Living Animals Testimonials

Sky’s Testimonials

Thank you so much – I enjoyed our time speaking with my dogs tremendously. It is very gratifying to speak to each of my dogs and learn that they truly enjoy their respective jobs as search and rescue service dogs. It is truly awesome communicating with my crew!

Julie P., FL

Some Testimonial from Clients I have Helped

I had the pleasure of talking with Sky yesterday regarding my 3 cats. As Sky connected with each cat, they would come over to where I was laying down. It’s as if they knew what was happening – which I am sure they did! To hear sky give me the description of each cat gave themselves, I could not have done a better job myself. It was a great reading! I would recommend Sky for any animal communication issues from both living animals and on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Her rates are more than fair and she makes it easy to pay.

Charlotte K., OR

Thank you so much, Sky! I really enjoyed working with you. The session was very insightful and confirmed, in much greater detail, what I had been feeling all along about my cat, Chiara. Thank you for being our intermediary. Chiara and I have been very attentive to each other since the session. I have the feeling that she is a bit relieved about the conversation. We had animal communication some years ago, but yours was the best animal communication I've ever had, by far. Thank you once again for everything!

Sabine S., Austria

Thanks for the amazing reading of all the critters I care for. It has been reallygreat information to have. Kitcat, one of the wild cats, even gave me three little kisses on my hand within a day of the reading. Very sweet. I think Molly the fish feels a little bettertoo. I think it helps the animals to feel heard, understood and cared for. -- Joan D., OR I contacted Sky at the recommendation of a friend because I was butting heads with my cat who wakes me up at ungodly hours in the morning and leaves me sleep deprived during the day. I also needed to communicate to my cat that we were moving soon and we were going to be living with two dogs. The responses that my cat and the dogs transmitted to Sky made total sense and gave accurate reads on their personalities andtheir perspectives. I would definitely recommend Sky to anyone who needs to connect with their pet. I will also be a repeat client as I believe Sky approaches the situations from a non-judgmental, compassionate and heartcentered space. Sky has a lovely gift. Do yourself a favor and experience the gem of a gift it truly is!

Simone S.J. (CO)

Sky provided so much insight into the hearts and minds of my three cats and my dog. Sky talked to each one in turn and was able to convey exactly how each one is feeling. It was particularly interesting to hear how my pets feel about each other and whether they wanted another cat friend. For different reasons, each said claws down to adding another cat, so I am moving forward knowing they have what they need and want. I will certainly be back in touch with Sky when the future brings new questions.

Sarah R., CO

I wanted to thank you again for talking to my pups, especially my foster, Will. You talked to him about the long car ride to his forever home. He travelled like a champ from Colorado to Arizona and appears to be settling in. Your gift is truly amazing.

Michelle K., CO

I was having a hard time deciding where to board my horse and I wanted to get his approval for a move, so I contacted Sky. When we talked about the options she was spot on with the issues I was facing. I feel the decision I made was the best option for now and Sky gave both me and my horse peace with that. I felt such a warm and comforting feeling during our session with Sky. I will be reaching out later to have another session to talk about other topics not discussed in this session. Thank you so much!

Jennifer C-B., CO

A few months after adopting our blind and deaf puppy I was concerned about her happiness, if her needs were being met and if we needed to change anything. We reached out to Sky. Sky provided us with insight and direction on our dog's needs and personality. Sky helped my dog understand some things she wasn't quite understanding before. I've seen noticeable growth in our dog since Sky talked to her and I feel like my dog really appreciated the communication. This session helped bridge our understanding of each other and I now feel more connected to my dog. Sky is special, and I am thankful I found her services. I look forward to working with Sky in the future.

Taylor W., MT

My session with Sky helped give me insight as to what my senior kitty, Superman, is thinking & feeling. A lot of the session was humorous, because it seems that my cat has some very strong opinions, especially about the neighbor's cat. Sky was also able to convey to Superman my upcoming travel plans too. I enjoyed hearing my cat's thoughts on a lot of topics thanks to Sky. Most of all, it warmed my heart to know he understands he is a very important part of my life.

Susie N., CA

We have 2 cats, a dog, and 4 people who live in our home. In a matter of 55 minutes, I learned so much about all of the animals. Including: health/age-related issues, how the animals feel about my family and each other (for better AND worse!) More specifically, I learned about how 2 of the animals feel about supporting our daughter with her emotional challenges. Learning what I learned and sharing that with our other family members has allowed all of us to understand and appreciate each of our animals so much more than we already did AND I have a direction and some insight on some of their health and age-related issues. I’m endlessly glad I did this communication session! Sky is wonderful and a gift!

