Sky’s Testimonials

“Sit with animals quietly and they will show you their HEARTS.
Sit with them kindly and they will help you locate YOURS.”
– Ramblings of the Claury


“Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural.
They show us what’s missing in our lives and how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally.
They connect us back to who we truly are, and to the purpose of why we’re here.”
– Trisha McCagh



Some Testimonial from Clients I have Helped –


“Thank you Sky! It was fun being able to break the communication barrier with my dogs. I thought I was pretty in tune with them and turns out I was close. I feel confident we can grow together now and get over some of the personality hurdles we were facing. As we progress, I’m sure I will have more questions so we will definitely stay in touch!” — Diana A., SD.

“Sky was great! I contacted her as I have two elderly dogs and I wanted to know if they were happy. Sky put my mind at ease and has allowed me to stop worrying about when my little JRT, Molly, may be ready to move on. Sky described both my dogs to a T. When Sky spoke to Frankie, my Viszla, he said ‘I am the most handsome dog’ which is what I always call him. There were a few barking issues which have significantly decreased since our session and for that I am hugely grateful, since I can now sleep through the night! I would definitely recommend Sky to help you connect with your animals in a more meaningful way, even if it’s just a chat with them. Sky is affordable, compassionate and warm, you can tell she cares deeply about all animals.” — Esther M., UK.

“I just wanted to thank you for your help today, Sky. I have been frustrated for the last year because my dog Tristan has not been feeling well. I finally have some answers — thanks you! I will do what I have to to help him get back on track. If it wasn’t for you I would still be frustrated and upset and my Tristan would still be suffering. Thank you so much again. I will be using your help in the future for my other pets as well.” — Vicki Q., NJ.

“Thank you so much, Sky, for helping us communicate with both our current cats and also a few in Spirit. You were very friendly and welcoming to talk to.
Both my sister and I were able to find peace once we found out one of our kittens who suddenly died is in fact, enjoying his time in the spirit world. Sky was able to connect quickly with each animal and describe them and their unique personalities with great accuracy. Another weight was taken off of our shoulders after Sky explained to our cats that we will be moving in a year. Helping us sort who each cat would like to live with, and voice their individual needs and wants in a living space. This will make it much less stressful when looking for an apartment, as I know my cat will be both prepared and like the new place we move into. Thank you again for everything you’ve done, Sky! This likely won’t be my last session with Sky and I will definitely recommend Sky to anyone else looking for an animal communicator.” — Miranda T., Canada.

“Thank you so much for talking to our dog, Winnie, today! I had so much fun!
I gotta tell you…I had my office door closed during the communication session. When we were done talking to Winnie, instead of scratching the door, as she usually does, Winnie went over and sat by the door till I was ready to open it — just like you told her to! We went on a walk after the session and Winnie did really, really well. She was still very distracted but she didn’t eat anything! I think Winnie sniffed every grass, leaf, stick, and rock that we walked past but nothing went in her mouth — just like you told her to do. Whew! Thank you again for your time, advice, and perspective! You don’t know how much I Appreciate YOU!!!” — Stacielynn M., NM.

“I would like to thank Sky Heartsong for speaking with me and my pet kitty cats, who are both having health issues. Veterinary care has helped but can do only so much. My own efforts at home help, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed and that I am just not understanding what the little ones are trying to tell me.
Sky was very caring, compassionate, thorough, and clear when she communicated with my kitties. I felt as if we — me and the kitties — were all part of the conversation. We talked about how the felines were feeling, what they would like me to do, and how much they and I love and appreciate each other.
Sky had many helpful suggestions for how I can help my kitties. The ones I tried so far have been very helpful, so I am keeping the list handy!
Working with Sky has been very worthwhile and has been a pleasure. I would highly recommend Sky to anyone who wants to communicate with their critter(s)!” — Moria D., CA.

“Sky’s accurate flow of communication with animals is truly incredible. I can’t even begin to describe how helpful she was in determining where my horse has pain. I’ll certainly be reaching out to her in the future and would recommend that anyone looking to communicate with their animal(s) on a direct & meaningful level should reach out to Sky. Thank you so much, Sky!” — Suzy D., PA.

“I did an online search for an animal communicator who also did energy healing and I found Sky. In our first session I had a list of questions but I didn’t have to ask many of them because Sky had addressed them while talking to my animals.
My rooster, who had crossed to Spirit, had health issues. Sky validated what I felt may have been going on with him before he died. For my dog Max, who has bone cancer, Sky told me how Max felt about the options of treatment and surgery.
There were many other specific things mentioned for both of my animals that were spot on.
I would highly recommend Sky to anyone looking for clarity or healing for themselves and to connect to your animals who have passed on or are still living. I’m looking forward to our next session.” — Meg V., NJ.

“Thank you SO MUCH for touching base with Sparkles, my cat! He seemed excited and happy when I got home a few minutes after you talked to him and really engaged with me. I’m SO grateful that you helped Sparkles understand the importance of eating his treats, which are hiding his pill. It was like he was eager to do his part with the treats — and he ate them! Thank you again for all your help, and for all the healing, calming energy you’ve been sending our way.” — Diane P., CO.

“I’m a Dressage trainer and Sky helped me understand where the miscommunication was between my horse and myself and was able to show him what the movement looked like to help him understand . She was able to scan my horse for any areas that may be hurting. She was spot on with all her statements. Sky helped me refocus our training and helped me identify issues that needed to be addressed!! I really enjoyed our session and I will definitely be in touch for communication sessions in the future.
I HIGHLY recommend Sky to help bridge the gap between horse and human on so many levels!!” — Laura F., NY.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful session today with my cat in Spirit. A huge weight has been lifted from my heart and I feel already so much more joyful than I have in a long time. Thanks so much again for sharing your gifts with this world.” — Susanna R., NY,

“Thank you, Sky, for the insight into our dog Rupert’s issues. I can honestly say it’s already helped! Things have already improved! We went for a walk at noon and it was a nice relaxed walk. Before you talked to Rupert, he was always tense and jumpy. He was almost a normal dog! On the walk, we passed a house where our neighbor suddenly came out on his driveway. Rupert lunged and barked at the neighbor — his typical reaction to people. I told him it was OK, as you suggested. Shortly thereafter, Rupert stopped barking and lunging. Amazing! My husband, Dan, woke up following his nap after working the night shift at the hospital. Rupert heard Dan stirring in the bedroom and started growling. Dan announced himself to Rupert (as you suggested), but the dog growled a little more. You’d told Rupert to “check with Judy if he was concerned.” Rupert looked up at me and I told Rupert that it was just Dan and it’s OK. Rupert just closed his eyes and went back to sleep. It was astounding! Love it! Bless you and thank you!” — Judy B., FL.

“My session with Sky was even better than I anticipated! The way she asked for permission to each of the pets before starting was really sweet. I communicated with my two cats as well as two dogs that I petsit for and the results were fascinating! The comments that Sky reported they were making sounded just like each individual pet and the “voice” of each one was different, as was their vocabulary and manner of expressing themselves! I know the personality of all of the pets, but this just brought them home to me in living color and in 3-D! I highly recommend a session with Sky, you won’t believe what you will learn about your dear pets. They truly do have things to tell you!” — Sharon F., FL.

“To me, Sky, the value of your service to humans and animals is huge. I so appreciative that you have the gift/talents you have, and the energy and commitment to share it with us.” — Jean V., NV.

“My dog, Jerzey, has been gone for 9 months now, but I still listen to the recordings I made of our communication sessions with her. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of the time you spent with me, talking with my sweet angel dogs. I just want you to know how much our sessions still help me. Thank you!” — Allison B., NJ.

“Thank you so very much Sky! It was so good to talk with you today and Tully, our dog who crossed over recently.
We appreciate it very much!” — Erin E., OR.

