Animal Health Issues

Sky has an amazing gift for communication with the animal kingdom. To my great relief, Sky came to the rescue when I needed her most. Sky was a safe and loving channel between myself and my cherished dog, Boo-Boo. I was able to access the information I needed to get from Boo-Boo about her health through Sky. Thank you, Sky, you are a blessing!

Robin M., NJ

Animal Health Issues

Sadly, animals experience health issues just as people do. Figuring out what the health issue is can sometimes be challenging.Even when an animal’s health issue is diagnosed and treated, figuring out if the treatments are helping can be difficult.As a medical intuitive, I can help, Although I don’t diagnose medical issues, talking to your animal about how they are feeling can help.

By finding out how your animal is feeling you can get insights to:

— Mystery illnesses or mystery symptoms
— The effectiveness of medication and treatments
— What your animal is feeling physically and emotionally about their health issue

Animals are not always cooperative with treatments and procedures, even if they are intended to help the animal feel better.

Communicating with your animal about treatments and procedures can:

— Help the animal understand why treatments are needed
— Encourage them to cooperate with treatments
— Give you insights into how you can make the treatments easier for your animal to tolerate

Unfortunately all health issues are not resolvable and animals come to the end of their life. People often agonize over when it is the right time to help their beloved animals cross to Spirit — or if they should help them cross over.

Knowing how your animal feels about crossing over can:

— give your animal the opportunity to tell you what they want regarding crossing to Spirit
— put your mind at rest that you are doing the right thing at the right time
— give your animal the opportunity to let you know what to look for as a sign they are ready to cross over
— give both you and your animal the chance to say things that you otherwise might not get the chance to say

Allowing our animals to cross to Spirit when the time is right,
is the last act of love that we can do for them.
As long as we always hold them in our hearts, they are with us forever.

“Sit with animals quietly and they will show your their HEARTS.
Sit with them kindly and they will help you locate yours.”
Ramblings of the Claury