Genevieve E., AZ

I was referred to Sky through a close friend who had used Sky animal communication services in the past. I was very pleased with our session. Sky definitely was able to capture the mannerisms, actions, and personalities of my pets. It was wonderful to be able to validate their feelings and answer some questions that I had. I highly recommend Sky!!

Kelly S., NC

Sky has such kindness and warmth in her heart.  I contacted her to ask about my two year old pit bull mix, Dexter.  He is a rescue and I wanted to find out more about his background as well as about his health.  Sky immediately told me what a sweet and nice dog Dexter is.  She was able to solve a few mysteries for me by speaking with Dexter.  I was very touched by this session and would highly recommend Sky for a reading about your beloved pet.

Carrie K., NY

Thank you for the communication session yesterday with our cats, Leo and Midnight.  I learned from you different ways of speaking and relating to them, which should be effective, and different ways to think about what’s happening with them.  Thank you again!

Richard L., MA

I really enjoyed our communication session today and I believe that my kitties did as well.  I am working to incorporate what we learned.  I will keep in touch about their progress.  Thanks so much for a wonderful session helping me to better understand my kitties needs and desires!

Mimi T., CO

My 5 year old dog has always been very vocal especially when I have guests over. I knew she was trying to tell me something, but I never knew exactly what she was trying to say until my appointment with Sky. Everything Sky communicated to me was spot on and it was so cool to see Bentley's personality show through the conversation with Sky. It made me feel closer to Bentley and I left with lots of new information and ideas to try to help Bentley.

Kathryn F. VT

Talking with Sky helped me so much to understand why my cat Bosco suddenly stopped being affectionate. Before I spoke with Sky, I felt slightly ridiculous about the whole animal communication process but Sky was so easy to talk to and immediately said things that assured me she had Bosco's energy. I quickly relaxed and the experience gave me great insight into Bosco's way of seeing things.

Carol H., FL

Thank you so much for today’s session with my dog, Lily! She seems happier now that we’ve all had a conversation together. I’m going to keep an eye on her teeth and ears as directed and I’ll be spending more time with her so she should like that! I will certainly keep in touch! We really need and appreciate you! Hugs from me and Lily!

Sharon H., FL

Thank you so much for your insight during our session. There are definitely some things I’m going to try. I want my rescue dog to have the very best life that she can have. Thank you so much for your help with that. I really enjoyed talking with you. I’ll get in touch with you if I come up with any more thoughts or questions.

Kathy L., PA

I have told a few friends with animal behaviour issues about you. You definitely helped our family. The cats are now friends and together all the time now. And I have the pigs on a herbal joint supplement for their stiffness. Thank you for everything!

Sarah J., CO

This was my first experience having a session with Sky to talk to my cats and it blew my mind. We spoke about some behavior and health issues, and even made sure they like their toys, their food, etc. The way the cats reacted when we were in the session was beyond amazing! How they reacted to the energy of communication, how they were looking at me during the session, I can’t even describe it! All this is thanks to Sky’s gifts that she shares with the world. If you ever want to communicate to your furry babies, don’t hesitate to contact Sky. Your mind and heart will explode with excitement!

Karla E., CA

I want to thank you, Sky, for the very helpful session with my dog Coco. I was touched by your ability to make contact with Coco and explain what is going on in a calm, loving way. Coco seemed to feel comfortable with you, too, and was able to convey her feelings to me. It was a very sweet conversation. I learned about her past before coming to me via the shelter and I feel grateful to know she is happy now and feels safe and loved.

Nancy H., CO

Thank you for a wonderful session with my daughter and her horse, Auddie. My daughter found it very helpful and thought you were spot on with everything you said. We are grateful for your intuition, advice and access to a way of communicating with Auddie that otherwise can feel illusive. We could feel your care and concern for both my daughter and her horse.

Jessica S., CO

I heard about Sky from my stepmom, who recently passed away. Now I have three of her pets -- a dog, a cat, and a parrot! I instantly trusted her and felt comfortable with her. Sky knew information before I told her anything, just by asking my dog what he thought was going on! Our first appointment convinced me that Sky was amazing at what she does. I've told so many people about her already and will continue to do so.
If you have any doubts about booking with her, don't! You won't regret it! Thank you Sky!