“I was thrilled with our communication session and will be referring more clients to you in the future.
I truly appreciate your gift of communication with the animals.” — Beth S., CO.

“I had a one to one session with Sky at a Spiritual Fair in the UK. She communicated with my beloved cat, Squeaky, who died in November 2019. I have missed her so much and it was extremely comforting to be in contact with her via Sky. I can’t recommend Sky Heartsong enough. She was wonderful and made me feel at peace about losing Squeaky.” — Jenny, UK.

“Words cannot express my gratitude to Sky for talking to my dog, Haley and my horse, Vinny. She is a truly gifted animal communicator. Sky is now a household name for us. I overheard my husband tell our dog, Haley, “Do I need to call Sky?” and Haley listened! I know my animals are happy now and that makes me happy. I truly am grateful and do lack words that can express the way my heart felt and still feels because of all Sky has done for me and my four legged fur babies.”
— Gwen W., CO.

“I would like to thank you again! Floyd is doing much better . . . using the litter box and being more social!! She started to come and sleep with me again, too!! None of those things were happening before you spoke to Floyd. Thank you so much!”
— Michelle M., CO.

“Thank you so much for talking with us today. It was very meaningful and we feel much closer and connected to our cat, Stumpy.” — Sequoia C., CA.

“Thank you, Sky. The session was very helpful. I enjoyed it. The info you provided is good. We will try everything for my dog to help her feel better. I will stay in touch.” — Olga B., GA.

“Thank you Sky! As always, you are very helpful in helping me decrease my dogs stress. I’m too attached to them to be objective at times and your help is invaluable. Thank you again!” — Diane G., NM.

“I wanted to give you a much overdue update on Daisy who was a dog we were fostering last spring. You did a reading with Daisy and she described her ideal home… we were able to find that for her. She was able to come off all her medication and is very happy. Her new mom takes her scent tracking on the weekends so we get to see her a lot. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
— Traci H., CO.

“I recently had a conversation with my two cats through Sky. It was a very worthwhile experience that I would recommend to anyone. I feel there is greater understanding between my and my two boys concerning our feelings toward each other, our desires about life, and some of our goals. I can see it in their eyes. An unexpected benefit that I received from the session was that it reinforced my faith that there are nonphysical ways in which we are connect to other sentient beings.”
— Joseph R., CO.

“I just want to thank you for your service today, Sky. I feel like a hundred pounds of worry came off my shoulders about my cat, Spirit. I just ordered a timer feeder for him which I wish I knew about years ago. Because he so petrified of going to the vet I’m looking into a vet coming to my home.
I will highly recommend you for any animal lover. I will definitely be using you again in the future just to keep up communication between Spirit and I. Thank you so much.” — Kimberly L. PA.

“Years ago, you helped me with my rescue dog, Mumford, and he made a miraculous improvement in his behavior after our communication session. Today you really helped me understand more about my new rescue dog, Winston and how to work with him in the most comfortable way for him. Thank you, Sky!” — Kristen M., CO.

“I am experiencing a peaceful calm after our talk with my dog and horse. It was wonderful to have you talk to them, Sky. I will definitely share my experience with my friends. I feel I will have more questions for you to and my furry kids in the future. Thanks again for your help.” — Natalie D., CA.

“My dog was in crisis (putting me into crisis) and I contacted Sky upon recommendation from a friend. With Sky’s help, I received a greater understanding of Gracie’s situation. Sky also offered some practical suggestions for Gracie, which helped us move past this crisis. I thought Gracie was dieing, but today she’s better than ever! I

“It seems like my cat, Pino, has really taken what you said to heart. And I am trying to be more sensitive to her. Thank you so much Sky!” — Shawnna D., CO.

“There are no words to fully express how grateful I am to you for communicating with our living dog, Shelby and our dog in Spirit, Teddy, today. I’m eager to implement your suggestions. I’m so excited knowing that Shelby’s life is going to change in amazing ways that she probably did not know were possible. It occurred to me that, on some level, I needed Teddy’s permission to let Shelby fully into my heart. I got that today. I can’t thank you enough for the healing you brought to our family.” — Amy S., CO.

“Sky, thank you for helping me learn so much about my dogs . You’ve made me feel so much more confident in our care for them and our relationship. I appreciate how you not only reached their physical needs, but also their feelings which are so important as well. Thank you!” — Sage S., TX.

“Sky, thank you so much! I have changed up their food according to what they told you. I have SUPER HAPPY kitties again! Yea! Madara has even been licking me again and Isabella is purring instead of yelling (mostly). They seem to be much happier with their food and sleeping better too. Thank you SO much, Sky.” — Kathleen L., KS.

“I had a reading with you in at the fair in Nantwich (UK) today. You asked my cat Cocoa to sit halfway down the stairs and to be brave. Although the idea was to do this when strangers were in the house, Cocoa was sat halfway down the stairs when I came in today. Nutmeg was asked not to demand so much food and hasn’t — to the point where she played while I was eating rather than sitting over me, rather than begging for food. Treats were handed out, because they were doing what was asked. I am amazed that my cats have responded so well. Thank you for today!” — Carolyn C., UK

“Sky, you have helped my dogs and I in so many ways. Taj has never taken to any dog other than Charlotte, who I have been fostering and am now adopting. I swear it’s because of the conversations you had with Taj. After our conversation today, Charlotte has just been a crazy wild child, more so than normal. I am thoroughly convinced she has been celebrating the fact she’s in her permanent home.
“When I first started talking to you I was a little skeptical about being able to communicate with my dogs but there are definitely some things that I just can’t explain. I value you and what you bring to my relationship with my dogs. I will continue to recommend you to others. Two of my friends have already spoken with you and have been very pleased with the outcome of their sessions.” — Amy W., CO.

“My male cat, Beau, whom I’ve had since he was 8 weeks old and who is now 11 years old, attacked me when I was freaking out about garbage spilling in my kitchen. It was shocking and ended up being a severe bite which required medical attention.
I believe there are people in this world that have been blessed with a special gift of being able to communicate with animals and Sky is one of those people.
After communicating with Beau, Sky was able to help me understand what was going on with him. It was truly insightful and I highly recommend her if you want to know what is going on with you pet.” — Martha F., CO.

“Sky talked to my dog, Mickey, a couple weeks ago. He is doing SO well! The aggressive episodes have all but disappeared, and the harmony here at home is SO much better. What a difference understanding Mickey’s triggers for his deep seated aggression has made. Thanks again!” — Ellen Z., CO.

“My name is Debbie and I live in Tennessee. I had a conversation via Skype with Sky recently about my 4 cats and 1 dog as well as a cat that was taken by someone and another dog who had recently passed away.
Sky was able to share information about each of my animals and bring me comfort as well. As she had suggested, I put together a list of questions that I wanted to have answers to and also messages for my animals. Sky is definitely an “animal whisperer and communicator” and able to give you feedback to and from your animals.
I found Sky to be professional, warm-hearted, and willing to spend the necessary time to ensure that she was able to answer my questions. If you believe in the “rainbow bridge” and the ability to speak with our loved ones (2 legged and 4 legged) that have crossed over, then she is the person that you want to talk to for your 4 legged kids.
I highly recommend her and will be speaking with her on a regular basis to keep me in touch!” — Debbie D., TN.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and have you communicate with our dog in Spirit. I’m glad to have found you and already have a few people in mind to refer to you. Thank you again and again for you gift and sharing it with this world.” — Albert C., PA.

“After a bad experience with an animal communicator, I started to doubt animal communicators. Then I found Sky on Penelope Smith’s’s directory. Let me tell you Sky is an Angel and truly cares for all fur babies and people. I felt my horse’s and dogs’ sweet individual personalities through her and the fact that she knew things she couldn’t know unless my animals told her left me speechless. I had Sky talk to my horse who was reacting so badly to getting into water that I thought he might kill us both. I need to wade him through the water for medical reasons to cool his legs after working. The very next day I thought I would try to just walk to the edge of the water. He stopped once, and I asked him to trust me, as Sky told him to — and he just walked STRAIGHT IN !! It was such a victory. Not only is Sky wonderful to talk to, she does not judge you. I would like to say from all my animal babies THANK YOU so very much, Sky!” — Katherine M., Australia.

