Animal Communication

If you have concerns or questions regarding your animal, Sky is your “go to” person for answers. Sky can communicate with your animal by phone, Skype or Zoom with a picture of your pet. She has that special power to communicate with our pets and it works! I encourage you to try and learn about your best friends.

Shirley T – NV

Animal Communication With Sky Heartsong

I have been communicating telepathically with all kinds of animals, from elephants to fish, since 1999.

— I have clients in 49 states in the United States and other countries around the world.
— I’ve talked to thousands of animals, both living animals and animals in Spirit.
— So far, I haven’t found an animal I couldn’t talk to.

Ok, So How Does This Work ?

— I connect to your animal
— You ask me a question or tell me something you want to ask/tell your animal
— I relay that question to your animal
— Your animal then gives me an answer and I relay the answer to you
— Animals will also volunteer information, so you will likely get a lot more information
than just answers to the questions you ask

In this way, you can have a conversation with your animal.

I receive the information from your animal in the form of:

— Images
— Physical feelings
— Emotional feelings
— Intuitive impressions
— I also “hear”words or phrases. (Obviously animals don’t usually speak English, but
thats the way some of the information comes through to me sometimes)
— I am also a medical intuitive, so we can find out information about physical issues as
well — but I don’t diagnose.

Your fee is based on the length of your session, not the number of animals we talk to or the number of questions you ask.

Health Issues

Animal health issues can be challenging. Finding out how your animal is feeling physical can be very helpful. Although I don’t diagnose, we can find out about effectiveness of treatments, pain, what your animal is feeling and how they feel about their treatments and prognosis.

What Can You Ask About or Tell Your Animal?

People often ask about things such as:

— Other animals or people in their animal’s life.
— Likes and dislikes – such as food, activities, housing situations, etc.
— Health Issues
— Behavior issues (see below)
— Tack / equipment / collars / harnesses, etc.
— Work or play situations.
— Events from the past [This is particularly useful with rescue animals.]
— Upcoming events [Surgeries, vacations, moving, new additions both human or animal to the family, etc.]
— End of Life issues

You Can Also Tell Your Animal About Things Like:

— Moving to a new home or renovating your current home
— Family changes [ births, adoptions, divorce, etc.]
— Vacations, etc. that would require kenneling / or petsitting
— Major changes in your animal’s routine
— New animals or people visiting or permanently moving into the home
— Medical procedures such as dentals, surgery, etc.

Behavior Issues

Many animals have behavior issues that humans find distressing. During a communication session we can try to work out a mutually acceptable solution to the issues. I cannot guarantee to resolve behavior issues 100% effectively – because like humans, animals have free will and I can’t make they do anything. But I do have a good success rate with behavior issues.

Distance energy work can be very helpful for animals with behavioral or emotional issues. To find out more about Distance Energy Work for Animals, click on the button below.

With all of the above information as a guide:

I’d encourage you to actually write down your questions.

This will help you make good use of your communication session time and will keep you from forgetting important points.

You don’t need to give me the questions ahead of time, just have them with you for your session.

I don’t record sessions, so this will make note taking for you much easier too — although you are welcome to record your animal communication session.

“How is it that animals understand things I do not know, but it is certain that they do understand . . . Perhaps there is a soul hidden in everything and it can always speak, without even making a sound, to another soul.”
Frances Hodgson Burnett