Feyza D., NJ

Sky provides the perfect bridge between you and your animal. Feelings, likes and dislikes, health issues, and behaviors are communicated and therefore can be better understood. Sky is the real deal! She talked about things our little stray cat, Buddy had told her that she had no way of knowing, and she helped us understand a health issue he was having . Buddy was a changed cat after our session: calmer and somehow more connected to us. I will definitely contact Sky again in the future. She not only gets the job done, but the whole experience is a lot of fun!

Mary Clare B., MN

My new horse, Crow, seemed to be contemplating a little different mindset after my communication session with Sky today. He's been pretty pushy and resistant to leading before Sky's chat with him, but today after Sky talked to him, he was mirroring me and reading my body language quite well. He was relaxed and was processing what we did without thinking he needed to eat me or nibble on me. I always enjoy our conversations, Sky. Thank you for what you do!

Katlyn K., CO

I thought my communication session with Sky was just wonderful. It was so nice to be able to "talk" with my daughter's dog (with my daughter’s permission) who was displaying bad behaviour, particularly with the other dog in the house, after the arrival of the new baby. Sky was professional, thoughtful and always showed great integrity. Through the things she said, it was obvious that Sky was connecting to the dog. Her genuine interest in animals and their humans is so obvious, and she took care to make everyone feel at ease. I felt a better understanding of the dog's perspective and Sky has given us pointers on how to reduce the possibility of conflicts. In fact, I was so impressed that I have booked another session to "talk" with my own dog. I would highly recommend Sky!

Claire M., NC

My conversation with Sky was one of incredible sweetness. She talked with my cat, Lumi, and we had such a great time talking to Lumi together. Sky gave me incredible insight into Lumi's feelings, the deep bond we share, and how to be a better human companion, all with humor and sweetness. Sky helped me ask the right questions and brought me so much clarity and peace of mind by lending herself to allow me to communicate directly with Lumi. Sky’s ability to share messages and the essence of the animal's spirit is incredible. What a gift. Thank you again, Sky!

Tigerlily L., NY

Sky, I want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed our talk with my dog, Waylon and you helped me to understand a lot of issues that he came to me with. Thanks to you I now have a much clearer idea of these issues and how it affects his life with me. I will take this new knowledge and remember it every day! Thanks again!

Kathy B., CA

I am so happy and grateful to have been connected with Sky; now that I know about her I wish I could have found her sooner! She was able to answer questions I have had about my relationship to Noori, his purpose here, and what else I could do to better our relationship and his experience. I feel so much more at ease with him, knowing that he is happy and healthy, and our relationship has strengthened even more since. I am able to see him even more deeply and in a fuller light now. I will be telling all of my loved ones with animal friends about Sky!

Meg G., NC

I am so thankful to have met Sky! Sky helped me and my two 10-year-old litter-mate male tiger/tabby rescues and the tiny long-haired chihuahua 5 year-old female puppy mill survivor I adopted. Viola, the chihuahua, had a very sad and stressful life and Sky provided deep insight and caring comments to make her transition to her new life with me a smooth one. Besides the detailed info on what Viola can handle and what she needs now to start relaxing, Sky eloquently shared the emotions of all three of my fur-babies. I’m so happy to have a better understanding of the characters of my cats and our new dog and feel that I know them all significantly better after ‘receiving’ their feelings and thoughts. Looking forward to talking to you again!

Cynthia R., CO.

The communication session with Sky and my dog, Bella, was nothing short of remarkable. I wanted Bella to know that there was a big change coming up, and she would be spending a lot more time alone while I went to my new job. Sky explained everything to Bella with compassion and gave Bella a voice. Of course, my sweet girl didn’t want me to worry about her. I laughed and cried while Sky “translated” what Bella had to say to me. We will contact Sky again for a follow up session. Many of my friends asked for Sky’s information for their pets. We are all amazed. Thank you, Sky!

Kerry G., CA.

Sky, you’ve done three readings total for me (for 2 cats and my 3 dogs.) Every time you’ve shared wonderful information with me from them that helps me to understand them better, as well as sharing information with them to help them know they are loved & are safe with me! All of our lives together have always been happier & much improved after we have our little furry family meetings. It’s amazing & I’m truly thankful for your abilities & your willingness to help all of us! Thank you so much!!!