“Sky, you are such a bright light and it’s special that you choose to use your gift to help others (all species included here)! You are appreciated!! Thank you so much for all you do for animals and their humans.” — Dawn T., FL.

“Recently my sweet Sheltie started acting “crazy”, wild, demanding, annoying, not sleeping at night. It was awful and I vowed to never get another dog because it’s just too hard taking care of them if I couldn’t understand what was going on with them. With children, at least, they can explain themselves in some way, to some degree.
I was referred to Sky for a consultation and that half hour with Sky (via Skype) was a life saver! She was able to give us information, love and support, directing us onto a healing path. Both my dog and myself are feeling much better and my discouragement around being a pet owner has left me. All good.
Sky’s consultation was straight forward, supportive, AND affordable! To have this type of help and healing offered to me is a true gift, for which I’m incredibly grateful.” — Reilly M-E, CO.

“We found Sky as a referral of a friend. When we contacted Sky she was readily available with time slots to choose from, etc. She called exactly on time and we talked for about 40 minutes halfway across the planet — though the cat was under the bed. While I had a sense of the problem and could have guessed my way to a solution, Sky delivered a conversation with Buud (our cat) which made things clear. We are appreciative of the interaction with Sky, the Budster and ourselves and recommend Sky. After all, the proof is in the pudding so to speak. All is now well on the home front here with Mr Buud, the cat box issue and a revitalized communications with our feline friend, who we were told considers himself an equal in the family!
Alexis added: Sky talked to Buud about having bitten me twice. Buud told me that the best thing was for him to approach me — and made suggestions about how he wanted to be petted. Since we talked, Buud is sooo much more affectionate to me! He even jumped up on my lap and curled up and that was a first!” — Jim & Alexis, AZ.

“Thank you Sky for talking to my cat, Cleo after she crossed to Spirit. You have eased my pain a lot and I am thinking more about her happiness in spirit more than the painful last minutes I held her in my arms. Thank you for that!”
— Kathy H., CA.

“Sky communicated with my cats a couple of years ago. We talked to Steinway about his years of fear and aloofness with my husband. We saw such a change in Steinway after Sky communicated with him — he actually befriended my husband!
We still talk about it. Steinway even comes and lays on my husband’s lap now. Love it!” — Cindy W., CA.

“Sky talked to my horse, Cassie. It was amazing hearing what Cassie had to say. I was able to really understand Cassie a lot better and clear up some issues we were having. Everything Sky told me made total sense and fit Cassie’s quirky personality perfectly. I’ve felt so much more connected with Cassie since our conversation and she’s been a lot more focused and willing.
Cassie has been so amazing since Sky talked to her, really focused on what I ask of her and happy to do it. I’ve started doing the trick training with Cassie (since she was very clear that’s what she wants to do) and she LOVES it. I’m grateful for all the things I learned and understand about Cassie from Sky’s communication with her! I’ll definitely be recommending Sky and talk to her in the future. Thank you so much, Sky!” — Zoe V. B., AZ.

“Thank you is not nearly enough for the work you do. I know it can be a difficult gift to navigate and I am beyond grateful for the time and energy you have invested in our motley crew of animals and for answering my sometimes anxiety-ridden emails and questions.” — Lola K., CO.

“Sky, I wanted to let you know that the cats seem much calmer after we talked to them about our upcoming move. I know they’re still nervous, but it feels like more of a reaction to the boxes and the chaos instead of not knowing what the heck is going on. I’m so relieved to know that everyone understands now. Thank you!” — Jennifer B., ME.

“I had an appointment with Sky today because I have 2 dogs that were ruthlessly trying to kill each other. I can’t even count all the times I have been bitten due to their fighting. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect and I was skeptical that anyone could really communicate with animals. But, I was desperate. Sky seemed to know things about my animals that no one else could have known. I had only told her their names and what the problem was. But, she knew their personalities and how those personalities developed into the problems we have been having. I am eager to test the promises she got them to make. Sky, I apologize for having doubted you. You are the real deal. I will be booking another appointment to have further communication with every one of the pack. Thank you!” — Melissa R., CO.

“Sky has been spot on with every communication session with my living animals and animals in Spirit. She tells you only the information she is given. She is very compassionate. Sky has been a true gift for my animals and me. Thank you so much for all you do, Sky. You have truly made a huge difference for my animals in life and in Spirit.” — Robin W., CO.

“You talked to me and my cats a few weeks ago. We talked to my Georgie, the 19 yr old cat about why she cries so much & the feral cats. It was very helpful. I thought your reading was right on. Thanks!” — Shar M., AZ.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful communication session, Sky. It was beyond amazing. We’re so happy to know what motivates Charley and Ellie’s behavior. It means so much that they know how special they are to us and that we love them.”
— Pam C., CO.

“Thank you so much for talking with my newly adopted cats, Cate and Finn, today. I want you to know that Cate let me give her the eye drops — no problem! Before you talked to her about being cooperative with letting me give her the drops, I’d been trying to give them to her for nearly a week, but she would run and hide! You do amazing work! Thanks for using your gift to do so much good.” — Ann D., FL.

“Thank you so much Sky for talking with Roscoe and I recently! It was amazing to be able to hear about what his life was like before I adopted him. Some of the details you explained make it so much easier to understand some of his behavior and anxiety around certain things and situations. We have been using the Rescue Remedy for his stress and it has worked wonders. No more pacing around the house when he’s nervous or finding a corner to hide in. Just being able to understand a little bit better how he feels and thinks about certain situations has made a world of difference. Thank you so much for all that you do!” — Jill C., FL.

“Thank you so much for talking to our dog in Spirit, Trixie. We have cried a lot but they have also have been tears of joy. You have brought us peace with the loss of our precious Trixie. I will be in touch with you again hopefully in the next month to help with our other dogs and their behavioral problems. Thank you so much for your gift.” — Crystal D., CO.

“Thank you so much for communicating with my indoor/outdoor cats Mouse & Bear at the Leeds, UK Health & Wellbeing Fair to try to find ways to help Mouse to temper her excitement and play nice with Bear. I did as suggested when I got home and put some toys in the garden for Mouse to focus on instead of Bear. It worked! Bear has been chasing Mouse round the garden, not the other way round which is what usually happens! Mouse has been venting her exuberance on the toys. I’m soooo pleased with Mouse for making the effort, and it seems to be paying off because Bear is obviously playing with her. I’ve not heard any hissing or yowling since the weekend either. I’m really grateful because I’m sure if nothing had changed, Bear would have had enough and left home. They do seem much happier now, although I know they would like me to be at home more. I’m working on that one. Thank you again for helping us find what looks like it could well be the solution!”
— Danielle G., UK.

“Thank you for your help last year with my cat Phoenix, who was ready to cross to Spirit. Although emotionally painful to lose my little buddy, we were truly blessed that his transition back to non-physical was very peaceful, with perfect unfolding. Thanks to you, it was less frightening, less painful and much easier to accept knowing that Phe was prepared, ready to depart and knew what to do. That undercurrent of peace could not have happened without the voice you gave Phe and the clarity you offered to both of us.” — Ardith M., NJ.

“I am so incredibly happy to tell you that our dog, Max — who you talked to recently, has finally come up the stairs. I have been sleeping with him in the basement while my family and I paint my room and today we finished. As sad as I was to leave him down there, I figured we would be returning to our normal routine. However, this afternoon, he was acting more restless than normal. We let him into our backyard while we ate lunch and he got a run up and came up all 20 or so stairs for the first time in weeks! We are so happy to have him back in our more active life upstairs, I can’t thank you enough for helping shed some light on the situation and giving us a way to make his temporary living arrangements more comfortable. We wanted to say thank you for your services!” — Reagan M, IA.

