Our horse told Sky he doesn't like making his own decisions and often panics when forced to do so. He is fine under saddle because I am making decisions for him. He told Sky how much he appreciates that I remain calm when he's experiencing a panic attack. Sky told me my horse has a good heart and her guidance affirmed the need for patience to give my horse the space to become a wonderful partner for me. We will definitely be checking in with Sky again in the future.

Pam and Craig K., LA

Sky - I wanted to update you on my dog, Astra! Since you talked to him, he has been doing way better around people and has been to look at me for confirmation a lot more, as you told him to do. When I leave he has been settling a lot faster and he hardly barks anymore! I am very thankful for your skills and can not wait to see how much he will improve with your future help!

Jess T., Canada

We really appreciated the time you took for our communication session, Sky. It was so important and emotional. We have been so upset with our cat Luna’s diagnosis. But she has been acting differently since our session — she's been wanting to play and talk and be around us a lot. Tonight Luna and our cat Zoey were in the same room. Zoey started giving her the death stare and I told her to look away and leave Luna alone (like you told her to do) and she did! We have been having a hard time giving Luna her heart pil. But after our session, we did exactly what you suggested and we popped the pill in and Luna swallowed it almost immediately. Knowing that Luna feels good is the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Thank you again. Such an amazing experience, for all of us.

Emily W., CO

Thank you for your help again, Sky! I sincerely appreciate all the assistance you've given me during the communication sessions. They've improved my relationship with my dog, Daniel and we are now proactive in helping minimize the pain he experiences with his amputated leg. With the extra attention Daniel gets (as he requested), he's no longer peeing in the house. It’s been more than 24 hours since our last communication session with you and our cat Calvin has not marked on our chair (or the blankets covering it). Also playing with Calvin more and I’ve ordered some really cool toys to assist with play time. I feel confident we uncovered Calvin’s concerns about not having a person for him and needing play. We’re working on it and so far so good.

Diane K., AZ

I just wanted to say that I will definitely be a repeat customer of Sky’s! I was so grateful to have a conversation with our dogs. I believe in communication with spirits and animals but I have to say that I was initially skeptical because there was no face to face contact. Sky is for real!! Our larger dog has quit licking, jumping, and playing rough with me since the conversation she had with him. With our little dog, Sky was spot on with her personality. We got some insight as to why our little dog has some nervous behaviours and am so thankful that they are happy now. Thank you Sky!

Nicole B., NE

Sky really helped settle our nerves and concerns about a couple of cats that we recently took in. Not only did she hit right on the mark about their different personalities, we noticed an improvement in their behaviour and stress level almost right away. Getting the chance to speak with them through Sky has changed how we work with them, and how they behave with each other, to everyone's benefit — particularly the kitties’! Thanks again, Sky and we are looking forward to the next session!

David Z. Italy

We have already seen a change in our rabbit, Sarah and our dog, Madison since our communication session with Sky yesterday. Sarah has been very respectful of Madison and is trying to be quiet so she doesn’t disturb Madison’s sleep at night, as we asked her to do. When Madison does hear Sarah, she looks over at her and then goes back to sleep, just as we asked her to, rather than being startled and getting up and pacing. We had a very peaceful night last night. First time in a long time. Thank you so much for helping us.

Beverly M., NJ

I am so thankful my Mom & I spoke with you when we did to communicate with our cat Felix. He didn’t have any more aggressive episodes after you spoke with him. Unfortunately, he developed health issues and he passed away a few weeks ago unexpectedly. I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for you connecting us the way you did before he moved on. You are a true healer.

Jaclyn L., CT

Thank you, Sky, for helping us understand our dog Harriet's needs better! It was a pleasure talking with you! You talked to Harriet about being safe and calm in the car. Right after our communication session, we all got in the car to go out to breakfast. Harriet sat on my lap as usual, BUT, she was not shaking or panting as she usually does. It was astounding! We will continue to tell her we are going to do something fun when a car ride is involved, just as you suggested. Thank you very much for helping her!