Sheri A., CA.

Being able to communicate with my horse Raiana is a blessing and I am so grateful to Sky. Sky’s love of animals and her natural ability to communicate with them is a divine gift, she graciously shares to make a positive impact for all God’s creatures!

Vickie M., CO.

I had a great experience talking to my cat, Jerry, through Sky. Sky was so in tune with him and seemed to know him so well, even though Sky has never met him! His personality came right through and it was amazing that Sky only had a photo of him. It was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone with a pet!

Christina D., PA.

It is such a special experience in life to have the level of communication with the animals I love through a session with Sky. It is also validating, that some of my intuitions about my animals are right on track, though they lack the details and specificity that Sky achieves with her skills in animal communication. Thanks again!

Jean V., CA

I want to tell you, Sky, how very helpful it was to have you talk to our dogs during our recent 12 day vacation. Before we left, you explained to all of the dogs that we would be gone and when we would return. You explained to them who would be caring for them and how it was going to work while I was gone. It was a great help! I believe the most important part however was that you talked to the dogs twice while we were abroad and emailed us after you talked to them to let us know how they were doing. This was such a help for the dogs – and for us! I had not had this pet sitter care for my dogs before, so being able to check in and know that the dogs were being fed and were safe and that they understood I was going to come home was a big relief. Thank you for your wonderful help with the 4 legged ones in our family and the 2 legged ones too!

Donetta Z., CO

I just wanted to say it was great to be able to experience your work, Sky. It was wonderful – just so informative and fun! We’re definitely planning on another session now!

Johanna K., PA

I felt that the communication Sky did with my dog was very helpful. Especially the information to let my dog Kobe know when I would return, if I am going to be gone for any length of time. I have also been sensing that I need to be home more with just Kobe and I. He actually smiles more when we are home alone and you confirmed that with the information that Kobe wanted me to know about. Sky picked up information that I did not share with her and told me in a frank manner what Kobe wanted to tell me. Some information was a surprise that I didn’t expect yet I know it to be very true from my heart. It matched the mannerisms of my dog. Sky was so correct in saying that our connection would be strengthened and deepened after the communication. It also helped me understand and know that we really are in touch with each other. Thank you, Sky, for connecting into your talent. You do great work and I hope that this testimonial helps you with more referrals!!

Denise V. W., CO

Please know how grateful we are for your insights, help and healing with our relationship with our sweet dog, Luna.

Nancy N., NJ

I had a reading with Sky concerning three of my beloved animals. The accuracy of the information she provided was nothing short of remarkable. Sky pinpointed health issues, personality traits and confirmed information only known to me and my family. Sky also provided useful actions, remedies and strategies we could employ immediately to strengthen our animals’ health and wellbeing. Sky was a delight to work with and I’ve already recommended her to close friends who have the need for an animal communicator. Thank God for Sky and her truly amazing gift!

Ellen A., AZ

I have a feral cat who has lived in my yard, and on my covered back porch for almost 11 years. I had many questions about things he did, and did not do, and why. I also wanted to give him some suggestions; and encourage him to try out the pet carrier for a vet visit for his painful teeth. I also have an indoor cat who goes out on a harness with a light rope. She treats my feral cat with disdain, and we asked about that. Sky gave both cats some suggestions; and the very next morning; they both did exactly what was suggested. I am a believer in Sky’s abilities! I will contact her again soon for winter questions. Thank you so much, Sky.

Diana K., CO

Sky, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to speak with Sugar, one of the dogs I’m fostering for our rescue, and feel that your communication opened a door, so to speak. We can now begin to move toward the future for Sugar. After we spoke on Sunday night I observed a visible change in her body posture/language. I gave her a small toy and for the first time since coming here, she played with me and the toy. What a breakthrough!

Janeal D., NE

My dog Zeus and I really enjoyed talking with you and we look forward to talking to you again. Thank you so much for doing what you do! It has really helped us understand more about Zeus.

Sara B., CO.

As an am an animal communicator myself, I know how much our animals want us to hear their voice and recognize them as our dearest and most devoted companions. I know my animals better than anyone, but my emotional connection can sometimes cloud the message. When that happens, I ask for the services of other animal communicators. Sky responded to my request and has cleared up much of the problems that my beloved horse, Hemi, is experiencing.