“I really enjoyed Sky’s reading for my 2 horses. Sky was very accurate and told me things I did know and didn’t know about the boys . The things I didn’t know I had an idea that they might be happening . She helped me understand them better and they know how I’m feeling and my love for them. I would recommend Sky to everyone wanting to learn more about their animals.” — Susan F., CO.

“I went to Sky’s website and was immediately drawn to her. She just looked like someone I could trust. I wasn’t wrong. She talked to some of our dogs who have crossed to spirit. We wanted to start with the most recently crossed. She got each one of their personalities spot on. She knew nothing about us or our dogs other than pictures I sent her, yet she was able to connect with each of them and even one I didn’t send her a picture of who wanted to say something to us. She also connected to our one dog who is still with us and immediately “got” him. His picture and personality do not match so she was not just pulling what she thought his personality was based on how he looks. Actually, none of our dogs’ personalities match the way they look, but that did not stop Sky from totally “getting” them.
Not only did she connect with our dogs, but she also connected with us and after one visit I feel she is a friend and someone we can trust. We will definitely be asking Sky to talk to our fur-babies many more times. She gave us great comfort and lessened our heartache. Something we didn’t dream we would be able to say for the foreseeable future because we have lost so many in such a short amount of time that we felt we would not know peace for a very long time, if ever. I just can’t say enough good things about Sky.” — Echo, AZ.

“It was lovely to talk to all my animals, especially my much loved 19 1/2 year old soul sister cat in Spirit. You talked to my living cats about not darting out the door. I think you’ve really helped. Not instant but with reinforcement it’s been a good & very noticeable improvement. Not something I could have achieved alone. It was magic to hear their little characters in real voice. I feel they were fully aware what was going on too. Thanks so much Sky! Love from us all.” — Lynn M., UK.

“We met Sky at a fair in Heywood, UK. We have been concerned of late due to having an elderly cocker spaniel called Jacob, who is almost 16 and has numerous health conditions including arthritis in his back legs and hips. Sky confirmed that it wouldn’t be that long before Jacob was ready to go to Spirit, but that he wanted a little more time with us. Sky accurately picked up that we are concerned that when it was time for Jacob to be assisted we would miss the clues. Jacob described how he would show us when it was time. Jacob informed us that he wanted to walk into the vets under his own steam and he requested that we both hold him when the vet administers the injection. Although it was upsetting, this practical approach from Sky and Jacob actually helped us. Jacobs fantastic sense of humour came through during the reading. Everything that Sky described about Jacob was correct. Sky was so sensitive and caring towards us and Jacob, so many thanks for that Sky. I will be in touch again.” — Leslie, Cheshire, UK.

“Thank you from he bottom of our hearts for all the love and kindness you have showed us as our sweet dog, Jake, prepared to cross to Spirit. I definitely want to Keep in touch with you because your words are so comforting and I just instantly feel better when I hear from you. You truly are a blessing to the animals and to the people around them. I can tell that you are filled with nothing but love and that is such a beautiful thing. Thank you for all your kindness and support.”
— Deana C-L., FL.

“When I called Sky to ask about the health of Sandy, my 13 year old pug and my BFF — I learned the worst. Sandy was near the end of her life. I needed help facing that moment, and Sky was there, offering the clarity and peace of knowing Sandy was ready. I was deeply consoled understanding how Sandy felt, and knowing in her last hours that she and I were able to say goodbye, without regrets. In the midst of my grief, I felt joy, knowing that Sandy’s great life of service to my family and me was rewarded with timely release. We also spoke to Sandy after she passed, She is still with us after all, and the ecstatic joy she feels now has transformed my grief into deep satisfaction. Sky provided compassionate and clear conveyance of tough information, which helped me to do the right thing for my dog. She is an excellent communicator, and I will gratefully seek her out the next time a dear pet needs to be clearly heard.” — Kathie S., CO.

“I have met with Sky Heartsong twice and have enjoyed both experiences. She truly has a gift of communicating with animals. Sky has a pleasing personality, a great sense of humor and uses her special gifts very responsibly. Through her communication with my cat, Maggie, I was able to understand more about Maggie’s past and how that still affects her life with me today. It has helped me make our lives together better.
You think you’re taking good care of your animal companion, but it’s a blessing to hear it through Sky right from the source. Maggie told Sky that she knew she was loved and there wasn’t anything I could do to make her any happier.
It doesn’t get any better than that. Sky Heartsong has enriched my life with Maggie.
She can do the same with the precious animal in your life, too.” — Linda S., CO.

“Our friends recently asked Sky to ‘talk’ to their dogs with them. They found the session incredible, interesting and very emotional. On this recommendation we requested Sky do the same for us so we could ‘talk’ to our living dog and also two that had passed. The session was an amazing experience and very emotional. I would recommend anyone to contact Sky if they wish to talk to their animals.” — Ed & Jo M., Leeds, UK.

“From the depths of our hearts Kitty Girl and I both thank you. She’s sitting in my lap looking at the screen as I type this. She is positively cheerful today, since we all talked. And I feel she is as relieved as I am that you will be checking in with her while I am gone for the next two weeks. Just as you think she is a wonderful cat, we both think you are a wonderful human!”
— Linda L., CO.

“Sky is a wonderful communicator. Having been given no information other than my cats names, her readings were extremely accurate, and spot on to a degree that was truly amazing. With her gentle and kind-hearted way, she made this a fantastic experience for the cats and myself. I have learned some really important details about my cats, their feelings and comfort. I am extremely pleased to report that one of the issues talked about has since started to become notably better – the fighting between three of my cats, which nothing in the past was able to remedy. This result has really exceeded all my expectations. Thank you so much Sky!” — Laura E-K, Dubai, UAE.

“Sky worked with my dogs for the first time today. I was amazed with her accuracy. The things she said made so much sense. Several of the things she “saw” were things I have noticed but perhaps not labeled as clearly. I have 2 dogs and noticed changes in both almost immediately after our session. One, who was unsure with the newer dog, was more relaxed and joyous in his play after the communication session. He told Sky he needed some one-on-one snuggle time with me, which I noticed a day or two ago but didn’t consciously make a note of. We talked to the newer dog about his habit of snacking out of the cat litter box. Within an hour of the session with Sky, I noticed that he had obviously taken a poop out and then left it on the floor. As if he either changed his mind or wanted to show me he was being good. Pretty amazing. Sky also referred me to a resource to help me better train my dogs. Really appreciated. I would definitely use Sky again in the future should I need more communication help and will gladly recommend her to friends. I am 100% satisfied with the reading and help I received. I also found her pricing very reasonable.” — Gautama K., NM.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful session, Sky. I wanted to let you know that our dog JuJu’s mother was killed, as she told you. My husband remembered they mentioned that at the shelter. My daughter came over tonight and usually the dogs jump all over her, but I reminded them to keep all four feet on the floor, as you told them and they were both much more calm. Again, thank you so much. I’m sure we’ll be talking again.” — Shirley C., CO.

“A good friend recommended I contact Sky after the loss of my much-loved Chihuahua, Angus. I’m not going to lie, I was dubious. I expected vague generalities like he’s in a better place; he doesn’t hurt anymore, etc. What I got was the best 30 minutes I could have hoped for. The things Sky told me were so “Angus specific” that there is no doubt in my mind that she was talking to him AND our dog Murrie whom we lost years ago. Sky told me things that literally only Angus would know. She was able to tell me about his personality and was spot on. Everything she said I could picture him saying if he were able to talk. I have had such a sense of peace since our call. I will be making additional appointments to keep in touch with my fuzzy kids. If you believe in this sort of thing, book an appointment. If you don’t, you REALLY should book an appointment. You will become a believer. Thank you, Sky, for the peace you have given me. That is priceless.” — Patti L., CO.