Nancy G., CO

There is a huge difference in our cats, Rudy and Toby, since you spoke to them, Sky. They are getting along a whole lot better now. Rudy purrs a lot more knowing we are trying to help him with his aggressive behavior. Both Rudy and Toby can sleep together now. When Toby meows Rudy is queued to back off, just like you told him. Thank you so much for your help. The eating in the crate is also very good with Rudy. He does run out when we come by, but goes right back in again, just like you told him to. He is being very brave and I praise him for that. Thank you so much again, Sky!

Karen A., CO

As soon as Sky connected with my cat, Mira, I knew Sky was ‘ the real deal! ‘

We did the session on Skype and I’d tilted the computer screen to show Sky that Mira was lying beside me in the bedroom as we began the session, but there was no way she could’ve seen Mira jump down and leave the room. The first thing Sky told me was that Mira had asked if she needed to return to the bedroom! So I knew immediately that Sky was truly hearing Mira’s thoughts. It is an astonishing experience to realize you can ask whatever you want and Sky can act as intermediary. Not only is Sky adept at animal communication, she also is an excellent mediator when compromises are required, and has excellent suggestions regarding what new behaviors to implement. Sky handled each behavior issue with the utmost respect, compassion, and efficiency. Sky does not waste time; she gets straight to the point. I was pleasantly surprised at how much we covered in a relatively short time. Bottom line, if you are wondering which animal communicator to choose, and you have found yourself on Sky’s webpages……call her! I can promise you ‘ the real deal!

Laurel E., CO

Thank you so much for the reading with our cat at the fair in Denver, CO. It was truly amazing because when we came home we found him drinking and eating and told him small amounts like you told us and to rest in between — and he is doing it! We are playing with him and he loves it. We keep telling him that he is handsome and that we love him. Thanks again!

Zach M., CO

We just wanted to give you a quick update of some amazing things that have happened in just the short time since my communication session. First, Bentley, my Great Dane, has seemed a little more relaxed (for him). He hasn’t had one accident inside since Friday! Today we did the vet visit. He has always gotten so nervous in the car that he even poops! I talked to him, envisioned a smooth ride and . . . I couldn’t believe it — you told him he could lie down and he LAID DOWN! He didn’t poop either! He did great!

When we talked to my dog Bella, who crossed to Spirit two weeks ago, she said I was supposed to look for white, downy feathers. While I was talking with the vet tech in the exam room, a down feather floated down right in front of my face and I was distracted because I instantly knew it was Bella! Thanks for opening my eyes and helping me find the tools to know how to identify the messages from my angel doggie, and putting my mind at ease in knowing I am never alone! Thanks for helping my dog that’s alive with his anxiety and nervous bowels! So so grateful for that too! Can’t thank you enough for sharing your talents!!

Blayr M., NE

Oh My Goodness ! Couldn’t wait to share this with you. Mittens, my cat, was awesome this evening! First of all, shortly after you spoke with Mittens about coming out of Mom’s room, some friends of Mom’s stopped over for a little holiday celebration and Mittens came out of mom’s bedroom and totally socialized!! Secondly, after you told her that it was not OK to pace and hiss when it was dinner time… she sat very quietly and waited – just like you asked her to!!!!! So I fed her first as promised. Then, this morning (I thought maybe she would have forgotten the new plan) she sat quietly waiting for breakfast and this evening for dinner the same thing with just a soft meow added to the mix !!!!!!!!! I LOVE that she clearly and almost immediately tries everything we/you have suggested to her. Incredible !!! Mittens is one smart cat!! And clearly, in my opinion anyway, is eager to learn. As you say, ya can’t make this stuff up. Thanks so much!

Liria B., FL

I am sending you a huge thanks because I owe it to you that my cat Goddess has not scratched my new leather furniture. She had clawed up and destroyed my old fabric sofa and I was afraid she claw up my new sofa too. A few months ago in my communication session, you explained to to Goddess that she should use the scratching post, not the sofa and that if she wanted to “mark” the new sofa, she should rub her cheek on it. I pictured Goddess rubbing her cheeks all over it if she wanted. The next day my sofa and chair was delivered. As Goddess approached the sofa arm, she rubbed her cheek on it. I just about fell over! When I returned from work, the furniture was unmarked and all she has done since is rub her cheek on the corners. Thank you Sky, for teaching me how to communicate with my cat. After suffering through clawed up furniture all my life, this is just a remarkable experience!