If you are having problems or if you simply want a closer relationship with your animal companion, I highly recommend you call Sky Heartsong.

Paddy H., Canada

Thank you for being such an Angel in my life, Sky. My animals are my babies – thank you for being such a loving friend to them. I so appreciate that you have given them a voice, so I may hear them. I also appreciate that you are helping us live together in peace and love!

Chris M., NJ.

I have met with Sky Heartsong twice and have enjoyed both experiences. She truly has a gift of communicating with animals. Sky has a pleasing personality, a great sense of humor and uses her special gifts very responsibly. Through her communication with my cat, Maggie, I was able to understand more about Maggie’s past and how that still affects her life with me today. It has helped me make our lives together better. You think you’re taking good care of your animal companion, but it’s a blessing to hear it through Sky right from the source. Maggie told Sky that she knew she was loved and there wasn’t anything I could do to make her any happier. It doesn’t get any better than that. Sky Heartsong has enriched my life with Maggie. She can do the same with the precious animal in your life, too.

Linda S., CO.

Thank you Sky for the wonderful session with our rescue cat Lucky. It was touching to realize how much she was holding on to old trauma and fear from her time of being homeless. We really appreciated being able to communicate to her that we will keep her safe and never get rid of her like her previous guardians did. Now that we understand Lucky better, we love and respect her even more that we did before (which was a lot)!

Leslie H., AZ

I really enjoyed Sky’s reading for my 2 horses. Sky was very accurate and told me things I did know and didn’t know about the boys . The things I didn’t know I had an idea that they might be happening . She helped me understand them better and they know how I’m feeling and my love for them. I would recommend Sky to everyone wanting to learn more about their animals.

Susan F., CO

I’m so grateful for Sky’s help in working with me, and my recently acquired horse, during a challenging transition. We had an extended & interactive conversation between the three of us, trying to sort out emotions and issues of concern for me and my mare. We discussed the pros & cons of moving forward with our partnership vs looking for a more suitable home, and identified what cooperation would be needed to form a “team”. Sky was able to fully understand & communicate all the issues and get them “on the table”, with compassion for both of us. Sky’s ability to scan my horse’s body for any physical discomfort was also helpful. There is now a warmth in my relationship with my horse that I believe is possible only because of the clarity that we found thru Sky. I highly recommend Sky – she’s now my go-to person for keeping in touch with my animals!

Mary Ann R., FL

Thank you so much for the wonderful communication session, Sky. It was beyond amazing. We’re so happy to know what motivates Charley and Ellie’s behavior. It means so much that they know how special they are to us and that we love them.

Pam C., CO.

You talked to me and my cats a few weeks ago. We talked to my Georgie, the 19 yr old cat about why she cries so much & the feral cats. It was very helpful. I thought your reading was right on. Thanks!

Shar M., AZ

It seems like my cat, Pino, has really taken what you said to heart. And I am trying to be more sensitive to her. Thank you so much Sky!

Shawnna D., CO

My husband and I were desperate to help our yellow lab, Honey. She came to us carrying a heavy load of abuse from her past homes. After one thirty minute conversation with Sky, Honey has calmed considerably. I really needed Honey to know that this is her forever home and my love is endless for her — Sky told her that. Honey seems very secure and happy now. We are very thankful that Sky was able to communicate this to Honey.

Tom and Bobbie E., CO

Sky talked to my horse, Cassie. It was amazing hearing what Cassie had to say. I was able to really understand Cassie a lot better and clear up some issues we were having. Everything Sky told me made total sense and fit Cassie’s quirky personality perfectly. I’ve felt so much more connected with Cassie since our conversation. Cassie has been so amazing since Sky talked to her, really focused on what I ask of her and happy to do it. I’ve started doing the trick training with Cassie (since she was very clear that’s what she wants to do) and she LOVES it. I’m grateful for all the things I learned and understand about Cassie from Sky’s communication with her! I’ll definitely be recommending Sky and talk to her in the future. Thank you so much, Sky!

Zoe V. B., AZ

Sky, thank you for helping me learn so much about my dogs . You’ve made me feel so much more confident in our care for them and our relationship. I appreciate how you not only could explain their physical needs, but also their feelings which are so important as well. Thank you!

Sage S., TX

I was thrilled with our communication session and will be referring more clients to you in the future. I truly appreciate your gift of communication with the animals.