“I had never contacted an animal communicator before so I was a little nervous and also quite a bit skeptical before I called Sky. However, she was very friendly and put me at ease straight away. Right from the start it was clear that Sky had tuned into my pets as she described their personalities accurately and told me what they were thinking in a way that just felt right and clarified the problem I was having. I would not hesitate to contact Sky again in the future whenever there is a situation I need clarity on. Thank you very much Sky!” — Cristina C., Germany

“Talking to Sky was my second experience with an animal communicator. My first was with a different person under a stressful situation with my first dog Tucker just prior to his passing with cancer. I can tell you that it was a night and day difference between the two experiences. Sky was connected and communicating with me from my first email. I feel she is awesome at what she does and she knows she is truly blessed to be able to help both animal and human. Sky talked to my dog Zoey who became suddenly ill with symptoms that I could not explain or understand. Between the clues that I thought I knew and the answers Zoey gave me through Sky, we determined Zoey got into the litter box at my daughters house when we were visiting. I am sure I will connect with Sky again in the future about Zoey. I plan on talking to Sky about our first dog Tucker. I was so heartsick when he passed that I was not able to do this with the other communicator.”
— Linda T. C., CO.

” Sky was so helpful in working with our two older cats, Chloe and Midnight to accept our new kitten, Milo, into the family. Before we contacted Sky, the two older cats would not leave the bedroom for over a week, except when Milo was locked in his room and they were very unhappy with us. Sky helped them voice their feelings, suggested to them that they could try to get along, and explained that Milo needed a home.
Midnight and Chloe finally left the bedroom and actually tolerated Milo after that.
Sky told us that Chloe said that she is the ‘Queen’ of the house, which floored me; as I had been telling her just that ever since Milo showed up! Sky suggested to Milo that he try to just sit quietly near the others, as running around them was annoying.
It worked – he started doing it right away. Sky also suggested that the other two could tone down the hissing to ‘just a little bit’ and they did. Things have only gotten better since then.
Sky was able to pick up on each of the cat’s personalities accurately. Sky’s suggestions for our behavior changes were helpful as well. We now have a happy, harmonious home with all three kitties!” — Kelli R., CO.

” Sky was able to help us navigate a tremendously difficult and emotional situation. Some time after after having lost two of our four precious cats within three months of each other, we decided to bring another cat, Cal, into the family. Cal was a very sweet, fun loving cat that brought much playful energy back into our home. However, he was a bit of a bully and as he got more comfortable, he became more aggressive. It finally became a concern and I knew we had to reach out to someone. Luckily, that someone turned out to be Sky, whom I was drawn to through a website profile. Sky communicated with all the cats and we found that they were indeed extremely stressed – especially Tex who had definitely regressed since Cal’s arrival. With Sky’s help, we realized that this situation was not one that was going to work out for any of the cats. It was incredibly heartbreaking to take Cal back to the shelter. In fact, I still think of him every day. Yet, the difference in the other cats was immediate! Sky gave us the information we so needed to make the right decision for the well-being of all involved… and that is priceless.” — Alex Karras, IL.

” Thank you Sky for the wonderful session with our rescue cat Lucky.
It was touching to realize how much she was holding on to old trauma and fear from her time of being homeless. We really appreciated being able to communicate to her that we will keep her safe and never get rid of her like her previous guardians did. Now that we understand Lucky better, we love and respect her even more that we did before (which was a lot)! ”
— Leslie H., AZ.

” I’m so grateful for Sky’s help in working with me, and my recently acquired horse, during a challenging transition. We had an extended & interactive conversation between the three of us, trying to sort out emotions and issues of concern for me and my mare. We discussed the pros & cons of moving forward with our partnership vs looking for a more suitable home, and identified what cooperation would be needed to form a “team”. Sky was able to fully understand & communicate all the issues and get them “on the table”, with compassion for both of us. Sky’s ability to scan my horse’s body for any physical discomfort was also helpful. There is now a warmth in my relationship with my horse that I believe is possible because of the clarity that we found thru Sky. I highly recommend Sky – she’s now my go-to person for keeping in touch with my animals! ”
— Mary Ann R., FL.

” The communication session with Sky and my dog, Bella, was nothing short of remarkable. I wanted Bella to know that there was a big change coming up, and she would be spending a lot more time alone while I went to my new job.
Sky explained everything to Bella with compassion and gave Bella a voice. Of course, my sweet girl didn’t want me to worry about her. I laughed and cried while Sky “translated” what Bella had to say to me. We will contact Sky again for a follow up session. Many of my friends asked for Sky’s information for their pets. We are all amazed. Thank you, Sky! ” — Kerry G., CA.

” We called Sky to find out what happened to our dog MeWe, who was having some strange physical symptons. The symptoms started after our kids came for a visit at Thanksgiving. MeWe’s throat was swollen and he was coughing/choking, he acted like a beaten dog and wouldn’t play. Sky figured out that our daughter-in-law’s Mother’s spirit was “stuck” and had come with our daughter-in-law’s family when they visited us. Her Mother’s spirit was jealous of the relationship my wife has with our daughter-in-law and attacked our dog MeWe as a way to get at my wife. Sky saw the spirit actually choking MeWe. Sky communicated with our dog Steuart too, who said he saw the spirit choking MeWe, but didn’t know what to do. Sky worked with us and with MeWe so we could protect ourselves from the spirit. The next day, MeWe was a normal dog, playing like he did before all this happened. We are very happy to have found Sky and for all her help with MeWe. ”
— Richard and Lorraine C., CO.

” Thank you so much the information that you were able to relay from my horse, Trixie — it was very helpful. I think I finally have a diagnosis for her pain. There are various things I can try and the vet thinks she has a possibility for full recovery. As you suggested, I have had my saddle checked and that needed some adjustment, it was sitting a bit to low in the pommel, which explains the pressure she told you about on her withers. I put her on an ulcer formula, since she told you that was an issue. So thank you for all the helpful info, knowing was half the battle now I have been able to address all Trixie’s concerns. Thanks again and keep up your amazing work! ” — Jessica S-G, CT.

” I wish I could find the words to express our appreciation for helping us and our ‘Tremendous Trio’ of dogs. Our hearts are just broken that our rescue dog, Booker, is still worried. I’m glad we could tell him that we love him unconditionally and that this is his forever home. If he uses the doggy door, great. If he never uses it, we could care less. I hope we put his mind and his heart at ease about his past too!! Our other dog, Schroeder, who had been nipping my husband, listened!! No biting Dad last night, Thank you Sky! ” — Wendy S., NE.

” I have a feral cat who has lived in my yard, and on my covered back porch for almost 11 years. I had many questions about things he did, and did not do, and why. I also wanted to give him some suggestions; and encourage him to try out the pet carrier for a vet visit for his painful teeth. I also have an indoor cat who goes out on a harness with a light rope. She treats my feral cat with disdain, and we asked about that. Sky gave both cats some suggestions; and the very next morning; they both did exactly what was suggested. I am a believer in Sky’s abilities! I will contact her again soon for winter questions. Thank you so much, Sky. ” — Diana K., CO.

” With only one session of communicating with Sky, my dog Rhett actually came and got me to go outside, rather than going potty in the house. He has a new sleeping arrangement, which he loves and so far we have not had a potty issue. Thank you Sky! ” — Judy L., CO.

” My dog Rosemary has been peeing inside. She’s an older dog so she should know better. Sky asked her why she keeps peeing inside instead of going out the doggie door into the backyard. Turns out Rosemary is afraid of the dark so we set it up so the indoor and outdoor light would come on automatically at night. So far no more peeing!! I have cameras on the doggie door and have noted when she’s gone out. Thanks Sky! ” — Susie F., CO.