Charmaine C., CO

I have a search and rescue dog, Kali. I’d recently switched her from searching for live victims to searching for deceased victims – but she seemed to be confused. She told Sky that I was using the same command for deceased person searches as for live person searches – so she didn’t know what to do. I agreed to change the command and Kali said she understood what she was supposed to do now. Two days later we were deployed for a search of a collapsed building where one worker was unaccounted for. Kali was clear about signaling the victim’s location. The victim was located one hundred and fifty feet further down from where Kali indicated on the surface, under three stories of debris. Kali was so focused! She made me proud!

Jane S., MD

You talked to my cat Elliot about being nice to the vet tech when he goes in for his shots for his pancreatitis. First he said ‘no’, but then he agreed to try it just once, if it would make things go faster. He went to the vet on Saturday and was back out to me in only ten minutes. The vet tech said Elliot didn’t even need to be restrained. He just sat there and let them do what they needed to do. I told them about Sky’s conversation with Elliot and they were amazed.

Cindy T., TX

Since Sky talked to my cats, harmony has been restored to my home! I am so blessed I found Sky. I always refer people to Sky when they are having trouble with their pets. She is truly gifted!

Kelly S., NJ

I have felt from the beginning of my dog Bridge’s and my relationship that a puzzle piece was missing. I want you to know that since Sky talked to her, something has shifted in a small but significant way. Bridge ‘hears’ me differently since Sky talked to her – I can see it in her eyes. I sincerely appreciate your gift and your sharing !

— Carla C., CO

Thank you for being that missing link. You removed the mystery that caused my frustration with my horse. My patience was exhausted and I was prepared to face the idea that we might not be able to get along together. Your abilities helped us to open our hearts and start with a clean slate. I have a better understanding of my horse and expect us to continue to move in a positive direction together, now. What a wonderful gift you offer and the impact it had, is greater than I ever imagined it could be!

Kerry M., NJ

I wish I could find the words to express our appreciation for helping us and our ‘Tremendous Trio’ of dogs. Our hearts are just broken that our rescue dog, Booker, is still worried. I’m glad we could tell him that we love him unconditionally and that this is his forever home. If he uses the doggy door, great. If he never uses it, we could care less. I hope we put his mind and his heart at ease about his past too!! Our other dog, Schroeder, who had been nipping my husband, listened!! No biting Dad last night, Thank you Sky!

Wendy S., NE

My dog Rosemary has been peeing inside. She’s an older dog so she should know better. Sky asked her why she keeps peeing inside instead of going out the doggie door into the backyard. Turns out Rosemary is afraid of the dark so we set it up so the indoor and outdoor light would come on automatically at night. So far no more peeing!! I have cameras on the doggie door and have noted when she’s gone out. Thanks Sky!

Susie F., CO

Sky was able to help us navigate a tremendously difficult and emotional situation. Some time after after having lost two of our four precious cats within three months of each other, we decided to bring another cat, Cal, into the family. Cal was a very sweet, fun loving cat that brought much playful energy back into our home. However, he was a bit of a bully and as he got more comfortable, he became more aggressive. It finally became a concern and I knew we had to reach out to someone. Luckily, that someone turned out to be Sky, whom I was drawn to through a website profile. Sky communicated with all the cats and we found that they were indeed extremely stressed – especially Tex who had definitely regressed since Cal’s arrival. With Sky’s help, we realized that this situation was not one that was going to work out for any of the cats. It was incredibly heartbreaking to take Cal back to the shelter. In fact, I still think of him every day. Yet, the difference in the other cats was immediate! Sky gave us the information we so needed to make the right decision for the well-being of all involved… and that is priceless.”

Alex K., IL

Thank you so much for the wonderful session, Sky. I wanted to let you know that our dog JuJu’s mother was killed, as she told you. My husband remembered they mentioned that at the shelter. My daughter came over tonight and usually the dogs jump all over her, but I reminded them to keep all four feet on the floor, as you told them and they were both much more calm. Again, thank you so much. I’m sure we’ll be talking again.