Beth S., CO

Thanks for talking to my dog, Missy. The things Missy told you touched me greatly, especially her perception of our relationship, as we grow old together.

Doris., FL

I recently had a conversation with my two cats through Sky. It was a very worthwhile experience that I would recommend to anyone. I feel there is greater understanding between my cats and my two boys concerning our feelings toward each other, our desires about life, and some of our goals. I can see it in their eyes. An unexpected benefit that I received from the session was that it reinforced my faith that there are nonphysical ways in which we are connect to other sentient beings.

Joseph R., CO

I reached out to Sky to talk to my pup Grace after my other dog had crossed over. The two dogs were highly bonded, so I wanted to make sure Grace was OK. As soon as the session started, Grace came through loud and clear in her very distinct personality. I had a list of questions lined up from current concerns like her favorite activities to future ideas like moving out of state. Each

answer was exactly in Grace’s personality and voice and it really helped put my mind at ease with our current situation. Now I have all the answers I sought, and am content knowing my girl is happy and feels so much love. It’s hard to put into words how amazing this experience was. I will absolutely go back to Sky for future sessions.

Melissa M., OR

Communicating with my dog, Lilly, through Sky was an amazing experience. It was a comfort and relief to both of us to be able to understand each other better. Sky’s work is incredible!

Betsy O., PA

I wanted to give you a much overdue update on Daisy who was a dog we were fostering last spring. You did a reading with Daisy and she described her ideal home… we were able to find that for her. She was able to come off all her medication and is very happy. Her new mom takes her scent tracking on the weekends so we get to see her a lot. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Traci H., CO

Thank you Sky! As always, you are very helpful in helping me decrease my dogs stress. I’m too attached to them to be objective at times and your help is invaluable. Thank you again!

Diane G., NM

Sky, you have helped my dogs and I in so many ways. Taj has never taken to any dog other than Charlotte, who I have been fostering and am now adopting. I swear it’s because of the conversations you had with Taj. After our conversation today, Charlotte has just been a crazy wild child, more so than normal. I am thoroughly convinced she has been celebrating the fact she’s in her permanent home. When I first started talking to you I was a little skeptical about being able to communicate with my dogs but there are definitely some things that I just can’t explain. I value you and what you bring to my relationship with my dogs. I will continue to recommend you to others. Two of my friends have already spoken with you and have been very pleased with the outcome of their sessions.

Amy W., CO

Thank you so much for talking with us today. It was very meaningful and we feel much closer and connected to our cat, Stumpy.

Sequoia C., CA

From the depths of our hearts Kitty Girl and I both thank you, Sky. Kitty Girl sitting in my lap looking at the screen as I type this. She is positively cisheerful today, since we all talked. And I feel she is as relieved as I am that you will be checking in with her while I am gone for the next two weeks. Just as you think she is a wonderful cat, we both think you are a wonderful human!

Linda L., CO

My session with Sky was even better than I anticipated!  The way she asked for permission to each of the pets before starting was really sweet.  I communicated with my two cats as well as two dogs that I petsit for (with their person’s permission) and the results were fascinating!  The comments that Sky reported they we making sounded just like each individual pet and the ‘voice’ of each was different, as was their vocabulary and manner of expressing themselves!  I know the personality of all of the pets, but this brought them home to me in living color and in 3-D!  I highly recommend a session with Sky — you won’t believe what you will learn about your dear pets.  They truly do have things to tell you!

Sharon F., FL

Talking to Sky was my second experience with an animal communicator. My first was with a different person under a stressful situation with my first dog Tucker just prior to his passing with cancer. I can tell you that it was a night and day difference between the two experiences. Sky was connected and communicating with me from my first email. I feel she is awesome at what she does and she knows she is truly blessed to be able to help both animal and human. Sky talked to my dog Zoey who became suddenly ill with symptoms that I could not explain or understand. Between the clues that I thought I knew and the answers Zoey gave me through Sky, we determined Zoey got into the litter box at my daughters house when we were visiting. I am sure I will connect with Sky again in the future about Zoey. I plan on talking to Sky about our first dog Tucker. I was so heartsick when he passed that I was not able to do this with the other communicator.

Linda T. C., CO

I’m a Dressage trainer and Sky helped me understand where the miscommunication was between my horse and myself and was able to show him what the movement looked like to help him understand . She was able to scan my horse for any areas that may be hurting. She was spot on with all her statements. Sky helped me refocus our training and helped me identify issues that needed to be addressed!! I really enjoyed our session and I will definitely be in touch for communication sessions in the future.