” My husband and I were desperate to help our yellow lab, Honey. She came to us carrying a heavy load of abuse from her past homes. After one thirty minute conversation with Sky, Honey has calmed considerably. I really needed Honey to know that this is her forever and my love is endless for her — Sky told her that. Honey seems very secure and happy now. We are very thankful that Sky was able to communicate this to Honey.” — Tom and Bobbie E., CO.

” Sky, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to speak with Sugar, one of the dogs I’m fostering for our rescue, and feel that your communication opened a door, so to speak. We can now begin to move toward the future for Sugar. After we spoke on Sunday night I observed a visible change in her body posture/language. I gave her a small toy and for the first time since coming here, she played with me and the toy. What a breakthrough!” — Janeal D., NE.

” If you could see me right now, Sky, my jaw is down to my chest in shock! I just gave my cat Melvin a pill — the first one since you talked to him yesterday. No fight, no big scene, he didn’t try to claw me to death, or bite me, or anything almost. To save face he had to try to spit the pill out, but I think he had already swallowed it. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! He has a UTI and I haven’t been able to get a pill down him for the last 4 days. I am so happy. I did what you suggested, Sky — told him to think about hunting and stalking prey (he told you that was his favorite thing to do) and I did the same. It was over in like two seconds. THANKS TO YOU!” — Suzanne P., Costa Rica

” I booked an Animal Communication session with Sky after the passing of my young cat, and it was the most wonderful heart-opening, spirit-soothing experience! Sky conveyed things that there is no way she could have possibly known without direct communication with my cat himself, and did so in an exceptionally loving, compassionate and delightfully joyful way. She confirmed for me things I already knew in my heart, which has added such tremendous value and perspective to my journey that I will treasure for a very very long time to come. I am so happy that I made this choice, and will most definitely recommend Sky and her services to everyone I know. I can whole-heartedly endorse working with her! ” — Ciara Y., Ireland

” If you work with Sky, the first thing you’ll notice is that she truly cares for both the client and the animal. She helped me both with the process of a dying pet crossing over, and of a new pet entering my life. What I came to realize was that Sky’s sessions also helped me grow as a person. Having a stronger connection with my animal loved ones and the messages brought to me by Sky from them helped me open my eyes to the connection with the world as well. Sky has an amazing gift and kind heart!” — Catie G., CO.

” I had a reading with Sky concerning three of my beloved animals, one of which is currently missing. The accuracy of the information she provided was nothing short of remarkable. Sky pinpointed health issues, personality traits and confirmed information only known to me and my family. Sky also provided useful actions, remedies and strategies we could employ immediately to strengthen our animals’ health and wellbeing. Sky was a delight to work with and I’ve already recommended her to close friends who have the need for an animal communicator. Thank God for Sky and her truly amazing gift!”
— Ellen A., AZ.

” Words cannot express my gratitude for all you have done, Sky. The experience of having my equine soul mate suddenly cross to Spirit has been heart-breaking but your ability to communicate with her has definitely helped with this horrible process. You helped us communicate and come to terms with what had happened, as well as providing me with hope that our bond still remains. Everything you said sounded so much like Empress! Your work is inspiring and you are such a kind person. It is obvious that you care for all animals and have a real gift, and I will definitely work with you in the future; as well as recommend you to my students and clients. Thank you for everything that you do to help such wonderful creatures, and their people! It was definitely a life-changing experience. ” — Lauren M., WY.

” Many thanks to you, Sky. I am only sorry that I will miss you at the fair. I do know that you are probably the most popular “reader” at the fairs! I am very grateful that we found you and will certainly be contacting you again. I always find a deeper appreciation and it brings us closer together as a whole after we have a communication session with you.
Many blessings, love and hugs from all here! ” — Patrice H., CO.

” Thank you for talking with me and my beloved cat, Curious.
It was when you mentioned how he was gesturing like he was putting his paw on my face that I knew, without a doubt,
my baby was alive and well on the other side.
It was something he did all the time when we were having our alone time and I’ve never had a cat who did that.
I’m so glad to have received such reassurance in my very recent grief. I am grateful. ” — Jo M., NY.

” I loved my conversation with Sky and our female Labrador, best friend. It brought more information to light that will improve our lovely dog’s physical and emotional health. We are now beautifully connected in a deeper way than we were before. ”
– Marti B., CO.

” As an am an animal communicator myself, I know how much our animals want us to hear their voice and recognize them as our dearest and most devoted companions. I know my animals better than anyone, but my emotional connection can sometimes cloud the message. When that happens, I ask for the services of other animal communicators.
Sky responded to my request and has cleared up much of the problems that my beloved horse, Hemi, is experiencing.
If you are having problems or if you simply want a closer relationship with your animal companion, I highly recommend you call Sky Heartsong. ” – Paddy H., Canada

” I wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate you, Sky. You made all the difference in the world to me when it was time for Elliott to cross to spirit. My heart was shattered and I still have tears, but it is nothing like when my cat Isabelle crossed. Then it was all I could do to get through the day. Thank you from the bottom of my shattered little heart.
I have always treated my cats as if they were more than an animal. It is wonderful knowing, through communication, how much more than an animal they truly are. I find myself geting into conversations frequently telling other people stories of what my cats have said and they are amazed! ” — Cindy T., TX.

” If you have questions, doubts, or anxiety about your animals or just want to finally be able to confirm your love for them and ask if they are ok, communicating with them through Sky is your chance. You might get a laugh out loud surprise like I did when you find out exactly what is on their minds. I laughed, I cried and I was given peace, it was an uplifting experience that changed my life. ” — Judy C., CO.

” Please know how grateful we are for your insights, help and healing with our relationship with our sweet dog, Luna. ”
— Nancy N., NJ.

” My dog Zeus and I really enjoyed talking with you and we look forward to talking to you again. Thank you so much for doing what you do! It has really helped us understand more about Zeus. ” — Sara B., CO.

” Sky gave me and the people I love the opportunity to increase the bonds with our pets, both living and in Spirit.
Everyone needs to experience the peace and understanding that talking to their pets through Sky will bring to their lives! ”
— Doreen L., PA.

” Thanks for talking to my dog, Missy. The things Missy told you touched me greatly, especially her perception of our relationship, as we grow old together. ” — Doris., FL.

” Thank you for being such an Angel in my life, Sky. My animals are my babies – thank you for being such a loving friend to them. I so appreciate that you have given them a voice, so I may hear them. I also appreciate that you are helping us live together in peace and love! ” — Chris M., NJ.

” Sky spoke to my horse as well as my dog, who had recently passed away. It was like I was having a conversation with them myself. Sky conveyed their personalities perfectly, even though she had never met them! The experience confirmed my intuition of who they were. Since then, I have spoken to my animals many times through Sky. ” — Janet L., NJ.

” Thank you for the information and help that you shared with us – your special talent and remarkable gifts have added to our growing relationship with our dog, Troika! ” — Daria B., PA.

” Thank you for being that missing link. You removed the mystery that caused my frustration with my horse. My patience was exhausted and I was prepared to face the idea that we might not be able to get along together. Your abilities helped us to open our hearts and start with a clean slate. I have a better understanding of my horse and expect us to continue to move in a positive direction together, now. What a wonderful gift you offer and the impact it had, is greater than I ever imagined it could be! ” — Kerry M., NJ.

” I had Sky talk to my horse – Ben, when he was injured. Sky got all my questions answered. Some people might not believe in animal communication, but Ben was so in tune with Sky, he never once tried to crib while Sky was talking to him – and Ben always cribs! ” — Justinia H., NJ.

” I just wanted to say it was great to be able to experience your work, Sky. It was wonderful – just so informative and fun!
We’re definitely planning on another session now! ” — Johanna K., PA.