Shirley C., CO

Sky worked with my dogs for the first time today. I was amazed with her accuracy. The things she said made so much sense. Several of the things she “saw” were things I have noticed but perhaps not labeled as clearly. I have 2 dogs and noticed changes in both almost immediately after our session. One, who was unsure with the newer dog, was more relaxed and joyous in his play after the communication session. He told Sky he needed some one-on-one snuggle time with me, which I noticed a day or two ago but didn’t consciously make a note of. We talked to the newer dog about his habit of snacking out of the cat litter box. Within an hour of the session with Sky, I noticed that he had obviously taken a poop out and then left it on the floor. As if he either changed his mind or wanted to show me he was being good. Pretty amazing. Sky also referred me to a resource to help me better train my dogs. Really appreciated. I would definitely use Sky again in the future should I need more communication help and will gladly recommend her to friends. I am 100% satisfied with the reading and help I received. I also found her pricing very reasonable.

Gautama K., NM

Sky was so helpful in working with our two older cats, Chloe and Midnight to accept our new kitten, Milo, into the family. Before we contacted Sky, the two older cats would not leave the bedroom for over a week, except when Milo was locked in his room and they were very unhappy with us. Sky helped them voice their feelings, suggested to them that they could try to get along, and explained that Milo needed a home. Midnight and Chloe finally left the bedroom and actually tolerated Milo after that.

Sky told us that Chloe said that she is the ‘Queen’ of the house, which floored me; as I had been telling her just that ever since Milo showed up! Sky suggested to Milo that he try to just sit quietly near the others, as running around them was annoying. It worked – he started doing it right away. Sky also suggested that the other two could tone down the hissing to ‘just a little bit’ and they did. Things have only gotten better since then.

Sky was able to pick up on each of the cat’s personalities accurately. Sky’s suggestions for our behavior changes were helpful as well. We now have a happy, harmonious home with all three kitties!

Kelli R., CO

It was lovely to talk to all my animals, especially my much loved 19 1/2 year old soul sister cat in Spirit. Sky talked to my living cats about not darting out the door. I think it really helped. Not instantly, but with reinforcement it’s been a good & very noticeable improvement. Not something I could have achieved alone. It was magic to hear their little characters in real voice. I feel they were fully aware what was going on too. Thanks so much Sky! Love from us all.

Lynn M., UK

I am so incredibly happy to tell you that our dog, Max — who you talked to recently, has finally come up the stairs. I have been sleeping with him in the basement while my family and I paint my room and today we finished. As sad as I was to leave him down there, I figured we would be returning to our normal routine. However, this afternoon, he was acting more restless than normal. We let him into our backyard while we ate lunch and he got a run up and came up all 20 or so stairs for the first time in weeks! We are so happy to have him back in our more active life upstairs, I can’t thank you enough for helping shed some light on the situation and giving us a way to make his temporary living arrangements more comfortable. We wanted to say thank you for your services!

Reagan M, IA

Thank you so much for communicating with my indoor/outdoor cats Mouse & Bear at the Fair (in Leeds, UK) to try to find ways to help Mouse to temper her excitement and play nice with Bear. I did as suggested when I got home and put some toys in the garden for Mouse to focus on instead of Bear. It worked! Bear has been chasing Mouse round the garden, not the other way round which is what usually happens! Mouse has been venting her exuberance on the toys. I’m soooo pleased with Mouse for making the effort, and it seems to be paying off because Bear is obviously playing with her. I’ve not heard any hissing or yowling since the weekend either. I’m really grateful because I’m sure if nothing had changed, Bear would have had enough and left home. They do seem much happier now, although I know they would like me to be at home more. I’m working on that one. Thank you again for helping us find what looks like it could well be the solution!

Danielle G., UK

With only one session of communicating with Sky, my dog Rhett actually came and got me to go outside, rather than going potty in the house. He has a new sleeping arrangement, which he loves and so far we have not had a potty issue. Thank you Sky!

Michelle M., CO

Thank you so much Sky for talking with my dog, Roscoe and me! It was amazing to be able to hear about what his life was like before I adopted him. Some of the details you explained make it so much easier to understand some of his behavior and anxiety around certain things and situations. We have been using the Rescue Remedy for his stress and it has worked wonders. No more pacing around the house when he’s nervous or finding a corner to hide in. Just being able to understand a little bit better how he feels and thinks about certain situations has made a world of difference. Thank you so much for all that you do!