I HIGHLY recommend Sky to help bridge the gap between horse and human on so many levels!!

Laura F., NY

Thank you SO MUCH for touching base with Sparkles, my cat! He seemed excited and happy when I got home a few minutes after you talked to him and really engaged with me. I’m SO grateful that you helped Sparkles understand the importance of eating his treats, which are hiding his pill. It was like he was eager to do his part with the treats — and he ate them! Thank you again for all your help, and for all the healing, calming energy you’ve been sending our way.

Diane P., CO

Thank you Sky! It was fun being able to break the communication barrier with my dogs. I thought I was pretty in tune with them and turns out I was close. I feel confident we can grow together now and get over some of the personality hurdles we were facing. As we progress, I’m sure I will have more questions so we will definitely stay in touch!

Diana A., SD

During a communication session, Sky asked my horse Piper how best to warm up before working. He told us to try a different approach — one I hadn't thought of. When I tried it, I met with great success!

Bonny L., NJ

My session with Sky and my mare, Brandi, today was nothing short of awesome!!!!! Sky was so "in tune" with Brandi as she described exactly what was going on with Brandi. This revelation alleviated all my fears and concerns with my mare's health and general well-being. And, thus, created such a wonderful feeling and brought on a wonderful bond between me and my mare. We had a great ride today and I know I enjoyed it more than ever since my concerns about Brandi have been wonderfully alleviated. This is all thanks to you, Sky!!! I can't thank you enough!

Marcia W., FL

Sky spoke to my horse as well as my dog, who had recently passed away. It was like I was having a conversation with them myself. Sky conveyed their personalities perfectly, even though she had never met them! The experience confirmed my intuition of who they were. Since then, I have spoken to my animals many times through Sky.

Janet L., NJ.

Having Sky check in on my cat, Mira, while I was away was the best gift that I could have given to Mira and myself. It was so sweet to get Sky's email messages each time she talked to Mira while I was away and such a relief to know that Mira was being tended to and that all was well. This is such a great service! God knows if I will ever travel again, except to move, but I would do this again in a heartbeat. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

Laurel E., CO

It was great to talk to my animals. I would like to tell any of your future clients that it was an amazing experience - so interesting and funny. I really enjoyed how loving and calm both our living dogs were after the communication. I look forward to our next session!

Carry E., NE

When I met Sky, I knew she was the real deal from the start. Over the course of the years, my relationship grew stronger with my pets and I was able to give them a better life because of the communication work I did with Sky. I realized over time that working with Sky helped me grow as a person as well. I cherished the smaller things in life I used to overlook. My household of furry misfits became calmer and happier as well. Working with Sky has given my animal companions a voice that otherwise would have gone unheard, and given me a deeper relationship and understanding of their true self and the gifts they give unconditionally. I am absolutely grateful for all she has done for us over the years, and I know the furry ones are as well. Any person or animal that has the opportunity to work with Sky is truly blessed.

Catie G., CO

Sky is a wonderful communicator. Having been given no information other than my cats names, her readings were extremely accurate, and spot on to a degree that was truly amazing. With her gentle and kind-hearted way, she made this a fantastic experience for the cats and myself. I have learned some really important details about my cats, their feelings and comfort. I am extremely pleased to report that one of the issues talked about has since started to become notably better – the fighting between three of my cats, which nothing in the past was able to remedy. This result has really exceeded all my expectations. Thank you so much Sky!

Laura E-K, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

You are truly amazing, Sky! I am so incredibly grateful for the session today. I went to the barn and set my horse, Vinny, up with a hay net and a few other special goodies for him, since he told us he eats his hay too quickly and has nothing to do after. You noticed his wavy back teeth, so I called my vet and got a dentist appointment scheduled for Monday. I handwalked Vinny and played with him on the ground and rode a bit today too — since he told you he didn’t really like the trail rides we've been doing alone. This evening, I did energy work for our dog, Haley, as she requested. The look on her face was priceless! She definitely was pleased that she was getting what she asked for. Many Thanks and blessings. Thank you again for sharing your gift with me and my fur babies.

Gwen W., CO

“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal — I see a living being, I see a true friend, I feel a loving soul”
— A. D. Williams