” Thank you so much – I enjoyed our time speaking with my dogs tremendously. It is very gratifying to speak to each of my dogs and learn that they truly enjoy their respective jobs. It is truly awesome communicating with my crew! ” — Julie P., FL.

” I would like to thank you once again for helping me communicate with my beloved cats during our time of greatest need ! We are truly grateful and keep you in highest regard in our hearts! ” — Lucia R., FL.

” I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the messages you brought me from my animals. Most importantly, because of you Sky, I am now able to think of my dogs in Spirit with a peaceful and happy heart. You have improved the quality of my life and I can’t thank you enough! ” — Kandi P., CO.

” It is such a special experience in life to have this level of communication with the animals I love. It is also validating, that some of my intuitions about my animals are right on track, though they lack the details and specificity that Sky achieves with her skills in animal communication. Thanks again! ” — Jean V., CA.

” I have felt from the beginning of my dog Bridge’s and my relationship that a puzzle piece was missing. I want you to know that since you talked to her, something has shifted in a small but significant way. Bridge ‘hears’ me differently since you talked to her – I can see it in her eyes. I sincerely appreciate your gift and your sharing ! ” — Carla C., CO.

” I had a great experience talking to my cat, Jerry, through Sky — she was so in tune with him and seemed to know him so well! His personality came right through and it was amazing that she only had a photo of him. It was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone with a pet! ” — Christina D., PA.

” Since Sky talked to my cats, harmony has been restored to my home! I am so blessed I found Sky. I always refer people to Sky when they are having trouble with their pets. She is truly gifted! ” — Kelly S., NJ.

” Over the years Sky’s readings have helped me connect with my cats in a profound way by helping me appreciate the humanness, that exists between me and my furry friends. Sky’s gift brought me peace of mind when my cats were ready to transition to Spirit. ” — Linda M., MI.

” Communicating with my dog, Lilly, through Sky was an amazing experience. It was a comfort and relief to both of us to be able to understand each other better. Sky’s work is incredible! ” — Betsy O., PA.

” Thanks Sky for being my Angel in this dark moment. My words can never describe how thankful I am because of you! ”
— Lindsay S., CO.

” I referred my friend to Sky for animal communication. Sky communicated with my friend’s cat. My friend said Sky was amazing and had a true gift … I said I Know! ” — Kristin B., FL.

” Thank you again for your help with my cats. It’s wonderful of you to share your special gift with pet lover’s like me! ”
— Heidi W., Washington D.C.

” Being able to communicate with my horse Raiana is a blessing and I am so grateful to Sky. Sky’s love of animals and her natural ability to communicate with them is a divine gift, she graciously shares to make a positive impact for all God’s creatures! ” — Vickie M., CO.

” Sky communicated with my precious dog Edge, who recently crossed over. An online friend asked Sky about Edge at a fair in Colorado. I wanted to say that the information that she gave my friend was 100% accurate. Everything she told my friend about Edge, his life and the love we shared was accurate, despite the fact that my friend couldn’t verify the information, since she had never met me or Edge in person. I have never received a more precious gift than the information Sky gave my friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” — Heather A., Victoria, Australia.

” You talked to my cat Elliot about being nice to the vet tech when he goes in for his shots for his pancreatitis. First he said ‘no’, but then he agreed to try it just once, if it would make things go faster. He went to the vet on Saturday and was back out to me in only ten minutes. The vet tech said Elliot didn’t even need to be restrained. He just sat there and let them do what they needed to do. I told them about Sky’s conversation with Elliot and they were amazed.” — Cindy T., TX.

” I have a search and rescue dog, Kali. I’d recently switched her from searching for live – victims to searching for deceased victims – but she seemed to be confused. She told Sky that I was using the same command for deceased person searches as for live person searches – so she didn’t know what to do. I agreed to change the command and Kali said she understood what she was supposed to do now. Two days later we were deployed for a search of a collapsed building where one worker was unaccounted for. Kali was clear about signalling the victim’s location. The victim was located one hundred and fifty feet further down from where Kali indicated on the surface, under three stories of debris. Kali was so focused! She made me proud! ”
— Jane S., MD.

” The session that my dog and I had with Sky was a basic check-in to see how my dog is feeling physically in her older age, and about other things going in our lives. The answers to my questions that Sky heard from my dog felt right-on and put my mind at ease. And ever since, my loving pup has been even more attentive and responsive to me than before the reading. She seemed to appreciate the session, too! ” — Gina B., Fort Collins

” I am sending you a huge thanks because I owe it to you that my cat Goddess has not scratched my new leather furniture. She had clawed up and destroyed my old fabric sofa and I was afraid she claw up my new sofa too.
A few months ago in my communication session, you explained to to Goddess that she should use the scratching post, not the sofa and that if she wanted to “mark” the new sofa, she should rub her cheek on it. I pictured Goddess rubbing her cheeks all over it if she wanted.
The next day my sofa and chair was delivered. As Goddess approached the sofa arm, she rubbed her cheek on it. I just about fell over! When I returned from work, the furniture was unmarked and all she has done since is rub her cheek on the corners. Thank you Sky, for teaching me how to communicate with my cat. After suffering through clawed up furniture all my life, this is just a remarkable experience! ” — Charmaine C., CO.

” I felt that the communication Sky did with my dog was very helpful.  Especially the information to let my dog Kobe, know when I would return, if I am going to be gone for any length of time. 
I have also been sensing that I need to be home more with just Kobe and I.  He actually smiles more when we are home alone and you confirmed that with the information that Kobe wanted me to know about.  Sky picked up information that I did not share with her and told me in a frank manner what Kobe wanted to tell me.  Some information was a surprise that I didn’t expect yet I know it to be very true from my heart.  It matched the mannerisms of my dog. 
Sky was so correct in saying that our connection would be strengthened and deepened after the communication.  
It also helped me understand and know that we really are in touch with each other. 
Thank you, Sky, for connecting into your talent.  You do great work and I hope that this testimonial helps you with more referrals!! ” — Denise V. W., CO.

” Oh My Goodness ! Couldn’t wait to share this with you. Mittens, my cat, was awesome this evening!
First of all, shortly after you spoke with Mittens, some friends of Mom’s stopped over for a little holiday celebration and Mittens came out of mom’s bedroom and totally socialized!!
Secondly, after you told her that it was not OK to pace and hiss when it was dinner time… she sat very quietly and waited – just like you asked her to!!!!! So I fed her first as promised.
Then, this morning (I thought maybe she would have forgotten the new plan) she sat quietly waiting for breakfast and this evening for dinner the same thing with just a soft meow added to the mix !!!!!!!!!
I LOVE that she clearly and almost immediately tries everything we/you have suggested to her. Incredible !!!
She is one smart cat!! And clearly, in my opinion anyway, is eager to learn.
As you say, ya can’t make this stuff up. Thanks so much! ” — Liria B., FL.

” I want to tell you how very helpful it was to have you talk to our dogs during our recent 12 day vacation.
Before we left, you explained to all of the dogs that we would be gone and when we would return. You explained to them who would be caring for them and how it was going to work. It was a great help!
I believe the most important part however was that you talked to the dogs twice while we were abroad and emailed us after you talked to them to let us know how they were doing. This was such a help for the dogs – and for us! I had not had this pet sitter care for my dogs before, so being able to check in and know that the dogs were being fed and were safe and that they understood I was going to come home was a big relief.
Having you checking on them during our vacation was helpful to all involved and eased our worry immensely.
Thank you for your wonderful help with the 4 legged ones in our family and the 2 legged ones too! ” — Donetta Z., CO.

” I am so thankful to have met Sky! Sky helped me and my two 10-year-old litter-mate male tiger/tabby rescues and the tiny long-haired chihuahua 5 year-old female puppy mill survivor I adopted.
Viola, the chihuahua, had a very sad and stressful life and Sky provided deep insight and caring comments to make her transition to her new life with me a smooth one. Besides the detailed info on what Viola can handle and what she needs now to start relaxing, Sky eloquently shared the emotions of all three of my fur-babies.
I’m so happy to have a better understanding of the characters of my cats and our new dog and feel that I know them all significantly better after ‘receiving’ their feelings and thoughts.
Looking forward to talking to you again! ” — Cynthia R., CO.