Jill C., FL

I had an appointment with Sky today because I have 2 dogs that were ruthlessly trying to kill each other. I can’t even count all the times I have been bitten due to their fighting. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect and I was skeptical that anyone could really communicate with animals. But, I was desperate. Sky seemed to know things about my animals that no one else could have known. I had only told her their names and what the problem was. But, she knew their personalities and how those personalities developed into the problems we have been having. I am eager to test the promises she got them to make. Sky, I apologize for having doubted you. You are the real deal. I will be booking another appointment to have further communication with every one of the pack. Thank you!

Melissa R., CO

Sky communicated with my cats a couple of years ago. We talked to Steinway about his years of fear and aloofness with my husband. We saw such a change in Steinway after Sky communicated with him — he actually befriended my husband! We still talk about it. Steinway even comes and lays on my husband’s lap now. Love it!

Cindy W., CA

Sky talked to my dog, Mickey, a couple weeks ago. He is doing SO well! The aggressive episodes have all but disappeared, and the harmony here at home is SO much better. What a difference understanding Mickey’s triggers for his deep seated aggression has made. Thanks again!

Ellen Z., CO

We found Sky as a referral of a friend. She called exactly on time and we talked for about 40 minutes halfway across the planet — though the cat was under the bed. While I had a sense of the problem and could have guessed my way to a solution, Sky delivered a conversation with Buud (our cat) which made things clear. We are appreciative of the interaction with Sky, the Budster and ourselves and recommend Sky. After all, the proof is in the pudding so to speak. All is now well on the home front here with Mr. Buud, the cat box issue and a revitalized communications with our feline friend, who we were told considers himself an equal in the family!

Alexis added: Sky talked to Buud about having bitten me twice. Buud told me that the best thing was for him to approach me — and made suggestions about how he wanted to be petted. Since we talked, Buud is sooo much more affectionate to me! He even jumped up on my lap and curled up and that was a first!

Jim & Alexis, AZ

My male cat, Beau, whom I’ve had since he was 8 weeks old and who is now 11 years old, attacked me when I was freaking out about garbage spilling in my kitchen. It was shocking and ended up being a severe bite which required medical attention. I believe there are people in this world that have been blessed with a special gift of being able to communicate with animals and Sky is one of those people. After communicating with Beau, Sky was able to help me understand what was going on with him. It was truly insightful and I highly recommend her if you want to know what is going on with you pet.

Martha F., CO.

I had a reading with Sky at the fair in Nantwich (UK) today. Sky asked my cat Cocoa to sit halfway down the stairs and to be brave. Although the idea was to do this when strangers were in the house, Cocoa was sat halfway down the stairs when I came in today. Nutmeg was asked not to demand so much food and hasn’t — to the point where she played while I was eating rather than sitting over me, begging for food. Treats were handed out, because they were doing what was asked. I am amazed that my cats have responded so well. Thank you for today!

Carolyn C., UK

I would like to thank you again! My cat Floyd is doing much better . . . using the litter box and being more social!! She started to come and sleep with me again, too!! None of those things were happening before you spoke to Floyd. Thank you so much!

Judy L., CO

Sky, thank you so much! I have changed up the cats’ food according to what they told you. I have SUPER HAPPY kitties again! Yea! Madara has even been licking me again and Isabella is purring instead of yelling (mostly). They seem to be much happier with their food and sleeping better too. Thank you SO much, Sky.

Kathleen L., KS

Thank you, Sky, for the insight into our dog Rupert’s issues. I can honestly say it’s already helped! Things have already improved! We went for a walk at noon and it was a nice relaxed walk. Before you talked to Rupert, he was always tense and jumpy. He was almost a normal dog! On the walk, we passed a house where our neighbor suddenly came out on his driveway. Rupert lunged and barked at the neighbor — his typical reaction to people. I told him it was OK, as you suggested. Shortly thereafter, Rupert stopped barking and lunging. Amazing! My husband, Dan, woke up following his nap after working the night shift at the hospital. Rupert heard Dan stirring in the bedroom and started growling. Dan announced himself to Rupert (as you suggested), but the dog growled a little more. You’d told Rupert to “check with Judy if he was concerned.” Rupert looked up at me and I told Rupert that it was just Dan and it’s OK. Rupert just closed his eyes and went back to sleep. It was astounding! Love it! Bless you and thank you!