” We just wanted to give you a quick update of some amazing things that have happened in just the short time since my communication session.
First, Bentley, my Great Dane, has seemed a little more relaxed (for him). He hasn’t had one accident inside since Friday! Today we did the vet visit. He has always gotten so nervous in the car that he even poops! I talked to him, envisioned a smooth ride and . . . I couldn’t believe it — you told him he could lie down and he LAID DOWN! He didn’t poop, he did great!
When we talked to my dog Bella, who crossed to Spirit two weeks ago, she said I was supposed to look for white, downy feathers. While I was talking with the vet tech in the exam room, a down feather floated down right in front of my face and I was distracted because I instantly knew it was Bella! Thanks for opening my eyes and helping me find the tools to know how to identify the messages from my angel doggie, and putting my mind at ease in knowing I am never alone! Thanks for helping my dog that’s alive with his anxiety and nervous bowels! So so grateful for that too!
Can’t thank you enough for sharing your talents!! ” — Blayr M., NE.

” I would like you to know, Sky, that after our communication session, my dog Pupi came back home! I would like to thank you so much for helping me connect with him. I sort of figured out how he was feeling, but it was nice to know exactly how he felt about everything. I will do everything that I can to make him happier. I was very impressed by the session and I can not express my gratitude. If I or anyone I know needs an animal communicator you will be contacted every time. Thanks again. ” — Shannon J., MD.

” Sky, you’ve done three readings total for me (for 2 cats that I used to own and my 3 dogs) Every time you’ve shared wonderful information with me from them that helps me to understand them better, as well as sharing information with them to help them know they are loved & are safe with me! All of our lives together have always been happier & much improved after we have our little furry family meetings. It’s amazing & I’m truly thankful for your abilities & your willingness to help all of us! Thank you so much!!! ” — Sheri A., CA.

” I have worked with many different Animal Communicators over the years, and have always had very good experiences. But Sky, the synergy of your personal style, gentle spirit, open heart, and wisdom places your work in the category of extraordinary! The information you received from our Dylan was a lovely affirmation of things we have sensed, as well as teaching us new things he needed us to know that we had missed. Additionally, the energetic info he shared about his “canine cousin,” has been invaluable to everyone! Anyone who wishes to enhance their connection with, and understanding of their animal companions, needs to work with you, Sky….and allow your gifts to deepen the bond with their furry family members! You are a Godsend to our family, and I am certain, to so many others! ” — Cathy L., PA.

” Thank you so much for the reading with our cat. It was truly amazing because when we came home we found him drinking and eating and told him small amounts like you told us and to rest in between — and he is doing it! We are playing with him and he loves it. We keep telling him that he is handsome and that we love him. Thanks again! ” — Zach M., CO.

” I just had the wonderful experience of an animal communication session with Sky. She talked to my cats using photos that I emailed to her — she connected to both cats immediately. Joshua, who is very ill, expressed that he wished to pass on in the next couple weeks. He thanked me for our time together and he expressed his love too. Sky explained the euthanasia process to him so he wouldn’t be frightened. I have used communicators before but this was the first time this loving gesture was offered. My other cat, Bojangles, let me know he’d be alright alone when Joshua goes to Spirit.
I know now that I am doing the right thing for all of us. Joshua will be happy once more in Spirit and will be with my other kitties who have passed before. I got the chance to say a heartfelt Goodbye to him. Thank you, Sky, for your love and compassion. I’m so glad we found you! ” — Shirley M., CO.

” I just wanted to thank you for the call today. Roger and I became quite emotional when you were talking with our dog, Chip, so it became a little hard to talk. But it’s all good and your kind words are a comfort. The information is so helpful. You have an amazing gift. You’re SO right about our male orange cat Whiskers being the one in charge! Thanks again! “– Beth L., NM.

” I just want to thank you again for your work with us and our cats. I went through all the sessions we have had together with Laus and the other kitties over the last 2 years and I laughed and cried at all the adventures we have gone through! You have helped us so much and it is such a blessing to have you in our lives! ” — Judy C., FL.

” We’ve asked Sky to communicate with our pets twice now and both times have been thrilled with her gift and so happy with our messages! She gets right to the point, is full of kindness and we can feel the love coming through in all that she does. The animals seem to feel so safe communicating through her and trust her implicitly. Even when our message brought sadness, there was still comfort and peace and Sky communicated it beautifully. We are so grateful for her help! ” — Kris H., CO.

As soon as Sky connected with my cat, Mira, I knew Sky was ‘ the real deal! ‘
We did the session on Skype and I’d tilted the computer screen to show Sky that Mira was lying beside me in the bedroom as we began the session, but there was no way she could’ve seen Mira jump down and leave the room.
The first thing Sky told me was that Mira had asked if she needed to return to the bedroom! So I knew immediately that Sky was truly hearing Mira’s thoughts. It is an astonishing experience to realize you can ask whatever you want and Sky can act as intermediary.
Not only is Sky adept at animal communication, she also is an excellent mediator when compromises are required, and has excellent suggestions regarding what new behaviors to implement. Sky handled each behavior issue with the utmost respect, compassion, and efficiency. Sky does not waste time; she gets straight to the point.
I was pleasantly surprised at how much we covered in a relatively short time. Bottom line, if you are wondering which animal communicator to choose, and you have found yourself on Sky’s webpages……call her!
I can promise you ‘ the real deal! ‘ ” — Laurel E., CO.

” Words cannot express how much you helped us in our situation with our dog, Kate. When the the day came to help Kate cross over it was very peaceful and she seemed grateful that the time was at hand. We all enjoyed our last few days together in the physical world. You mentioned that there would be a ‘treat’ that Kate would want and that we should indulge her.
The day before she passed we found her in the laundry room neck deep in a bag of cat food. It made us laugh. She LOVES cat food so we always had to put it up high. This time we let her eat to her heart’s content. It was her last meal. It was a lot easier knowing how Kate wanted things to go. Please know that we appreciate your abilities and that we have recommended you to others. Thank you sooooo much! ”
— Scott and Lisa Z. , IA.

” I’ve been meaning to email you and thank you for the communication session with my dogs, Albert & Simon. I have been struggling with Simon’s death and miss him dearly. The session was very helpful towards healing. Actually, a lot of the information shared in our session (and yes my puppies did have a lot to say!) continues to become clearer.
Albert seems a little more calm too! You have a wonderful gift and thank you so much for sharing it with me and my puppies!
I have already recommended you to my sister, in Ohio ! ” — Lori L. , CO.

” What can I say … Thank You! When you told me about the jump that Soleil, our dog in Spirit, showed you — WOW!
I loved when she would do that! Thanks for her messages.
About Freya, our current dog — thank you again. Freya is a special girl. We love her so much. I have been going crazy trying to figure her out. But now, it makes so much sense! I feel encouraged that we will be able to help her more effectively.
We have direction now. You are AWESOME! ” — Kathy C., PA.

” I can’t thank you enough for your call today. You’re amazing and I know my dog in Spirit, Twinkie, somehow guided me to you. I’m very grateful for your patience and your simplicity and truth to everything. But it’s also your approach — so very calm, reassuring and compassionate. You’re a godsend to all of us. I will definitely be in touch. Thank you! ” — Susana L., Canada.

” After receiving an animal communication session as a gift, I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly, professional and most of all, helpful consultation I experienced. My two dogs also were happy! I learned about them and had a few things confirmed that I have always suspected about them. The 30 minutes went by too fast. I will definitely be scheduling another consultation in the future! ” — Barbara N., MO.