Judy B., FL

Years ago, you helped me with my rescue dog, Mumford, and he made a miraculous improvement in his behavior after our communication session. Today you really helped me understand more about my new rescue dog, Winston and how to work with him in the most comfortable way for him. Thank you, Sky!

Kristen M., CO

Thank you so much for talking to our dog, Winnie, today! I had so much fun!

I gotta tell you…I had my office door closed during the communication session. When we were done talking to Winnie, instead of scratching the door, as she usually does, she went over and sat by the door till I was ready to open it — just like you told her to! We went on a walk after the session and Winnie did really, really well. She was still very distracted but she didn’t eat anything! I think Winnie sniffed every grass, leaf, stick, and rock that we walked past but nothing went in her mouth — just like you told her to do. Whew! Thank you again for your time, advice, and perspective! You don’t know how much I Appreciate YOU!!!

Stacielynn M., NM

My dog Priscilla, who was biting my other dog, Chloe, is a WHOLE different dog after talking to Sky! Chloe is so full of love and kisses and is blossoming! It's wonderful - thank you so much!

Linda L., NJ

The last time you spoke to my cat Dexter you suggested he just growl, rather than bite or scratch, when he goes to the vet. You told him this a year ago. Today he went for his annual exam - they usually have to sedate him, but this time they didn't. He didn't bite or scratch, he only growled! Very cool

Liria B., FL

Harmony has been restored in my home since you talked to my cats. Charlie hasn’t gotten on my bed or couch as requested. It is amazing how Charlie is responding about not getting on the bed! He is now using his litter box appropriately too, thank goodness! How you do what you do, I don't know, but I am so glad you do it! Thank you for everything!

Kelly S., NJ

Sky — you have been the hugest help with my dog, Ravyn! I got her from the Humane Society last June (2015) when she was probably 10 months old, and we had two sessions with you fairly soon after I first got her. The biggest issue I had was with Ravyn going potty in the house some of the time. My ex- roommate had two dogs who had gone potty in the second bedroom when they lived there, and that was, of course, where Ravyn chose to go, especially during the night. Within a month, with your help, Ravyn was going outside all of the time. She never went in the house again! You have helped Ravyn with every issue that has come up. We are still working on a thing or two, but, without you, I would not be making the wonderful headway I am.

Deborah B., AZ

Recently Sky communicated with our dog, Roxie, who is a Rottweiler. We just wanted to make sure things were okay for her. There were also a couple of behavior issues to work on. One was that Roxie is always in a hurry to eat and would nudge you down the stairs, almost making you fall. When Sky talked to Roxie, Roxie understood that nudging was a problem for those of us with two feet — we didn't have the balance she had with four feet! Sky asked Roxie to sit and wait — not to nudge — when it was time to eat. Since Sky asked Roxie to do this, she sits and waits. The second issue was that when Roxie saw her harness, which she wears outside for walks, she just went happy crazy and we couldn't put her harness on. Sky worked out a plan with Roxie. Yesterday I got out Roxie's harness and she walked over to where I sit to put it on, as Sky suggested to her. Roxie just sat down and let me put her harness on! No dancing or jumping. Made my day! So there will be more walks in Roxie’s future!

Tina C., CO

My cat Jake has had a great week since Sky spoke with him. After Sky talked to him, he ate half of what I put out for him. I knew he understood from what you explained that he had to eat to get better. He gained five ounces in six days! Your gift is amazing and I wanted you to know how much good you are doing for all of us you touch.

Ann D., FL

AMAZING!!! Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Marley, has definitely turned the corner! You talked to Marley about not barking when we had out of town guests or barking when he’s out in the yard. One guest arrived yesterday and Marley didn't bark — at any time. Another arrived late last night. Marley didn't bark even one time, then or this morning. Marley has been barking a lot less when he goes out to the back yard and sometimes not at all. Thank you so much for all the help. The day that our friend told us about you was our lucky day!

Betty S., CO

“Pets understand humans better than humans do.” — Ruchi Prabh